More Free Online Classes

First, we’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our online classes (webinars).  Every class has been full, and from what you have told us by email and at conferences, they are a big hit.

Here are the next 2 classes we will be offering:

  • Working With Files and Folders in RootsMagic
    Is working with files in RootsMagic a mystery? Learn how to organize your RootsMagic files and folders, create and restore backups, import and export information from other programs and GEDCOM files, share data between computers, and much more!
    Tuesday, February 8, 2011
    5pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes
  • Cleaning Your Family Tree in RootsMagic
    Every family tree is subject to errors. Learn how to clean up your places and sources, discover possible errors and problems in your data, find and merge duplicate records, split and merge trees, and more!
    Friday, February 18, 2011
    3pm MST See In Your Time Zone
    90 minutes

To sign up for the free classes, or to view past recorded classes, visit us at:

These classes were chosen based on the response to our survey.  If you still haven’t had a chance to let us know what you want us to teach click here to take the survey.

Each class will be limited to the first 1000 people to sign up, but if you miss out or can’t make it, don’t worry because we will record the class for you to download and watch later.

21 thoughts to “More Free Online Classes”

  1. I was unable to get the classes that I signed up for online. Was delighted to see that it was recorede, and I could watch it later. It was very informative. Thanks very much.

  2. Although I have had RM since it started as Family Origins and have had the pleasure of attending two of Bruce’s seminars in OH, I REALLY have enjoyed and appreciated the webinars. Well constructed, timely — it is like having a one-on-one tutor.

  3. Thank you very much for recording the classes for later viewing. I cannot sign up for the class on Feb. 8 due to a conflict but I certainly want to learn how to organize my files.
    I just watched the Roots to Go webinar and found it immensely helpful.

  4. I love roots magic you only need to translated into othe languages, that would be owesome. pleeeeeassssssse

  5. So far have done one class and am excited to do others (the recorded ones not the live webinars).

    What about a “shortcuts” class? . . . using the function keys, copy-paste, etc. Any ways to use the program more efficiently.


  6. Delighted to see these classes. I was unable to do the classes at their scheduled time, so was pleased with the recordings. I learned so much from the first one even though I have been using RM for several years. This was really like having a private session with Bruce. Look forward to all the coming classes. Thanks for doing this.

  7. I’ve gone from random guessing to much more focused collection of information. RM4 makes it very easy to keep track. The webinars have been inspirational as well as useful and informative. If I didn’t consider myself a genealogist before, I actually consider myself at least a beginning genealogist now! I especially appreciate being able to go back over the webinars. Thank you!!

  8. I am a UK user of RM who has been a fan of your programs since Family Origins 3 days. I downloaded the Sources etc seminar today and found it had excellent advice which cleared up some doubts I had about my interpretations of the terminology involved. Thank you and thanks in advance for any special advice you can give to us UK enthusiasts.

  9. I have taken three of the classes and learned something new in all three. Thank you for putting on these free webinars, I hope you continue to do this.

  10. I’m getting ready for the “Files & Folder” webinar, due in about 40mins or so. Pens, paper, RootsMagic4 book nearby; everything ship-shape & Bristol fashion. Do I suffer with OC ? NO. I’m just so excited about these webinars. I participated in my first one last week and was thrilled with it. I agree with everything said by MK Beggs, (posted 2
    Feb 2011); and echo Alan Kennerley’s sentiments of 5 Feb 2011 when he says:”Thank you and thanks in advance for any special advice you can give to us UK enthusiasts”. I’m British but live in the States and there are some areas of RM that are tricky to convert to “Americanisms”. Thankyou to EVERYONE involved in making these webinars happen; your hard-work is SO appreciated. Chris

  11. I’m a brand new RootsMagic user, but I’m already totally sold. the webinars, both those I downloaded and the one I attended, have been excellent. The questions I sent to support were both answered promptly and completely. That you can do all this for $29.95 blows me away. I had tried PAF and Family Tree Maker about 10 years ago when I wanted to but didn’t have time to get into tracing the family; now I’m retired and ready to go. I read the reviews and decided to give RM4 a try, and I couldn’t be happier. Fantastic program, fantastic training and support. (This from a person who was the tech support for a small computer company about 30 years ago.)

  12. Just wanted to add my “thanks” to the many others and especially for having them recorded for later use. all the webinars were extremely useful!

  13. I have used RM for several years but not until I attended the webinars did I realise just how much thought and work has gone into this program. It blows me away to see the intricacies of the program. Thanks so much for these wonderful webinars. Now I have lots of work to do to fix up my data.

  14. Terrific webinars. I just viewed the one on Sources, and Cleaning up Your Files.
    I found both to be very thorough and informative. I’ve used RM for years, and still found new tricks and features I didn’t know about.

  15. Thanks so much for the webinars! I have learned a lot about the RM program. And Personal Historian! See you in St. George.

  16. Have missed some classes due to illness/emergencies that I signed up for. So very glad to be able to download and view at my leisure. THanks for this wonderful service.

  17. I really appreciate not only your classes and subjects covered, but especially the recording/taping for later study. These are excellent coverages and already I see things I’d never known. Thank you for this contribution.

  18. i find it hard to watch classes because it is a little late for me,but i watch the tutorials and find them brilliant.thanks a lot they are very informative.keep it up

  19. I would like to try some online classes as I am just getting started. I have lots of info already just need to know more about the sheet and etc.

  20. I came to Rootsweb from Parson’s genealogy program and have told many people what a wonderful program Rootsmagic has to offer. I agree with several others that the support folks are very patient with all my questions.

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