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They Really Liked to Fish by Will Langer

The family story is that my wife’s Father, Bert, and her Grand Father, Alfred, holding the ends of the “string” of fish, left to right, used to like to fish in the streams or lakes in the Midwest where the family lived. It wasn’t until this picture was recently found that we really understood how true the verbal family story was and what the words “liked to fish” really meant. Obviously there was no limit on how many fish you were allowed to keep in those days. The family story about fishing does not mention this Lake or how long it took to catch all these fish, but from the looks on the ladies sitting down, they were not interested in fishing, and also they were probably apprehensive about having to clean or help clean that “string” of fish. The young man was Alfred’s son and the younger ladies were two of his daughters. The third woman in the picture is Alfred’s wife, Eunice. So, this was truly a family outing in 1918.