The Road to RootsMagic 8: An Important Update

My mom often accused me of not being able to learn from my mistakes. Years ago, I got burned by giving a date for a feature we were adding, and I promised myself I would never do that again. Then a couple of years later, we pre-announced a deadline for finishing work on our Ancestry integration, with mostly the same result. So, of course, I still haven’t learned my lesson, and once again tried to guess a release date in advance, this time for RootsMagic 8.

RootsMagic 8 is the biggest upgrade in our software’s history. I usually just say something like “it will be done when it is ready” and leave it at that, but we began telling folks that we hoped to have it out by the end of this year (2019). It seemed like a safe estimate, but like those other times this has bitten me, I underestimated the effects of outside influences on our development.

I underestimated the number of times we would have to stop work to fix breaking changes made to APIs that version 7 uses. I underestimated the number of times we would have to rewrite libraries we are using in RootsMagic 8. To be honest, I never thought we would have to actually rewrite commercial libraries from scratch because of their deficiencies, but we have actually had to do that multiple times. I also underestimated the amount of time tracking down bugs in other company’s libraries to help them fix issues that negatively affected performance in version 8.

So, where are we now? RootsMagic 8 won’t be released by the end of the year. And if you ask me for a new release date, I’m not going to say. But here’s what I am going to do…

Several months ago, we started doing blog articles with screenshots. But writing them pulled us off of actual software development, and were less than satisfying to you as a user. We want to do a better job of keeping you up to date on where we are, so I have recorded a 30-minute video below to show you precisely what RootsMagic 8 looks and feels like. As development continues, we’ll try to release more videos (although probably not this long) to keep you in the loop.

We know many of you can’t wait to get your hands on RootsMagic 8, and we are excited to be working on it. We just want to make sure that when we release it, you can depend on it working right.

And if you’re adventurous, we are still looking for more beta testers of all backgrounds to help us make version 8 the best it can be.

I want to thank you personally for your patience and understanding. Hopefully, you can see from the video the extent of the improvements and work that we’re putting into this release. We’re really excited by the feedback that we’ve received so far and we hope that you’ll find it worth the wait.

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Speaking for myself, that’s no problem. Having worked in the field, I totally understand the delays that come with software development.

Software development is hard. I’d much rather hear you say “we’re still working on it” than radio silence for months.

Here too. I’m in the field and understand delays. I appreciate your honest comments and caring about us and your product.

Bravo. Quality before being expeditious.

Thanks for letting us know Bruce. Patience is a virtue.

Thank you for the updates. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Well, finally… a good honest announcement. I too have been a developer of published software. Some of the worse things you can do 1. Rush into publication – glad you are sitting back and doing the product right. 2. Over promise announcements and capability 3. Be silent – keep your customers abreast of what you are doing but no promises.

I can now move forward and make my decisions based on what you just said and not be in limbo in anticipation of something that’s not coming (within my time frame). I can work with that

This update is much appreciated and will adjust our expectations. Development effort over time spent on teasers makes perfect sense.

API problems have plagued FTM 2019 for 5 weeks after release and I have always feared the RM7 treeshare feature would consume development effort on RM8.

That said we mac users desperately need a good native RM8.

Loving the new look and screen layouts. I’ve been burned far too many times by website upgrades and software upgrades being released before thorough testing. Ruined several databases when that happens. I appreciate Rootsmagic not succumbing to user pressure and taking the time to get it right before rolling out for general release. Definitely suggest those who just can’t wait to signup to be a beta tester.

Please, take your time!!! Do it right!!! Yes, we all would love to have it now, but we don’t want a premature version that is full of bugs. We can wait, we can hold on!!! We trust you guys are doing the best you can and that’s enough for us.

Best of Luck

I am a MAC users, thus the real question is will we be able to update RM7 for use with MAC OS 10 (Catalina) or do we need to wait it out longer? ((For the record, I am trying hard no to buy new machine which comes with Catalina on board). Please advise.


Reply: Codeweavers is working on the 64-bit CrossOver wrapper for RootsMagic 7. As soon as they have it available for us we will release it. We do not have a time frame, but it is urgently being worked by Codeweavers.
Renee, RootsMagic

RootsMagic was the very slowest of software developers to release software compatible to the FamilySearch API in 2007-2008. Why? At the 2008 BYU Genealogy Conference, Bruce Buzbee said he refuses to release software that isn’t ready. In today’s world, that says a LOT about your integrity. Thank you for keeping us updated.

I am happy to wait, for the release of a quality product – so kudos to you and your staff for being honest and caring about us clients.

Looking very good. So glad that main emphasis has been making what already exists easier to use with just a few new tweaks. Don’t want to have to learn everything from scratch each time a program is updated.

Been there, done that – at work we got the first version of some software at v0.6 or so, when it broke frequently – we found a lot of bugs for them.
(I can live with RM7 for another year, actually. I usually have three or four files open, because I sometimes need to move data. (I’m in the process of merging the various versions from Ancestry, and fixing the mislinked info that FTM left is part of the job). I’d beta-test if you need more.)

Thank you for all of the hard work that the team is putting into RM8. I am looking forward to its release.

Awesome! Thanks, Bruce!

Great demo. I have 2 questions:
1. Will existing Tasks, To-Do List, etc. be integrated into RM8?
2. In the next video, could we see interface with Ancestry Tree and Web Hints?

Thanks for more details – answers a lot of questions I and my society user group colleagues have.

I don’t recall seeing the Publish button discussion? Is it similar to RM 7 only with different look?

Does not affect me but this will likely cause
Mac users to move to a different program. How long will they wait for the native version that will work on Catalina? Eventually they will need to upgrade to the new Mac OS and move on. To what I have no clue what genealogy software for Mac is out there.

Appreciate you getting it RIGHT!

Reply: Codeweavers is working on the 64-bit CrossOver wrapper for RM7 that will work with Catalina.
Renee, RootsMagic

No problem with the delay. I understand having worked on software development myself and finding problems with interfaces to external software. Whenever it is ready, I’m sure I will be happy with it.

This was helpful to left us know what is coming. I’d like to see how RootsMagic 8 is going to address autosomal DNA. (A screenshot or two would be nice.) The increased relevance of these tests is the biggest change in the field since RM7, which had no answer for them at all.

Cool looking, It be really be nice if you could send your reports strait to a office program editing etc. like MS. or better yet! Libre office, since Libre is free and it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Plus Make Roots TV. into a Roku Tv. app. It be the first smart tv channel on Genealogy, bound to get more users.

I appreciate you being honest as to the fact it will NOT be available in 2019.

I can see how much thought and work has gone into the new version. I was very relieved to see, right near the end, the option to choose font and size. Plus, the timeline view is still there, my favourite screen. Thank you for taking the time to do this video, much appreciated.

Thanks for the excellent video update. I’ve used RootsMagic since 2000 and am completely satisfied with the way you guys have developed it over the years. It suits my style of family research and it looks like the new version will make it even more useful. But I’m happy to wait for a properly road-tested result.

WOW!! What a GREAT looking piece of software – Love all the improvements and the look!! Bruce, you do such a wonderful job of describing and explaining things. Thanks for all you and your band of Elves do to make this the BEST Genealogy software!!

Hi Bruce. Thanks for the update. Better right than quick is my attitude, so take your time. :)
Great video, actually watched the whole thing which is rare for 30 minutes.
I love the switched person feature on the edit screen, it will make things so much easier. Does it allow your to go forward as well as back (flip between two)?
Looking forward to RM8, it looks like it will be even easier to use than RM7 which I already think is great.

Thank you for the update. I appreciate an honest, we-really-care update that lets me know you want a decent product. So do I. Just a quick note to let us know you’re thinking about us. We can wait for something that is going to work, without a lot of fixes needed! Perfection takes time! (No pressure intended)

The new UI looks much more efficient, although it only overcomes the deficiencies of the current design it will be much more intuitive to many who struggle. The name Filtering is very welcome and I hope it works with partial surname and given names as I have many surnames with different spelling variations, I find this very beneficial in other software.

I always found Place Management a very cumbersome task in Rootsmagic and it’s such an important component. I do have to say if the statement by Bruce Buzbee regarding Places that “Much of what they do works exactly the same” then RM8 will sadly not be my primary program for the future.

Still the effort and redesign is very impressive, I have no problem waiting to see the finished product and wish you every success with a relatively problem free release.

Only those that have met every deadline and kept every promise should be able to complain. We are all looking forward to the update….

As a long time Roots Magic user I’d rather see you get it right, than get it fast. Nothing is more annoying than getting a product and then having numerous performance issues.

I’d love to be a beta tester.
my database is over 217,000 and growing.

I just published 2 new books using RM.
both books are 480 pp – full color, with both People and Place index.

My Ruston, Louisiana Relatives and Relations Vols 1 & 2.

Couldn’t have done either without this program.

My background is in computer programming and data storage.
I have published a number of other books over the years using RootsMagic, but none looked nearly as professional.

I recently submitted a ‘enhancement’ suggestion for the TOC page. The narrative report separates the family into generations, but the TOC ONLY lists the Start. Each generation needs to be shown like individual chapters. My publisher did this for me, but I don’t see why the program couldn’t do that on the TOC page.

I’m pretty sure that my database would be a good test for the program because it is LARGER than just about any one else’s that I’ve seen.

looking good.
Evolution not revolution is usually the best way.
Looking forward to it.

We will be happy when it is ready, I pre-ordered it, and got the Personal Historian at the same time. It is a lot of work, and we appreciate all your time and energy!!

I’d rather have a usable RM8 than an on-time RM8 with lots of bugs.

Great overview and exciting new features. How about a short video on any changes to the FamilySearch tool and features.

Good decision to get the new version right and to communicate delay and reason for delay. I submitted beta tester form few months ago. When will you open up more beta tester slots?

Hey no problem, here. When it’s ready, its ready. Like that you keep us posted.

RM8 development has pushed the long-standing issue of MAC compatibility even farther on the backburner. The latest MAC upgrade has rendered the old RM7 AND the future RM8 entirely incompatible. It looks like we MAC users will have to find another genealogy program altogether.

Reply: For now we recommend that you wait on upgrading to Catalina. Codeweavers is working hard on the CrossOver wrapper for RootsMagic 7. For the native Mac version of RootsMagic we will make sure it meets Apple’s requirements.
Renee, RootsMagic

T too have worked in the software development field and know what you’re talking about. Thanks for the update and I’m perfectly fine with using version 7, which is a high quality product, so take whatever time you need to get version 8 right. I’d much rather wait for a high quality product!! I love RootsMagic!!

Video very helpful but you skipped over the publish section which I am most interested in. Are there any new developments in publish.
And in publishing reports can there be more than the primary picture shown i.e. can the empty space next to the one picture be filled with other pictures.
Many thanks

Greatly appreciate you being up front with the delay. With all apps, there will always be bugs, but better to take your time and get them out and give us a great experience with the application. Thank you for the video, as it gave me a look of the next release.

“we are still looking for more beta testers”
I’m still happy to pitch in. I signed up twice since RootsTech and haven’t heard anything…

Reply: The beta test group is expanded as needed through random selection. When selected an email invitation with instructions and a confidentiality agreement will be sent.
Renee, RootsMagic

Just curious about the reporting options and capabilities. Are the same reports and options supported in RM7 available in RM8. BTW – the video was great!

The video was great. It’s nice to know what is coming and I have the patience to wait for it. Some of the changes scare me and some please me but I know it will only take a short time to get used to the new program. I am thrilled that I will be able to see who is using each citation.

Thank you for the update on the time element on the release date. I will pass it on to the groups I facilitate.

I appreciate the need to put out an update that is as bug-free as possible, but, as a Mac user, I am in the position of either foregoing useful enhancements in other software I use (including important security upgrades), or suspending any genealogy work until RM8 is released. That is an unfortunate “Sophie’s Choice.” The stop-gap “wrapper” for RM7 should be a priority. I like RM and have no desire to jump to another genealogy program with all of the potential problems that can create, but as it appears RM8 is now several months away, I won’t be able to put off the Mac OS upgrade much longer.

Reply: Codeweavers is working hard on a new CrossOver wrapper for RM7 so it will run on Catalina.
Renee, RootsMagic

I have been with you folks since Family Origins. Each new version you released i have used without any issues.
I have no doubt in my mind that Version 8 will be fantastic.

Enjoyed the update. Really like the idea being able to go directly to the edit screen for the wife from the husband’s screen. Would be even better if I could do a right mouse click to open the wife’s screen and leave the husband’s screen open.

I can understand your frustration at trying to give a release date and having many customers unhappy. I appreciate the fact you want to release a product that is up to the standards and workmanship of your current product, Roots Magic 7. Granted I am disappointed that we have to wait till the next year, as well as many others, but I can wait for the majority of the “bugs” to be fixed. Thanks for your honestly and the fact that quality comes before speed. Will still be waiting for Roots Magic 8 when it is the excellent product that you envision

Great work Bruce – honesty and integrity.
Like the new look and easier navigation. Moving To Do List items and Research Manager items into the new Task list on upgrade will be interesting.

Great overview. Thanks for your hard work and noticeable improvements. It is refreshing to see a new version software with actual improvements instead of just moving the same thing to prettier screens. Looking forward to the release … hopefully early next year.

People views showed the sorting feature for given names pulled up given names with the letters selected. Can it be set up for the surname too? Many family surnames are spelled slightly different and it would be great to have my Gerrard/Gerarde/Garard soted out together. I’m sure this is a common issue.

So appreciate you updating us on what is happening. It’s always a trial getting a new and greater version going and letting us know what is going on is completely welcome. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the update. I’m a believer that good things are worth waiting for. I’m a long time user and love RootsMagic and look forward to RM 8.

Good things are always worth waiting for! I especially appreciate you doing everything you can to work out bugs–even when they are someone else’s. (Unlike some software companies we all know!) I am certain I will be ecstatic when 8 is ready! Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing your creativity with us!

Thanks for the video. I am disappointed that RM8 will not be released this year as promised. I am a Mac user and run RM7 under Parallels so do not have any issues using RM7. I just upgraded my Mac OS to Mojave so am in no hurry to upgrade to Catalina as I do not want to buy Parallels 15. I have Windows and Parallels on my Mac so I can use RM. I will be glad when Mac version of RM8 is finally released. It was exciting to see some of the new features.

So with the delays, does this mean Roots 7 users might have another chance at getting Roots 8 at the reduced price? Just wondering because I missed the deadline.

Reply: Any purchase of RM7 on our website will include a free RM8 key.
Renee, RootsMagic

I like the look of Roots Magic 8 immensly
However, I saw no mention of syncing with Ancestry.

Will this still be possible?

Rely: RootsMagic 8 will continue to work with Ancestry.
Renee, RootsMagic

Just watched the RootsMagic8 Work-in-Process Update and thanks for a great preview. I have a concern that I want to share with you that may have an easy explanation and is not an issue. But during development I am thinking it may be useful to you. The entire 44 minute video was out of focus on my display. This is a 4k resolution display so virtually everything else is razor sharp, so the problem seems to be unique to this video. Just FYI.

Thanks a lot for the video, it was very helpful. A question and a suggestion:
1) Where are the “tools” located? I use “set relationships” and “relationship calculator” all the time. Are they still in RM8 and are they easily accessible without having to click on many menus first?

2) Would it be possible for us to “play” with RM8 loaded with fake data (like you do in the video) so we can decide BEFOREHAND whether to upgrade or not? I don’t use enough of the features to want to be a beta tester, but I do have specific concerns due to the way I use RM currently (both the way I display it and how I access/input the info) so I would really like to EXPERIENCE it for myself without risk to my data if I decide not to upgrade (because you can’t possibly address everyone’s questions and concerns on a video). Perhaps let us download a time-limited version? or post a “play” version online? Thanks.

Had my own business writing custom software for small businesses. TOTALLY understand and support your efforts! Just keep everyone informed of progress. I use RootsMagic and love it!

I love RootsMagic and have been with it from the beginning. I just hope I can wait for the release of 8.0.
I use a Mac and had avoided upgrading my system software because it meant that the upgrade would not work with the current RM7. But recently I had a serious problem and I HAD to upgrade. So no more RM on my Mac.
Fortunately I do have a Mac Laptop and at still works on my laptop. I have turned off any automatic updates for this laptop. I just hope that RM7 comes out soon.

As a dedicated RM user, I thank you so much for your efforts to keep everyone informed. I cannot imagine all the challenges that you face as you try to create the perfect genealogy database. Just keep on doing what you do and when it is ready, I will be right here waiting!! Meanwhile, I have tried a few other products, just to see for myself what’s out there!! Nothing compares, IMO!! You all are the best!! Sending best wishes for your continued success!!!

I really like Roots Magic! You’ve done an excellent job on the software. I keep telling people about it. Keep up the great work and thank you for your diligence.

Impatient as I am for the final release, I so appreciate your candor that trying to predict a release date is really difficult and can be more disappointing than helpful. Managing expectations is really important. I’ll sit on my hands and be patient. 😉

if this has been addressed sorry.
will you be able to do more than one task at a time. so if i am importing from family search will i be able to do other work. and have you fixed the locking up when importing large files from family search.

I’ve been a loyal user of your products since Family Origins. Will it be possible to turn OFF the home screen?

Will Roots Magic 8 allow you to search for people using their FamilySearch PID#?

Bruce, thanks ever so much for the hard work you and your team are putting in on RM8. Thanks also for the “feature length” :) video of the new screens. I have two questions/concerns at this point:
First and foremost — I rely heavily on the icons to the far right of the person’s name in my database (especially the Family Search icon).
*PLEASE* don’t tell me that I’m now going to have to go to a search screen and then type the name I’m working with all over again. Since FamilySearch can have multiple people name John Smith — how in the world are we ever going to be able to quantify the individual we are looking for from a search screen without reentering almost that person’s entire biography?
Second — I saw where RM8 will allow us to type in user names and password for Ancestry, Family Search, and Family Heritage. Oh, I do so hope you will allow us to type in and save our Dropbox login so I don’t have to keep retyping this information every time I close RM and choose to backup my work (which I admit to doing quite often). I sincerely hope you have implemented a way for us to save our Dropbox login.
As with the other comments, you just keep plugging away — we all want to be at the finish line together and I’d rather have you turn out a really good product on RM8 Day 1 and not have to do an Apple fix of RM8 SR1, SR2, SR2a etc all within the first week because they couldn’t get it close enough before they released the next OS or whatever.
Thanks again for all your hard work
Dale (KF8DLD) in Jones, Oklahoma

Just as I continued to use Family Origins (the best there was back then) until you had RootsMagic ready, I will continue to work happily with RM7 (the best there is now) until RM8 (future best) is ready. I appreciate you and your integrity so much. You can’t rush Magic!

Thanks for not releasing a product until you can work out the “BUGS”. Better to wait for a workable product than one that will cause the user problems. Just keep us updated.

I’m psyched. By the way, the emphasis in the word Barn-stable is on the 2nd syllable. So, say “BARN-stubble”.


Appreciate your culture of quality over an artificial deadline.
There are two sayings pertaining to this subject:
You never have time to do it right the first time, but you always have time to do it over.
In the wine business: no wine before its time.
Be sure to take time to enjoy the Thanksgiving and December holidays!

Of course, I’m disappointed, but I understand. I am certainly excited for the eventual release of RM8, but I can wait. Take whatever time needed to produce an excellent product. Please, continue to give us updates on your progress. I have enjoyed the news releases about the update.

I love Roots Magic.
I sincerely hope version 8 will allow LDS ordinance data to appear under the “facts” section of individuals in a *separate (not pull-down) box* where they appear in proper sequence, rather than listed by date of performance as they are now, interspersed among other life facts. This is especially important in the case of proxy ordinances, which often appear in very random order when listed by date. This would:
– allow the ordinances to appear in the proper order, regardless of date of performance, just as on FamilySearch.
– make the completion status of ordinances much easier to ascertain at a glance,
– obviate the need to pull down a separate window to see the ordinances in proper order (as is the case at present).
– obviate the need to insert a phony “sort date” to put the ordinances in some logical sequence–an unnecessary and time-consuming task.
That said, I think you are doing a fabulous job with this excellent database, and I am quite sure Version 8 will be an equally excellent improvement. May I ask that you please consider my suggestion as you are finalizing the new version. Many thanks to you for your hard work on a truly meaningful project of great service to your fellow beings. If all software developers in the world were engaged in equally meaningful projects, what a wonderful place cyberspace would be!

TI would rather wait and get a good product then get defective software that causes endless frustration.

Thank you for the update. I would much prefer that you take the time required to launch a solid program. The end of the year is not that far away so not a problem.

I agree with the other comments.
Two questions.
Will the dashboard be able to slip out of sight like the current index panel? Or configured to be back up in the seemingly empty header panels like in version 7?

I did not see a description field in the person edit screen. Did we lose that? Where will the data I put into the description field go and what will happen to my sentence structures?

For myself, take your time, I’m old, but I can wait until you say it’s ready for me to get. I’ve used your program since you first began selling it and got it at Salt Lake. I still like it and will be happy with the new help, so get it done on your time schedule, whatever it is. Said…I can wait.
Your satisfied customer,
Billye D.Cleveland Jackson

Appears to be incredibly well designed and executed. Really looking forward to it.

All good things come to those who wait. Would rather you take your time and have all the bugs worked out. Thank you for the update.

I echo the chorus of support to take the necessary time to release a quality product. I like what I’m seeing in your early sharing of RM8, knowing that even those might change. It’s good to see a good friend doing well. What you are doing is very important and worthwhile. It’s rare to see trustworthy tools that help so much these days. Best wishes in your work.

RM8: As a RM user since 2012, I just want to be sure that Search is more robust & responsive, and specifies the file where each search result is found. Also, to search specific files (for example, research log, death location, etc.). Thank you.

I started using the PAF program in the late 1980’s and am still using it. Reason is I still require the use of the MRIN numbers to help catalog or file my information. Several years ago, I asked Roots Magic to give me the opportunity to use these numbers with the Roots Magic, but was told that would NOT be done. Right now I still use both programs, but would prefer to use just ONE of them. However with NO MRIN numbers available on Roots Magic, I will still have to continue to use my old PAF program. Not sure what the big hang up is, and it doesn’t make sense to me. With the use of the MRIN number, I can within a few minutes find someone and I do have 4 notebooks full of individuals. I know that no one is trying to keep the PAF program alive, but mine still works. I know that you probable will not honor my request and that is your privilege, but ??? I also know that Roots Magic has a lot more features than the old PAF. Gene Algrim, Kansas

Had a chance to view the video and have some questions:
1. When RM8 comes onboard what happens to the source templates that a user created with RM7. Will you be able to create sources from the general template group as in RM7?
2. You did not discuss graphic charts (wall charts). Will there be huge changes as well? Will there be different styles available, i.e. fan chart, ancestor chart where the main person is centered and not way over to the right for instance?
3. What is the purpose of event groups (like Civil War)? If person served, I would just enter the event in the respective person’s edit timeline page.

Thanks for the overview of RootsMagic8, Bruce. You and your team do a most amazing job.

I really like that list of names being available on the left side of screen – it makes jumping between individuals really easy. Now I see from the video that it is going to be hidden away inside the works of the programme. It will take 2 or more clicks to get to it! When now it is no clicks as it is “right there”.
Can there please be an option to drag it out to where it was positioned in RM7? As most folks probably have wide screens these days, screen real estate shouldn’t be a problem.

Maybe it’s about time to cut our losses and say goodbye to working with online Tree API’s (since they are changing them more often and have their own set of issues) and just use a web clipper or back to copy and paste to transfer data. Believe me, we survived before without TreeShare and FamilySearch integration. I personally would not shed a tear. Rootsmagic has enough features to satisfy and can stand on it’s own. It’s a great program without the integration. Web hints is fine to keep and perhaps further development is possible to organize them better so we are not chasing BSO’s. Thanks for your efforts but I just think it’s going to be an ongoing battle even when RM8 does get released. FamilySearch gets an itch or has an issue, time for another update, gets an itch or has an issue, time for another update, etc., etc., etc.,. Not to mention Windows and Mac updates. Oh, My! BTW, I work in the IT field and I know the havoc constant (almost weekly) patching has on an operating environment whether it’s enhancements or bug fixes. Anyway, best wishes. I love the layout and really see the improvement over past versions. Thanks for the video and looking forward to it’s release.

Apple has given the computer world an AquaVelva slap and ruined time frames for many vendors; you can’t be blamed for that.

Nice intuitive interactive changes.

You may want to rethink the icon and theme style and add some color back in; monochrome is hard on the eye for hours, reminds me of Microsoft Office.

Because I don’t think it can be said enough, Thank you for the update, please take your time and we understand the delays. Better to be done right, then rushed.

Good to know about the video–I will use it with our User’s Group here in Great Falls, Montana, Bruce. Thank you for your excellence in software development. You are THE BEST.

Just get it right, then I will be happy

I have been a RootsMagic user since the first version when I called with questions and actually spoke with Bruce. Through the years the program gets better and better. Very evident that Bruce and company aren’t just about making a profit, but really care about the users and giving a great program with all kinds of support. We are all anxious for the new version, but we will wait patiently, confident that Bruce and company will provide a great product.

I appreciate your update. Having worked on the user side of software development I know how unexpected things can happen. I also hope people understand that despite rigorous testing, there will be bugs in the beginning. I like the way RM8 looks in the video. The ability to move around without opening and closing so many windows will be a much better experience. Also love the ability to re-use the same citation.

I can wait!

For MAC users (since RM couldn’t be bothered publishing it)

The following are two updates from the Codeweaver website on Crossover 19 availability (this version should allow RM7 to run on Mac OS Catalina).

In short, the Alpha version was released on 31/10/2019 and the first beta was released on 15/11/2019. Codeweaver aspire to have a production version released by then end of 2019.

Just got around to watching this; thanks for keeping us informed. Although I’ve been at this a long time my original data was typed, not entered as in a program. I’m still learning the ups and downs and it appears it may be easier to learn a little (a lot) more with this update.
Started with Family Origins. Thanks!

Thank you for the frank and honest update. The video is very helpful to see the progress.

No problem; getting it right is much more important than getting it soon. And it increases the anticipation……

Love what you are doing to RM8, I have 2 questions. 1 in RM7 if you change the screen font setting in Windows to anything other than 100% it messes up the report, pedigree chart on screen and on printer. Is this problem fixed in RM8? 2. I have asked over the years if printing pedigree charts can include the photo as PAF did, what about RM8? It’s getting harder and harder to port to an old system that still has PAF to print pedigree charts.

Thanks for the update Bruce. It is much appreciated. Love the new look. It’s going to be a learning curve, but so much easier to use. I’d rather you take your time to make sure it is working right, than have problems after it is released. Your work is amazing and I love being updated on the progress.

Thanks for the video! All the changes look great! I am debating whether to try the beta program, but too excited to wait for the RM 8 to complete. Decisions, decisions! Please take your time working out the bugs though! No rush!

Do what you need to do, quality matters!

Just watched the Video and had to watch it a couple of times as I had a hard time following the cursor arrow as it is so small. On the next video, could you use the windows setting to enlarge the cursor arrow to make it easier to see for us older folks. Thanks, Ed

TyI believe we are already using 8.6 so do you mean 9?
I worry you are working too hard.


Reply: Current version of RootsMagic is You can check under Help>About RootsMagic
Renee, RootsMagic

Bruce and Team 8:

It is far more important to get it safe and right than to meet a fanciful delivery date. I can wait as long as it takes, because your team has always been looking out for the RM user community’s best interests.
Drop us an occasional update on your progress and send up fireworks when you are ready to release!!!


As a ex software developer I learned the hard way to inform the clients as soon as possible not to make rash forecasts. Also it is better to miss a deadline than to hand over substandard software, knowing it would fail.
Therefore in this instance don’t give dates & release it when it is ready to be released & don’t fell pressured into it.

#1, Will a source template that I have created transfer to RM8? #2, Will a PDF transfer to RM8? I think what has been changed from RM7 to RM8 will make people and documentations easier to input. Thanks for your hard work!

Appreciate the update. This is a good program. I expect the new version will be well worth the date.

Thank you Bruce for keeping us updated.

I am happy to wait for a stable new RootsMagic.
I just need to remember to put of the Mac OS update to Catalina.

BTW, I am not a software engineer. I cannot do programming, but I am an aware user who is not frightened to try out new stuff and features.

You folks are doing an excellent job.

QUESTION 32bit vs 64bit
I respect and welcome your decision to finish the work on Ver 8 and get thru beta testing. I use a Mac and need to update to Catalina for other reasons, which does not support 32 bit software.
Is the current ver (10 Nov 2019) compatible with 64 bit. (I received a dialog box when running the previous version so updated to
Thank you.

Reply: Update does not include the new 64-bit CrossOver wrapper. Codeweavers is still urgently working on this.
Renee, RootsMagic

Getting it right is more important than getting it fast! At least in the case of software…

When will the Codeweavers’ 64-bit CrossOver wrapper for RootsMagic for Mac be available? Before or after release of RootsMagic 8? I know you don’t want to commit to a date but are we talking weeks, months or years into the future?

Reply: Once RM8 is released RM7 will no longer be updated. Codeweavers has a blog where you can watch their progress and estimates on when their new wrapper will be available.
Renee, RootsMagic

Been waiting for RootsMagic 8 for to long. Just moved on to a different product.

I have 7 and love it. My wife shares my 7 on her computer with her own program. Will we be able to do that with 8 or will we both have to have our own 8?

Thank you for the update. Whatever time it takes to have a solid Mac compatibility is worth the wait.

As a Windows 10 Insider, I can definitely relate to what you’re going through.
Fix one thing, and another one breaks. Beta Testers have to be patient when testing and methodical when giving feedback.
I have faith that you’ll get there.

It would be nice if you knew that a couple had no children you could check a box or something.

I purchased RM because I thought it was the best application for this endeavor. I also (now) use Ancestry, but I still maintain RM as my go to program. RM isn’t the flashiest looking program, but the usefulness and careful and deliberate way it captures our precious data is what sets it apart.

That takes time. So the “new” version isn’t ready – THAT’S OK, I’LL WAIT.

Very interesting video about Roots Magic 8.

I’m a french canadian. I know that Roots Magic 7 is in English language only. It’s not a huge problem for me except for the report that I want to publish to my relatives. So, do you plan other languages will be supported in your future development of Roots Magic? Same question about Personal Historian?

Thanks for your honesty. After reading your update plus all these comments, I’m xoncerned. I have purchased RM7 and was about to download via GEDCOM all the family research I’m been doing for several years on to RM7. Should I wait? Was there some major problems with RM7 that I was unaware of (some comments mention bug fixes?)I’m using Windows 10 not MAC. If I continue, I presume that a transition from 7 to 8 will be effortless. – Bob

Reply: You will have no issue moving your database from RM7 to RM8. Go ahead and enjoy RM7 now.
Renee, RootsMagic

I have been using Roots Magic for quite some time and really appreciate all you have done with it. I do have a concern about the upcoming version 8. From the screens you have show, it appear that you have removed the capability to find people by the Roots Magic record number. This is a PRIMARY search field for me. Please don’t delete such a useful tool.

Bruce, been with RM since 3 and my, that has been a long time ago. I can wait for 8. When it comes it will be in my hot little hands. Wold love to be a beta tester and like most products that you turn out I expect it to be quality.

Can’t wait for RootsMagic 8. When searching for people will an accent marks pose a problem.

Thank you so much for the helps to keep me from getting upset. I like to know where you are and how your progress is going. I too prefer information as to silence.