The Road to RootsMagic 8: More to Preview

We’ve been so busy working on RootsMagic 8 that we’ve neglected to post any updates on our progress over the last few weeks. While we’ve been sharing videos and tidbits via email and social media, we realized that we needed to pull these recent updates into one place to better communicate with all of our users.

The Testing Continues

We have many users who have been using RootsMagic 8, reporting bugs, and giving suggestions. In order to start testing the software, a user first agrees not to disclose to others about their experience or even that they are a tester. So for those that aren’t testing, it feels like everything is very quiet in regards to RootsMagic 8 while those that are testing are actually very busy and active. We gradually add more users to our testing pool so as not to overwhelm the process. Many of you have already volunteered to test the software and- if you aren’t already doing so- we hope to give you the opportunity soon.

Video Previews Galore

We’ve also been posting video previews of RootsMagic 8 onto our YouTube Channel. If by chance, you’ve missed them- then you’ll definitely want to check these out:

RootsMagic 8 Preview – People Page

RootsMagic 8: Work-in-Progress Preview

RootsMagic 8 Preview – Mapping

RootsMagic 8 Preview – Edit Screen

And our latest video:
RootsMagic 8 Preview – Reports, Charts, Publish & Search

We hope you enjoy these video previews of what is to come in RootsMagic 8. Thank you for your patience as we work hard with our testers to make this our best version of RootsMagic yet.

15 thoughts to “The Road to RootsMagic 8: More to Preview”

  1. I currently use RM7 since it was the version available when I first bought. I have been quite happy learning and using RM7 for my initiation into researching my ancestors.

    BUT – I am VERY interested in RM8.

    Do you have an estimated release date yet?

    Thank You.
    Dan Tuson

    Reply: We are committed to no longer give any estimated release dates on RootsMagic 8. The reasons are mentioned here –
    Renee, RootsMagic

  2. How can I become a beta tester for RM 8?

    Reply: If you are interested in becoming a beta tester you can sign up here –
    The beta test group is expanded as needed through random selection. When selected an email invitation with instructions and a confidentiality agreement will be sent.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  3. Hello I am a user of RM7 and I wonder about language localization (ie french translation).

    Reply: RootsMagic is currently only available in English. We have plans for language translation in the future.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  4. What will RM8 offer in the way of LDS Temple ordinance functionality? Family Search Central? Ordinance Tracking? etc?


    Reply: Look at RootsMagic 8 Preview – Reports, Charts, Publish and Search
    00:33 Publish
    Renee, RootsMagic

  5. Will RootsMagic 8 run natively on Mac OS or will it still be like the RootsMagic 7 wrapper version? The RootsMagic 7 implementation on Catalina is awful with many of the basic navigation features like scrolling with slider bars not working. The overall interface is sub optimal on a Mac. I ask this question as do not want to put significant effort into migrating from FTM 2019 for Mac to RootsMagic 7 whilst I eagerly await the release of RootMagic 8. If the interface is not a significant improvement then despite the superior features in RM in comparison toFTM 2019 for Mac, from a research perspective it would not be worth the effort migrating.

    Reply: Yes, RootsMagic 8 will be a native Mac version of our software.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  6. The People preview video is wonderful. I’m so glad the color coding was shifted to left side of tab. Looks so much better. All the other enhancements are going to be amazing to work with. I’m really looking forward to release of 8 so I can have a native version on my Mac.

  7. I am hoping, along with all the many complicated changes coming, some Old stuff could be just altered a little bit. I have had trouble seeing the lines that cross the page, like while doing the matching and receiving 40 possible matches and they are difficult to tell which name lines up with which fact across the page. (?) Confusing?? How I wish it was possible to tell the program to darken those invisible or almost invisible lines! (I am 79 years, after all)
    I have been a subscriber to RM since the beginning I think and have always loved your work, folks. Excited to get a second monitor up on the wall!!! Thanks for reading. Van

  8. Hearing RM8 will have native Mac version makes my heart sing! I’ve really struggled the past couple of years as I find even with wrapper I had too many crashes. Looking forward to smooth operation again.

  9. Is the treeshare feature going to work the same way in version 8?

    Reply: See our latest video for when that is discussed.
    RootsMagic 8 Preview – Reports, Charts, Publish and Search
    00:00:41 – working with TreeShare & FamilySearch
    Renee, RootsMagic

  10. Looks like great progress. Take your time and get it as best you can, MS-Windows and Apple operating systems keep tweaking to. I hope I am seeing this correctly that you will have the two different colors for gender, blue for males, pink for females. I really like that almost better than anything else. Good luck.

  11. I was wondering what features have been included in RM8 regarding DNA tests. I would like it that RM8 can read the matches found on sites such as Ancestry and then highlight those people in the RM8 database that have matches to others.
    Will this be a feature and what other DNA features will be coming?
    Thank you
    Bob H.

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