Tag, I’m It

OK, so nobody told me when I started blogging that I would get to play tag.  I was tagged by Diane Haddad over at the Genealogy Insider (she’s with Family Tree Magazine).  I’m supposed to answer these questions about myself, and then tag 5 more blogs.

10 Years Ago I …
1. Moved into my current home
2. Worried about the future of Family Origins
3. Stressed as my oldest son got his driver’s license
4. Visited Hearst Castle
5. Watched my youngest son play outfield by laying down picking dandelions (aren’t scrapbooks wonderful)

Five Things on Today’s To-Do List
1. Work on RootsMagic 4
2. Eat lunch
3. Work on RootsMagic 4
4. Eat dinner
5. Work on RootsMagic 4

Five snacks I enjoy
1. Chips and salsa (everything else is a distant second)
2. Vanilla bean ice cream
3. Pizza (anything less than a full pizza is a snack)
4. Various nuts (pistachios, cashews, etc)
5. Peanut M&Ms

Five Places I’ve Lived
1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
2. Mountain View, California
3. San Jose, California
4. Sandy, Utah
5. Mapleton, Utah

Five Jobs I’ve Had
1. Newspaper boy
2. Carpet layer
3. Technical gopher at Air Force Weapons Lab at Kirtland AFB
4. Senior Engineer at Stanford Research Institute
5. Programmer of genealogy software

Five Blogs I Tag
1. Janet Hovorka at The Chart Chick
2. Kimberly Powell at About.com (I pick on her every time)
3. Dick Eastman at Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter
4. Holly Hansen at the Family History Expos Blog
5. Lisa Louise Cook over at the Genealogy Gems Podcast

4 thoughts to “Tag, I’m It”

  1. From worrying about the future of Family Origins 10 years ago to producing what must now be the best genealogy software in the world by far is a nice step up.

    Don’t get complacent, keep worrying about RM if thats the kind of results it brings (-:

    I’m ready for the next reveal….

  2. Let me see if I have this right . . . 5 or 6 new features to be revealed in the blog, followed by the release announcement, plus time needed to order and receive the new version of RM and only 10 weeks until 2009. Did I cover everything?

    The user’s group meets tonight, maybe I’ll learn something there.

  3. Just wanted to thank Bruce Buzbee for his great book “Getting the most out of RootsMagic 4”. I thought my Rootsmagic software was good but now I’ve got the book I realise just how good it is! The book is not easily available in the UK, I had to get my copy second hand mailed from USA.
    Thanks Bruce!

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