RootsMagic 4 Update Released (

We have just released an update to RootsMagic 4 (version

This update adds a few requested features, and fixes a number of pesky bugs.  If you have the RootsMagic News screen come up when you start RootsMagic, it may have already notified you of this update.  If not, you can do “HelpCheck for Updates” from the RootsMagic menu to download and install this update.  Note: We updated the list below to include a few issues we fixed in the update.

You can also download the update from

Here are the new, fixed, and updated items in this update:


  • New Research Notes report (prints the source detail text and comments for a person or family)
  • Timeline lists now support source citations
  • Added wordwrap command to note editor
  • Added “Mark by parents” and “Unmark by parents” to the “Select Families” list to allow criteria for selecting families
  • Added “Unused Places List” to show places in your database that aren’t used by any events
  • Added sex, birth and death dates to the edit family screen in Tools > Problem list
  • Wordwrap in notes works on selected text now (
  • Added wordwrap button to note editor toolbar (
  • Wordwrapping can be reversed by undo now (


  • Pasting into RM notes now preserves bold, italics, and underlining
  • Sped up duplicate search, SmartMerge, and ShareMerge
  • Sped up scrolling through the list of potential duplicate records
  • Sped up incremental search in the place list (for databases with large number of places)
  • Fixed crashing when doing some “Fix broken media links” commands
  • Print preview now defaults to 100% zoom (actual size)
  • Info on right side of correspondence list (Lists > Correspondence) now shows type and sent/received properly
  • Direct PAF import brings Military and Mission into existing RM fact types
  • New FamilySearch import now imports sealing to spouse properly
  • Sentence display on Edit Person screen displays alternate names properly now
  • Parent name prefixes and suffixes are now displayed in Edit Person screen
  • Some names in group sheets weren’t including the prefix or suffix
  • Some names in individual summaries weren’t including the prefix or suffix
  • Searching for dates containing terms like “the” or “/” works properly now
  • Fixed problem where some identical sources wouldn’t automerge
  • Fixed several reports / screens where accented characters didn’t uppercase properly
  • Importing UTF-8 GEDCOM files w/o a Byte Order Marker (BOM) works properly now
  • PAF import now converts private notes
  • GEDCOM import converts private notes from PAF and Legacy GEDCOMs
  • GEDCOM import reads ALIA tags in Generations GEDCOM files as alternate names
  • Group timeline list now has place as a separate column
  • Explorer now shows spouse for marriage events that don’t have a place
  • Place details print for family events on the individual summary now
  • Uppercasing month in narrative report dates doesn’t uppercase modifier text anymore
  • Side list index and People view update after the automatic merges (ShareMerge/SmartMerge)
  • View is refreshed after merges are performed
  • Notes for shared events now print on Group Sheet and Individual Summary
  • Issue with merging sometimes losing media attached to events
  • Changed Cebu Philippines temple code from CEBU to CEBUP
  • Added 6 new temples: Manaus Brazil, San Salvador, Quetzaltenango, Kansas City, Calgary, Brigham City
  • Better handling of pasted text from certain websites and screens (
  • Fixed font issues in PDF (smearing and mangled characters) (
  • Fixed some issues with the recently opened database list (
  • Start person is selected in side list when program starts (
  • Opening RM in family view highlights the start person properly (
  • Fixed some focus issues in the family view (which could lead to double click editing the wrong person) (
  • Fixed SQLite error when trying to edit a place from the unused place list (
  • Clicking blank root person slot on pedigree view will add the person as a child if there are parents (
  • Fixed occasional blank narrative reports (

13 thoughts to “RootsMagic 4 Update Released (”

  1. I thought that RootsMagic just couldn’t get any better, but you continue to improve on the program. Thank you for a most easy to use, updated program I’ve ever used. I tell EVERYONE about RootsMagic, especially all the patrons who visit our Family History Center, which are 99.99% non-members. Many do not have a good program, and it’s the BEST, so why not tell rhem about it. Of course, since they are not LDS, the Temple ordinences do not impress them, until I explain just why we perform these ordinences. Seeds are planted, and who knows what impact may left on them. Thanks again for the wonderful work you are creating to help us little amaturers to succeed.

  2. Wow. Am I dreaming or is this release running in turbo mode? It took just 11 seconds to open my largest (100,000 record) database. Hmmm. still takes 5 seconds to open a search window, even if you’re reopening on the same record.

    System: Windows 7 64 bit – Quad Phenom II 3.2GHz – 8GB system ram – 4GB ReadyBoost

  3. Thank you for continuing to make this excellent product even better. And for making it so very easy to update.

  4. This is a great update thank you for your hard work in making the greatest program

  5. Bruce,
    Thanks for all you have done with this program, I am always telling people what a great program Roots Magic is.
    Dan Miller

  6. Thank you so much for the on-going modifications and improvements. I happily used PAF for years but RootsMagic is a total revelation and a joy to use! Keep up the good work, please!

  7. I love the speed with which you work to solve bugs and improve your program. I love your program as well and will continue to recommend it to all users in Latin America.

    Thank you for a wonderful product!

  8. At first I did not like Roots Magic, but this is with most programs. You always find likes and dislikes. Now after using Roots Magic I love the program, I would not change it for any other program.

  9. I have been a Roots Magic person from the early days. These latest updates really haven’t made much difference for me but maybe for someone else. Thank you for keeping up the work of making Roots Magic the best product today.
    Beth Clark

  10. Thanks Mike for your training last Wednesday night. I learned a lot and look forward to this weeks class! Jenny

  11. Thank you, thank you. best programs I have worked so far. Helps me organize properly, retrieve, and print in pleasing manners. Needed help to clear programs earlier, and was almost instantly replied, helped and again energized. Again my thanks.

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