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My RootsMagic

We released our new RootsMagic 6 software last week with an impressive list of new features.  One of our goals with this new release was to make it easier for you to share your information online with your family.

With that goal in mind, we’re pleased to offer our new My RootsMagic free hosting service for users of RootsMagic 6.  With it, you can easily publish and share your family tree, notes, sources, and media with others.

Publish Online

To publish your information to My RootsMagic, just run RootsMagic 6, then select “Internet > Publish online” from the main menu.  RootsMagic will step you through choosing which people you want to include, privacy options, and customizing your home page.  Then, with the click of a button, it publishes it online for you.  Your site will be located at and will include a home page, a searchable name index, and pedigree view, family views, and individual view for every person you choose to include.  You can also include the notes, sources, and pictures on your site as well.

Your My RootsMagic site will have a very clean appearance, and is very easy for visitors to navigate.  Here’s a sample of what the pedigree view looks like (click the image to embiggen it).

Publish Online

See it in Action

If you want to see a sample of what RootsMagic 6 can create, we’ve put up a sample site for you to experience.  This sample site is purely fictional information, but will let you navigate the various views and see how notes, sources, and media are included.

If you’ve like to see a live demonstration where I created and published a family tree online, watch the last half of our free webinar “What’s New in RootsMagic 6” (it starts at 40:00 minutes into the webinar).

And be sure to read Randy Seaver’s blog articles about his experiences trying RootsMagic 6 and it’s online publishing here and here.  Randy sums up the My RootsMagic online publishing nicely:

“I really like the ease of creation of the website – it’s so idiot-proof that even I can do it.  I really like the tree content, the visual product, and the ease of navigation within the tree.  Plus, it’s FREE as part of buying a superb genealogy software program.”

So if you’ve been wanting to share your family history online but haven’t had the time or tech-knowledge to do it, get or upgrade to RootsMagic 6 today!

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  1. I purchased RM6 before I found out about the publishing online feature. WOW!! Can’t say enough positives about it. I have tried to do something online with my data using other sites but gave up in frustration. I learned about this feature while watching the RM6 webinar and started working on publishing immediately. It’s EXACTLY what I wanted! Not too fancy or complicated – just good, old clean data – easy to search – easy to update. Can’t wait to share it with my family. Thanks Bruce and company for a fabulous product!!

  2. Mike, after RootsMagic has created the files, it will tell you the folder where they were created and you can upload them to your own server (RM doesn’t do that upload though… you have to use FTP or whatever method you choose to upload the files to your own server).

  3. I have used RootsMagic from the time it first appeared taking over from Family Origin and have always been very pleased. RM6 is no exception. I got a huge chuckle though from your sample online published pedigree. Your root person, Dr. James Smith, has done the impossible by being born 82 years before his mother. I know it is fictional and most likely a typo yet I cannot tell you how many online genealogies I have seen with just such errors and many times they have the accurate personal information and really believe that the person belongs in that position on the tree. Such errors make my research so aggravating at times. Thanks again for a great product.

  4. I debated for some time as to whether I really needed to upgrade from 5 to 6 and today decided I’d actually bother to read what was new in Version 6. To my delight I discovered the publishing online feature – EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting. Hence I’ve just paid for and downloaded the latest upgrade!! and I’m looking forward to creating a perfect family tree for my website.

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