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Tag, I’m It

OK, so nobody told me when I started blogging that I would get to play tag.  I was tagged by Diane Haddad over at the Genealogy Insider (she’s with Family Tree Magazine).  I’m supposed to answer these questions about myself, and then tag 5 more blogs. 10 Years Ago I … 1. Moved into my […]

Remembering a Good Friend

I just got back from the RootsMagic cruise late last night, and have been feeling a little melancholy.  I found out while I was gone that a good friend had passed away.  Many of you may know Art Lassagne, owner of The Gold Bug, and the publisher of AniMap.  Art passed away September 29, 2008. […]

Someone Out There Likes Us

Now this was unexpected.  The Chart Chick and Renee Zamora both tagged us with the “I love your blog” award.  I know this isn’t a “new feature” article, but it made me feel good and I already have another article just about ready to go (on Custom Reports in case you are wondering). The rules […]