RootsMagic 4 Update Released (

This minor update adds a couple of small requested features and fixes a number of issues.  If you have the RootsMagic News screen come up when you start RootsMagic, it may have already notified you of this update.  If not, you can do “Help > Check for Updates” from the RootsMagic menu to download and install this update.  Note: I have updated the list below with the changes for version,,,,, and

You can also download the update from

Here are the new, fixed, and updated items in this update:

  • Notes for alternate names now print for group sheet and individual summary
  • Record # button didn’t work on Select People screen until you highlighted someone in the list
  • Sentence templates for user defined roles are supported in GEDCOM now
  • Alternate names are handled in the various Fact Lists (Private facts, Facts w/o sources, etc)
  • Privacy works properly for alternate name facts in individual summary now
  • WebSearch works properly for names with accented characters now
  • [xUpline] was showing up in websites for privatized people with no events
  • Fixed SQLite error 21 when printing todo list for single repository sorted by repository
  • Added option to support New FamilySearch on Macs running CrossOver (Tools > File options > FamilySearch)
  • Adding a new fact on the edit screen and pressing Alt+V would sometimes show incorrect data in the list
  • Can search / select on FamilySearch ID in selection screen now
  • Custom reports support printing and sorting by FamilySearch ID
  • Unicode characters in names and places transfer properly from RM to NFS
  • Fixed a few list issues
  • Shared events are now retained during merge
  • Kinship list would sometimes display incorrect relationships (
  • Henry, D’Aboville, and Outline numbering in narrative reports handles children from multiple spouses correctly (
  • Fixed a problem with the place list sometimes crashing from the edit screen on a few systems (
  • Fixed a problem with the family list (Search > Family List) crashing on a few systems (
  • Fixed link to FAQs (Knowledge base) under the Internet menu (
  • Legacy import converts formatting codes in source detail text and comments now (
  • PAF import preserves source detail date now (
  • Added Internet > Learning center to take you online for tutorials / webinars (
  • Sort by birthday and anniversary in custom reports works correctly now (
  • Fixed some sentence template issues (
  • People View now supports FamilySearch ID as a column (
  • Removed debug window from NFS User Profile settings (
  • NFS Share Data screen sometimes showed incorrect matches between children (
  • Fixed some issues with the New FamilySearch import (
  • Fixed some issues with New FamilySearch Share Data screen (
  • Fixed freezing during NFS operations on some computers (
  • Information would sometimes not print in the Individual Summary (
  • GEDCOM would sometimes mix up address fields when only partial addresses existed (
  • Explorer now displays place details for events (
  • Source template values in GEDCOM can now span multiple lines (CONT/CONC) (
  • NFS filter sometimes showed incorrect group name (
  • Minor NFS tweak (
  • Minor NFS tweak (
  • Source report (and some others) would sometimes print a repository twice (
  • GEDCOM export could crash when encountering a corrupt date field in the database (
  • Handle the incorrect FTM 2008-2011 GEDCOM CONC tag handling (
  • Some ordinances for people w/o death facts wouldn’t print in LDS report (
  • Fixed address issues during GEDCOM import (
  • ToDo list would sometimes print an incorrect repository for items with no repository (

33 thoughts to “RootsMagic 4 Update Released (”

  1. My wife bought me Family Tree Maker 2011 for Christmas. While it is a good product, I continue to export my database to GEDCOM and build all of my reports using ROOTS MAGIC. Your reporting has it all over the FTM product.
    Also you tend to listen to your users and take suggestions and fix problems in a timely manner.
    Thanks again for a very good product.

  2. Although I have been doing my tree for seven years now I only bought Roots Magic last year.
    I wish I had bought it sooner as it is marvellous

  3. Roots Magic has been my choice for several years now. I’m a graduate from (Parsons)Family Origins.

    You know what I would like to see? A back arrow on the tool bar and/or a hot key for going back to the last task you were working on.

  4. I agree with EJay about the hot button. So many times I have wanted to go back to the last task I was working on!

    Roots Magic is a great product. I have, also, used it for years.

  5. I agree with the following comment by Ejay. “You know what I would like to see? A back arrow on the tool bar and/or a hot key for going back to the last task you were working on.”
    Many times I have entered sometimes and then wanted to go back and have to work my way back. It would be so great to have a hot key to take a person back.

  6. I have been using Family TreeMaker for about 20 years, but was convenienced to move over to RootsMagic last year. It was definitely a learning curve, but I think it is a wonderful program with so many advantages – but I am still learning and so appreciate the webinars. I second Ejay’s motion (Posted on: February 15, 2011)to have a back arrow on the tool bar for going back to the last task you were working on.

  7. I converted from Legacy a while ago and am tremendously impressed with RootsMagic. There is simply no comparison. I also would like to complement RootsMagic’s customer support. I have never dealt with a more helpful, patient and competent support group. Please give your customer support folks a well deserved THANK YOU.

  8. Thank you SO much for the fix that allows the christening date to show in the search list! My husband has a lot of Polish and Norwegian ancestors for whom the only birth date I have is a christening date, and it was so hard to tell the various people with the same name apart without that christening year showing up. I don’t know if you added it with this update or the last one, but I’m grateful nevertheless! 🙂

    I love your product. I changed from PAF after buying it at the WA State Gen Society Conference in Sep 2009 and haven’t looked back. Thanks so much!

  9. I attended the Family History Expo in St. George intending to concentrate on the Family History Consultant classes. But after attending Mike Booth’s first class, I was enthralled by Roots Magic. It is a powerful program, full of functions that will enhance my genealogy research/writing/charting experience. Thanks for developing this program for us. And keep up your good work Mike! Paula SLC,UT

  10. The webinars have been a life saver to me. Though I have the manual, I find myself going back to the webinars most often. I am 87 years old, but I am finding my way around, easily, in RootsMagic, using the instructions in the webinars. Thank you.

  11. Bruce, As a user since the Parsons days I want you to know that your software and support exceed any other software I have ever used of ANY kind.

    Every time I think you have topped yourself, RootsMagic just keeps getting better. Thank you so much for what you do. Best wishes, David

  12. I am very pleased with Roots Magic-4.
    It has really helped me and is easy to use.

  13. Love the product! I have recommended it to many others. The webinars are VERY
    useful. Thank you for thinking like a genealogist!

  14. I also am a former Parsons Family Origins user and it didn’t take long to adjust to Roots Magic.

    Thanks for the fix on the “save”. I was so used to it automatically saving, I had to remember to save.

    Agree also with Ejay about the recent tasks.

  15. I used to use PAF 5.0 which was the bees knees so I thought but now use RootsMagic which is far better I would say. Haven’t looked back and have recommended it to friends and people that I don’t really know who have chatted to me about genealogy.

    Keep up the good work RM.. Thanks

  16. I’m new to RootsMagic and gradually getting the hang of it. Thanks for such a good product.

  17. I live in UK. I found the RootsMagic as the very best piece of software when i bought the version 1. That is why i stuck to a US product. Features are excellent, and so the charts. Updates and improvements are fewer which is sensible; and each version is more powerful. Only problem was a crash that wrecked a laptop was unrecoverable and i lost a large database that i painstakingly input manually. In addition i lost all the added categories, that i virtually invented, by adapting the generic and irrelevant phrasing of typologies. It is not just the common language differences, but the concepts of what you wnat to store online and remember. I am a list fanatic and like to compile and compend lists whether legal or trees, or pedigrees and references, bibliographies, so that i can build a comprehensive understanding of the period to add to the genealogy. Sadly all this computerisation has closed public access in the last decade to records, which become cannabalised, and duplicated. The unfortuate consequence of robbing the old aristocracy of their property. Anyway the security feature could save data and recover it when crashes occur. All non-obligatory category and formatting was also deleted. I was forced to start all over again.

  18. A friend gave me his FO program CD after upgrading several times. I loved it so much I bought my own newer copy and have purchased each upgrade of FO and then RM when offered. Someone gave me FTM a few years ago and I do use it for searching on the numerous CDs but always go back to RM. I ended up with 2 new copies of the latest version of RM this last Christmas so gave one copy to a cousin with a copy of my db. This was his first and only genealogy program… I started him off right! 🙂

  19. I love the program. Thanks for the Webinars, they are so helpful. I’m still hoping that you will figure out a way to show a parent without counting them as a SPOUSE when the fact is he never had a spouse.

  20. Roots Magic is an excellent Genealogy program. It is one of the top software programs, in all categories, I use. It stands out because of the company culture for continuous improvement.

    I look forward every new feature and hope, in particular, that provision for half relationships will be coming.

    Also it would be helpful if Photos and other media, could be attached to Roots Magic so as not to get separated when migrating back and forth between laptop and desktop ( Photo files would become independant from the programs that created them)

    Christopher Sirr

  21. Although I am still learning I do really enjoy your webinars..thank you again

  22. I like Roots magic better than any other program I have used to enter and use to do pedigree charts and when I can do family groups. So far it is much easier to do a family tree the even and is not as expensive to use. When I can I will purchase the whole program.
    I purchased FTM 2011 and have not been able to use it or get them to even answer my emails to help me to figure out how to use it. So now I am out about $40.00.
    At least when I had a problem with the free portion of Roots Magic some one responded and helped me with my problem. Now I wish I would have just purchased Roots Magic and forgotten all about FMT maker it is worthless.
    Thank you for your help and allowing me to at least the free portion of the program so I can get started on my family tree.
    again thank you so much

  23. I’m grateful, to Bruce Buzbee for trying to stay ahead of this “fast-moving world world”. It is certainly all I can do to ‘Keep up and I am not doing a good job of it. Thank you for all your patience and help.
    Tony Bernard, Bountiful

  24. I am excited about, Roots Magic, it is going to be a lot simpler than Treemaker. This is more like PAF which is so much better to me. I would like to tell you all how much we appreciate ever who worked this program out. Thank you very much, we will certainly enjoy this.

    Thanks again,

  25. I have used your product for many many years – back to Family Origins (I think version 3 all the way to 10) and now with Roots Magic (from the beginning). With every upgrade I am amazed at all the things your software can do. I love the program and have no desire to see what any other product can do. I am completely satisfied and have recommended Roots Magic to many people.

    It is impossible now to think of the old days when all this information was recorded on paper forms. How did we ever keep it all straight!

    Thank you for working so hard to make Roots Magic what it is. I will ever be a loyal Roots Magic fan.

  26. I am a fan of Roots Magic – it is a great program, but I have a MAC and would like to know if you’re still working on a MAC version? I have the software that allows me to use Windows, but I would much prefer a MAC version. Thanks for all the good work you do to make Genealogy easy and fun.

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