RootsMagic 2021 Year in Review

With the new year, we’d like to take this opportunity to look back at all that has happened with RootsMagic in 2021, as well as look forward to our plans in 2022.

RootsMagic 8

Of course, our biggest event of 2021 was the community preview and official release of RootsMagic 8.

Although this wasn’t the first time we have rewritten the RootsMagic code, it was by far the biggest project in our company history. We rewrote RootsMagic to support the latest genealogical technologies available today while building a foundation for future functionality that would have been impossible with our older code.

One of our main goals was to create native Windows and Mac versions with identical functionality, so we selected a development platform that allows us to create both with a single code base. This means that when we add new features in the future, those features will be available on both Windows and Mac.

In addition, we added an all-new interface that supports easily switching between different types of information without losing your place, the ability to edit multiple persons at the same time, reusable citations, a completely rewritten report engine, and the ability to save reports directly to Word (.docx) or Excel (.xlsx) files.

After working insanely long hours for months on end, we were able to officially release RootsMagic 8 on October 1, 2021.

New RootsMagic Community

In 2021 we also announced a new online community for users to connect and ask questions, share ideas, and discuss how to use the RootsMagic software. This community replaced our old forums which were based on a platform that had long since become obsolete. The new RootsMagic community is based on the Discourse platform and can be found at Everyone is welcome to view or read posts, but a free account is required in order to post or comment on messages.

New Website

Our official website also received an overhaul with a responsive design, updated content, and easier navigation.

New RootsMagic Wiki

With the release of RootsMagic 8, we also introduced our new RootsMagic Wiki. The wiki contains the online version of help for RootsMagic 8, which means we can instantly add to and update the RootsMagic help, as well as include videos, links to webinars, and other multimedia options.

New Webinars

And speaking of webinars, we brought back our free webinars on getting the most out of your RootsMagic software. To help users become familiar with the new version and features, we’re offering a new series of free webinars; the first being, “What’s New in RootsMagic 8”.

Webinars will also be live-streamed on our YouTube channel and recordings will be available there.

2022 New Year’s Resolutions

RootsMagic Updates

When rewriting RootsMagic 8, we did so with an eye on the future and emerging technologies. In the process, several features in RootsMagic 7 weren’t ready in time. Since then we have added several of those features to RootsMagic 8 in free updates, such as custom reports.

In 2022, watch for regular updates to your software with improvements, fixes, and new features.

Future RootsMagic

The future of RootsMagic is bright. We are no longer constrained by obsolete programming tools and technologies, and can focus on adding the exciting new features we’ve been dreaming of all these years.