The Road to RootsMagic 8: More to Preview

We’ve been so busy working on RootsMagic 8 that we’ve neglected to post any updates on our progress over the last few weeks. While we’ve been sharing videos and tidbits via email and social media, we realized that we needed to pull these recent updates into one place to better communicate with all of our users.

The Testing Continues

We have many users who have been using RootsMagic 8, reporting bugs, and giving suggestions. In order to start testing the software, a user first agrees not to disclose to others about their experience or even that they are a tester. So for those that aren’t testing, it feels like everything is very quiet in regards to RootsMagic 8 while those that are testing are actually very busy and active. We gradually add more users to our testing pool so as not to overwhelm the process. Many of you have already volunteered to test the software and- if you aren’t already doing so- we hope to give you the opportunity soon.

Video Previews Galore

We’ve also been posting video previews of RootsMagic 8 onto our YouTube Channel. If by chance, you’ve missed them- then you’ll definitely want to check these out:

RootsMagic 8 Preview – People Page

RootsMagic 8: Work-in-Progress Preview

RootsMagic 8 Preview – Mapping

RootsMagic 8 Preview – Edit Screen

And our latest video:
RootsMagic 8 Preview – Reports, Charts, Publish & Search

We hope you enjoy these video previews of what is to come in RootsMagic 8. Thank you for your patience as we work hard with our testers to make this our best version of RootsMagic yet.