RootsTech Results and One More Chance to Win an iPad

To say that the RootsTech conference was a success would be a great understatement. Thanks to all of you who came by to learn about RootsMagic 5 and Personal Historian 2, ask questions, or just say “Hi”.  The conference had the highest-attendance of any North American genealogical event in recent memory.  For those of you who weren’t able to attend RootsTech, you can enjoy recordings of several of the classes and presentations on the RootsTech website.

Congratulations go to Margie Grider who entered our RootsMagic Treasure Hunt and won the drawing for an iPad 2!  We didn’t want those who aren’t able to attend RootsTech in person to feel left out so we’re holding a second drawing and giving away more prizes including a second iPad 2!

To enter this drawing, visit anytime between now and midnight MST on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.  Fill out the online form to be entered into the second drawing.  You may enter even if you entered our “in person” drawing but one entry per person, per drawing.  Winners will be picked at random and notified via e-mail by Friday, February 10, 2012.

Good luck and happy hunting!

24 thoughts to “RootsTech Results and One More Chance to Win an iPad”

  1. I learned more from each of the live casts that I watched than in the year of using them. So simple. Love it. Thank you.

  2. I really enjoy working with Roots Magic. It has made family history vey enjoyable. Thank you for this great program.

  3. Finally sat down to use Personal Historian for the first time. (I’ve had it for a year!) LOVE IT! I really had no idea what I could do with it and actually thought it was something I didn’t really need as I had done quite a bit of journaling already. WRONG!!! The “memory triggers” are phenomenal! I told my husband that he and I will be using them to write OUR story for our children. Thanks for such a great program.

  4. RoostMagic great to work with. Being able to display faces on graphic family trees is a great plus for this software.

  5. I am amazed at the power and flexibility of RootsMagic. It is a pleasure to do genealogy again.

  6. Just transferred all my new finds from a research site (GED) to my Rootsmagic 4. I know it would be so much more beneficial to have 5 but we have taken on a family of 6 in our tiny place so all fun money has to go to the living. I do look forward to the time when I can update and get the new book that has now come out. So thankful for what I have, especially all these new ancestors that will find a home here as well.
    Thank you and good luck to everyone in the drawing.

  7. After working with all the previous programs I delighted for Roots Magic. It has simplified family history. Thanks for all the work that you do in behalf of all us that enjoy genealogy.

  8. I am computer illiterate and Roots Magic. I have been able to figure 0ut and use. Thank You for macking it so easy.

  9. I love using RootsMagic. It is the fastest way to work with I can update records correct my information as well as that on familyserch. It has saved me sooo much time.

  10. I enjoyed the presentation of this prodct so much at the last genealogy confrence that we bought the personal historian. It works just like the demo. Thank you.

  11. This site works well with Family Search. No more copy & paste or take down & re-enter. yea.

  12. Been using Roots Magic fr a long time and love it. It is very easy to use and prints nice reports.

  13. TI really love roots magic and would love to win. I reallylove to work with it. I have learnd from it better than any program out thre

    Written by Rose Van Otten
    Sept.3, 2012

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