RootsMagic Compatible with Windows 7

With the exciting launch of Windows 7 today, we’ve had several inquiries wondering how our software works with the new operating system.  We’ve been using and testing our software with the beta version of Windows 7 for several months now and the release version of Windows 7 for the last few weeks.

We’re pleased to report that RootsMagic 4, Personal Historian, and Family Atlas all work great on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

RootsMagic 4 on Windows 7

RootsMagic 4 Update Released (

We have just released a new update to RootsMagic 4 (version  This update adds several new features, plus returns several reports (such as the blank forms) which didn’t make it from v3.

If you have the RootsMagic News screen come up when you start RootsMagic, it may have already notified you of this update.  If not, you can do “Help > Check for Updates” from the RootsMagic menu to download and install this update.

You can also download the update from

Here are the new, fixed, and updated items in this update:


– Added blank reports (pedigree chart, group sheet, cemetery record log, correspondence log, research log)
– Added Print button to the Count Trees screen
– Added Print button to the Relationship Calculator screen
– Added option to display birth year in side list index
– Added option to display record number in side list index
– Marriage list report can now print marriage rec# with any sort order (as an option)
– Any events which don’t fit on a printed calendar print on an overflow page at the end of the calendar
– Double clicking a fact in RM Explorer now opens the edit screen to that fact in edit mode
– Added “Edit Family” button to problem list
– Added RootsMagic Launcher to manually start RM on flash drive since Vista now disables autorun on removable drives
– Installer will warn if you try to install on a removable drive (use RM to go instead)
– Added Oquirrh Mountain temple to LDS temple list


– Direct line children in ancestor narrative now show spouse / marriage information
– Doing “Add multiple people” when sharing a fact now assigns a default role (which can be changed for each person)
– When deleting a shared fact, RM will warn you that it will delete the fact for everyone sharing it
– Named groups side list is now updated when you change color coding for a person
– Alternate names in family group sheets now reference the correct sources
– Family sources are now printed on group sheets
– Sources now print in group sheets for LDS facts
– Replacing a “submitted” ordinance with the actual ordinance in the NFS sync screen now clears “submitted” in the RM fact
– Unlinked non-image media items now show broken link in media gallery and media albums
– Fixed the format that latitude and longitude are exported to GEDCOM
– Lat/Long and Media for place details are transferred via GEDCOM
– Mapping screen (Tools > Mapping) remembers size and position
– Fact types turned off for individual summaries aren’t printed in the summaries anymore
– The title of a text page in publisher appears in the table of contents (instead of “Text page”)
– [Husband] and [Wife] fields now work properly in narrative report sentence templates
– :Age and :Role modifiers now work for [ThisPerson] in witness sentence templates
– Helper status bar now shows on File > FamilySearch > FamilySearch Import when in helper mode
– Living flag is cleared during FO import if person has a death-like fact or over 105 years old
– Publisher can print blank pages that appear at the very front of a publisher book
– Todo report doesn’t print false repository when todo item doesn’t have a repository
– RootsMagic on flash drive (To-Go) can find place database on computers w/o RM installed
– Deleting places and place details removes media links to those items

Come See Us in California, Arizona, Idaho and Indiana

This month finds us traveling around the country for conferences and presentations.  If you live in one of these areas, please stop by and say “hi”.


We will be in Redding, California October 16-17, 2009 as major sponsors of the California Family History Expo.  Visit our booth, attend our classes, or take away one of our over $500 worth of prizes!  The exhibit hall and our RootsMagic classes are free, but there are other great classes you can register for as well.  For more information about the California Family History Expo, visit:


Michael Booth, VP of development for RootsMagic will be presenting two RootsMagic classes open to the public at the newly remodeled Training Center of the Mesa Regional FHC located at 464 E. 2nd Ave, in Mesa, AZ.  The first class will be Friday evening at 7:00 PM, and the second class will be at 10:00 AM Saturday morning.  Classes are free but you are asked to register by calling 480-964-1200.  For more information visit:


This Family History Conference is sponsored by Brigham Young University – Idaho. The conference provides instruction on how to find information about your ancestors and other related topics.  Jason Mendenhall will present a class “Introduction to RootsMagic 4” which will cover the new features in version 4, including the New FamilySearch support.  More information is available at:


Then on October 30-31, 2009 we will be exhibiting at the International Black Genealogy Summit in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  For more information visit: