RootsMagic Webinars are Now Indexed

One of the free training options we provide for RootsMagic is our free online classes (webinars).  Not only are all of our webinars free, but you can watch them anytime, day or night.  Just go to the RootsMagic Webinars page, select the one you want and start watching.

But one of the biggest issues is that many of the webinars are 60-90 minutes long, and sometimes you are only interested in one part of the webinar.  In the past you had to start up the webinar and scan through or watch the entire thing just to find the part you were interested in.

Those days are over.  We have just put up PDF indexes for all of the webinars.  You can now search the PDF indexes to find which point in which webinar you want.  Each index covers about 10 webinars, and lists the time (minute and second) where various topics occur within each webinar.  You can then start the webinar and jump to that time in the webinar to watch just the part you are interested in.

We have webinars for every user, whether you are a beginner just getting started, or a power user looking for more tips on RootsMagic tools.

To check out the indexes or list of webinars, just visit:


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  1. Thanks! It is for things like this new index that I promote RootsMagic to people inquiring about a good personal data manager in the genealogy classes I teach.

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