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RootsMagic 4 Unwrapped – Citation Quality

Another quicky while I’m at the BYU genealogy conference. We all know how important it is to add sources for the information we enter. When adding a source in RootsMagic, we’ve always been able to enter the “quality” of the citation. But it has been limited to “primary”, “secondary”, “questionable”, and “unreliable”. Until now. As […]

RootsMagic 4 Unwrapped – Color Is Our Friend

I am at the BYU Family History Conference all week. But here’s a quicky for you. If you’ve done much merging, you know that most of your time is spent staring at the screen comparing names, dates, and places. In RootsMagic 4 it is color to the rescue… If you noticed all the green on […]

RootsMagic 4 Unwrapped – Files Made Easy

We’ve made a few minor enhancements to working with files (aside from the new file extension that Jon mentioned in a comment to an earlier post… we’ll talk about what that means in a future post). Creating a New File We’ve created a new “New File” form to simplify creating a new database and getting […]

RootsMagic 4 Unwrapped – What’s Another Word for Spel Chek?

Time for a sneak peak at a couple more of the small features coming in RootsMagic 4. I promise the big features are on their way. Just want to give the little ones their time in the sun. Live Spell Checking While RootsMagic has always offered spell checking, version 4 now offers “Live” spell checking. […]

RootsMagic 4 Unwrapped – Adding a new person

It looks like Mark Tucker over at ThinkGenealogy has gotten in on trying to figure out the hints on the new features I didn’t talk about in my first “unveiling”. I can’t believe he figured out our biggest new feature… the reversed note icon on the toolbar. Actually, we have no idea why it is […]

RootsMagic 4 Unveiled (Part II)

Another little sneak preview of things to come. Let’s see a couple of the teeny things we’ve added to the fact edit screen in version 4. I’m just going to show the fields themselves, because I’m saving the actual edit screen for later. Dates We’ve completely rewritten the date handling in RootsMagic 4, adding built-in […]

RootsMagic 4 Unveiled

Well, maybe just a little unveiled. As I promised, it’s time to start pulling the covers off of RootsMagic 4, but just a little at a time. So let’s start with the teeny tiny new features, and we’ll work our way to the super-duper new features in the coming weeks. Today I’m just going to […]

The RootsMagic “Insider”

I decided that since everyone else has an “insider”, it was time to have our own. Every effort has been made to conceal my identity as I share secrets from deep within the company. Did you know that RootsMagic 4 is rumored to be coming out sometime? Just read our message boards if you don’t […]