Free Online Classes for March

Thanks again for all the kind words about our free online classes.  And we’re just getting started.  Here are 5 new classes scheduled for March.  Each class will be limited to the first 1000 people to sign up, but if you miss out or can’t make it, don’t worry because we will record the class for you to download and watch later.

To sign up for the free classes, or to view past recorded classes, visit us at:

Here are the upcoming classes for March:

  • Creating Custom Reports with RootsMagic
    RootsMagic has over 100 built-in charts and reports to help you visualize and share your family history.  But sometimes you may be looking for a very specific report or list customized to your taste and needs.  That’s where RootsMagic’s Custom Reports feature comes is.  Join us for a demonstration of how to use this feature to make new reports that are all your own.
    Wednesday, March 2, 2011
    5pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes
  • Map and Explore Your Family Tree with Family Atlas
    Family Atlas is the fun and easy way to map your family history. Trace your ancestors migration around the world and pinpoint the sites of important family events. Import your family data directly from your genealogy software, then create and print personalized family maps.  Join us for a demonstration of this impressive software.
    Tuesday, March 8, 2011
    1pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes
  • Adding and Editing Information in RootsMagic
    RootsMagic makes it easy to add and edit people, relationships, facts, and events to your file.  Join us for an in-depth look at how to build and shape your family tree using RootsMagic.
    Wednesday, March 16, 2011
    11am MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes
  • Lists and Reports in RootsMagic
    There’s so much more than just pedigree charts!  RootsMagic offers a wide-variety of lists and reports to help you visualize and share your family history.  Join us for a look at each of them how they can show you surprising details about your family tree.
    Thursday, March 24, 2011
    5pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes
  • Writing Your Personal History (and Living to Tell About it)
    So you’ve wanted to write a personal history but get overwhelmed with the size and complexity of the task.  Where do I start?  What do I write?  How do I make it interesting for others to read?  Join us for an entertaining look at methods to recall, organize, write, and publish personal histories about yourself and other individuals.
    Wednesday, March 30, 2011
    2pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes

Join us in St. George, Utah (Feb. 25-26)

As has become an annual tradition, we are pleased to sponsor the St. George Family History Expo on February 25-26, 2011 at the Dixie Center, 1835 Convention Center Dr., St. George, Utah.  Visit our booth, attend our free classes, and take advantage of our conference specials!

Free Exhibit Hall!

Visit us at the RootsMagic booth in the Expo’s exhibit hall and experts will be on hand to an swer questions about the RootsMagic software.  Don’t miss special conference discounts on various RootsMagic products.  The Exhibit Hall also features family history vendors from across the world.  The Exhibit Hall is free to the public and is open:

  • Friday, February 25: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday, February 26: 9 am – 4:00 pm

Free RootsMagic Classes!

Come learn more about RootsMagic and Personal Historian in four free classes. That’s right, these classes are FREE to anyone (but you do have to come pick up a ticket from our booth to attend).

  • FamilySearch Made Easy with RootsMagic 4 – Friday 1:30 pm, Auditorium
  • Personal Historian: Bringing Life to Your Life Stories –  Friday 4:30 pm, Entrada A
  • RootsMagic: Pruning, Cleaning and Extending Your Family Tree – Saturday 9:30 am, Auditorium
  • RootsMagic: Sharing and Publishing Your Family Tree – Saturday 1:00 pm, Auditorium

We are also teaching another class which is part of the paid registration:

  • Genealogy on the Go! – Saturday 11:00 am, Sunbrook AB

Other Classes!

Over 100 classes will be presented by industry leaders and experts from the local and national genealogical community. Products and services from genealogy companies will also be showcased in an exhibit hall where you can meet with specialists for free personal consultations on research questions or problems.

If you wish to attend the other classes, registration is just $65.00 for both days ($75 at the door) or $40.00 for a single day. Individuals who want to attend only one or two classes and visit the Exhibit Hall can register for single classes at $12.00 each.

Expo details and the class schedule are available online at:

RootsMagic 4 Update Released (

This minor update adds a couple of small requested features and fixes a number of issues.  If you have the RootsMagic News screen come up when you start RootsMagic, it may have already notified you of this update.  If not, you can do “Help > Check for Updates” from the RootsMagic menu to download and install this update.  Note: I have updated the list below with the changes for version,,,,, and

You can also download the update from

Here are the new, fixed, and updated items in this update:

  • Notes for alternate names now print for group sheet and individual summary
  • Record # button didn’t work on Select People screen until you highlighted someone in the list
  • Sentence templates for user defined roles are supported in GEDCOM now
  • Alternate names are handled in the various Fact Lists (Private facts, Facts w/o sources, etc)
  • Privacy works properly for alternate name facts in individual summary now
  • WebSearch works properly for names with accented characters now
  • [xUpline] was showing up in websites for privatized people with no events
  • Fixed SQLite error 21 when printing todo list for single repository sorted by repository
  • Added option to support New FamilySearch on Macs running CrossOver (Tools > File options > FamilySearch)
  • Adding a new fact on the edit screen and pressing Alt+V would sometimes show incorrect data in the list
  • Can search / select on FamilySearch ID in selection screen now
  • Custom reports support printing and sorting by FamilySearch ID
  • Unicode characters in names and places transfer properly from RM to NFS
  • Fixed a few list issues
  • Shared events are now retained during merge
  • Kinship list would sometimes display incorrect relationships (
  • Henry, D’Aboville, and Outline numbering in narrative reports handles children from multiple spouses correctly (
  • Fixed a problem with the place list sometimes crashing from the edit screen on a few systems (
  • Fixed a problem with the family list (Search > Family List) crashing on a few systems (
  • Fixed link to FAQs (Knowledge base) under the Internet menu (
  • Legacy import converts formatting codes in source detail text and comments now (
  • PAF import preserves source detail date now (
  • Added Internet > Learning center to take you online for tutorials / webinars (
  • Sort by birthday and anniversary in custom reports works correctly now (
  • Fixed some sentence template issues (
  • People View now supports FamilySearch ID as a column (
  • Removed debug window from NFS User Profile settings (
  • NFS Share Data screen sometimes showed incorrect matches between children (
  • Fixed some issues with the New FamilySearch import (
  • Fixed some issues with New FamilySearch Share Data screen (
  • Fixed freezing during NFS operations on some computers (
  • Information would sometimes not print in the Individual Summary (
  • GEDCOM would sometimes mix up address fields when only partial addresses existed (
  • Explorer now displays place details for events (
  • Source template values in GEDCOM can now span multiple lines (CONT/CONC) (
  • NFS filter sometimes showed incorrect group name (
  • Minor NFS tweak (
  • Minor NFS tweak (
  • Source report (and some others) would sometimes print a repository twice (
  • GEDCOM export could crash when encountering a corrupt date field in the database (
  • Handle the incorrect FTM 2008-2011 GEDCOM CONC tag handling (
  • Some ordinances for people w/o death facts wouldn’t print in LDS report (
  • Fixed address issues during GEDCOM import (
  • ToDo list would sometimes print an incorrect repository for items with no repository (

More Free Online Classes

First, we’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our online classes (webinars).  Every class has been full, and from what you have told us by email and at conferences, they are a big hit.

Here are the next 2 classes we will be offering:

  • Working With Files and Folders in RootsMagic
    Is working with files in RootsMagic a mystery? Learn how to organize your RootsMagic files and folders, create and restore backups, import and export information from other programs and GEDCOM files, share data between computers, and much more!
    Tuesday, February 8, 2011
    5pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes
  • Cleaning Your Family Tree in RootsMagic
    Every family tree is subject to errors. Learn how to clean up your places and sources, discover possible errors and problems in your data, find and merge duplicate records, split and merge trees, and more!
    Friday, February 18, 2011
    3pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes

To sign up for the free classes, or to view past recorded classes, visit us at:

These classes were chosen based on the response to our survey.  If you still haven’t had a chance to let us know what you want us to teach click here to take the survey.

Each class will be limited to the first 1000 people to sign up, but if you miss out or can’t make it, don’t worry because we will record the class for you to download and watch later.