RootsMagic 5 Updates

One of the new features we added in RootsMagic 5 is an on-screen indicator when a new update is available.  RootsMagic 5 will still notify you in the News screen which pops up when the program starts, but we discovered that a number of people turn that screen off so they don’t see when a new update is available (and end up contacting tech support about bugs that have long since been fixed).

But now RootsMagic will be able to notify you anytime there is an update available.  RM5 will display this indicator in the status bar at the bottom right of the program screen if there is a new update available.

Just click that indicator and RootsMagic will download and install that free update for you.  If you want to know what is fixed in the update, read on.

Where is the list of fixes?

We also used to post a blog article any time a minor update was released (along with a list of the items fixed).  The problem with that is that those fixes became scattered all over our blog and you weren’t able to easily find all the fixes in one place.  We have addressed this by putting a pinned topic up on our RootsMagic Forums (you *did* know we had forums, right)?  You will always be able to visit that topic to find out the latest version of the program, as well as what was fixed in each update.  Go to:

open the Announcements section (at the top) and you will find the “RootsMagic 5 Update History” right there at the top.

40 thoughts to “RootsMagic 5 Updates”

  1. Impressive! One of the very BEST things about RootsMagic is that you folks LISTEN to your consumers and are constantly upgrading your products — refining and enhancing them. I’ll have more to say on some specifics later but have you in effect rebuilt the entire program? In any case, congratulations on a superior and successful product update. Aloha, D. Spencer Hines

  2. Thanks for designing a great product. I have used a couple of other family products, but none compare with yours. Anyone that I come in contact with and wants to know which I use, my response is the only one I would recommend is RootsMagic. Keep up the great work, and thanks for developing this great product.

  3. Thanks for this GREAT product! I’ve used multiple programs and this is the one I like the best. Thanks, too, for making it so affordable.

  4. I was just getting up to speed on RM4 and then RM5 came along, but it is great. Keep listening to users. There are still a few tweaks that need to be made in separating information from the source entry and the citation entry. (see forum discussion) Thanks for a great product that is rich in source templates, syncs with NFS, has a great timeline, facilitates incorporation of media. Great work.

  5. I am very impressed with version 5 and also the customer service, which is alway responsive when needed.

  6. I loveit, I love it, I love it!!
    Now waiting for the actual disk to arrive.Merry Christmas to ALL who did the splendid work on it!!
    George Anderson

  7. I have used your program since almost the start,Love it and Thanks for all the great work you have done over the years. Maggi

  8. I was a Family Tree Make for years. Thanks for a great product. I have RM 5 and do not plan to ever switch back. Thank You Thank you for all you hard work in brining us a great product. Jeannette

  9. I have been using RootsMagic snce version 3 and absolutly love this product.

    Paul Whatley
    Overland Park, Kansas

  10. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. But, I’m sure will be as good if not better than No. 4.

  11. I’m just getting started; and,from what I’ve seen so far in the tutorial, I am anxious to get started. I believe this to be Top Dog. I’m sure I’ll be back with more good comments because I am already extremely impressed. Thank YOU in advance.

  12. I have been using RootsMagic for several years now. I have used FamilyOrigins, Family Tree Maker and of course PAF. I find that your program tops them all, not only in design, but, functionality. Once again, Bruce you have done a great job. Hope to see at the January, 2012 monthly meeting in Provo. I and normally, my wife are there for your breakout session.

    Thanks again,

    Chuck B.

  13. I love this program and as a consultant I suggest it to all ward members. I appreciate all the updates.

  14. RootsMagic is a very impressive product. It is surprisingly inexpensive, easy to use and customer service is second to none.

  15. Bruce. Very many thanks for version – You must have been reading my mind. Excellent update.
    Best regards Mal

  16. I go way back to Family Origins earliest program designed by Bruce and distributed byParsons Technology. Now up to RootsMagic v.5 and happy with all of the new version. Written by George Posted February 5, 2012 @ 1;20 PM.

  17. Thanks you for a great product. You guys never stop surprising me with new updates. It’s so great. Now when I receive the new How To book I just ordered from you I will be ready to go!!

  18. I just purchased RootsMagic 5 replacing it with RM4. I am anxious to experiment and learn about its new features. I have appreciated RM for this tool for my family history.

  19. Thank you so much for your phone support, it keeps me going on when there is a problem

    Gwen Hopkin

  20. I have used PAF for all my years in Family History research. I now enjoy working with Roots Magic, it is by far the best program. Thank you.


  22. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. RootsMagic is the best program available for genealogists. I started with FTM Verson 2 thru 2010 – got tired of the samy old thing with no vision for the consumer; used Legacy7 – tooo convoluted, confusing, and not user friendly. A friend in our genealogy group told me about RootsMagic and I have not looked back since. Keep up the great work and listening to us, your customer.

  23. The best $30 I have ever spent. Simple to learn and what a wonderful
    feeling to be so organized.

  24. Several of us using RM are wondering what the new gold stars indicate when we
    click on the New Family Search button to see the side by side of what we have and what NFS has for our ancestors?
    Thanks for a wonderful program, my husband can’t wait for the Mac edition to come out for his Apple.

  25. The Gold Star that appears on the NFS side of the FamilySearch screen indicates this event appears in the Summary View for the individual on the website. You will see this Summary View indicator (Gold Star) after someone has set it on NFS’ website.

  26. Have just received your Book titled “Getting the most out of Roots Magic 5”. It would have to be one of the most helpful manuals That i have ever come across. Thank you for all the time it took to write.
    Now to get really started on The Family!!

  27. In the past I have used PAF for my family history. A couple of weeks ago I was asked to change to Rootsmagic. I really like the program it is very easy and I like that the updates are easy to do. Since I am only on the 1800’s and 1700’s on lines I will use this program for years to come.

  28. I am using RootsMagic to study genealogy at a Community College. I like the program so I am going to continue to use it. Good program, good price, friendly and affordable. Thanks

  29. I love my Roots Magic. It is simple, very friendly user, operation allows easy flow of all operations. Thanks to you and your staff for such a wonderful tool.

  30. I have now completed installing 4 family tree files into my Root Magic files, and, have installed photos of all family members into the programs. The files were then placed into coil backed bookletss that have been sent to family members as treasured Booklets.I proudly tell all my friends about Roots Magic.
    George Anderson, Coquitlam, Canada.

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