RootsMagic Adds Direct TMG Import


On July 29th, Wholly Genes Software announced that they would be discontinuing “The Master Genealogist” (TMG). Since then, quite a number of TMG users have contacted us directly and on our message boards asking what their options were for converting their data to RootsMagic.  While data can be transferred to RootsMagic via GEDCOM, TMG loses many details as it exports to GEDCOM including witnesses, roles, source templates, and more.

We have just released a new RootsMagic update (v6.3.3) which adds a direct TMG import. This direct import not only imports basic genealogical information from TMG like names, events, notes, and media, but also imports witnesses (with roles), source templates, and sentence templates. In fact, RootsMagic has the most complete TMG import available anywhere. Of course, due to different data models and template languages, no import can be 100% perfect but we have prepared a guide to make the transition as smooth as possible.

And to make it even easier for TMG users to transition to RootsMagic, for a limited time we are offering TMG users a competitive upgrade price of $19.95 for RootsMagic. To find out more information about the TMG import and to get the TMG upgrade price, visit:

We know that change isn’t always easy, so if you know a TMG user who is contemplating moving to another genealogy software, feel free to let them know about this update and our special pricing for TMG users.

8 thoughts to “RootsMagic Adds Direct TMG Import”

  1. Thank you very much for all your efforts on making this direct import of TMG data available, as well as offering the discounted price on RootsMagic. It is much appreciated.

  2. This is great! When will those of us who have online trees have the same support? I (and probably most other ancestry users) have to do some major tweaking after importing the ancestry gedcom.

    Thanks for a great product!

    Reply: We will release a direct Ancestry import as soon as they allow 3rd parties to access their API.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  3. I have a TMG dataase with over 122,000 people nd several thousand sources. I convert this dtabase to RM6 without encountering any problems. I obviosly have not had time to check everything out but veral long notes have transferred with no errors and place names seem to be intact.

  4. This appears to be a win-win situation for TMG and RM. They access our large database and we access theirs. Great! Thank you RM! Ginger

  5. I always knew that Roots Magic was great and in helping these other people to be able to transfer their data to Roots is very comendable

  6. Love this! Do you also offer a direct import for Legacy users?

    I am looking into options. Was a TMG user for years, switched to Legacy, but am looking for a program to use directly with a Mac without utilizing BootCamp or a virtual machine. Have been reading of RootsMagic working on a version to use on a Mac and your cross over for use of the progam now,while the fullblown version is in process.

    Reply: RootsMagic version 4-6 will all directly import a Legacy Family Tree database. The MacBridge for RootsMagic 6 will help you install the program on your Mac computer and run it off the Mac side. It contains RootsMagic Essentials 6 our free version in it. It will directly import your Legacy file. If you wish to unlock the full version you would need to purchase a RootsMagic 6 license key.

    You can learn more about MacBridge for RootsMagic 6 here –
    Renee, RootsMagic

  7. I have Roots Magic 6. Do I still need an upgrade for TMG?

    Reply: The TMG import is a free update for RootsMagic 6 users. When you open RootsMagic 6 you should see an update indicator to help you install the update. The new version number is You can check under Help>About RootsMagic to make sure you have that version.
    Renee, RootsMagic

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