RootsMagic Compatible with Windows 7

With the exciting launch of Windows 7 today, we’ve had several inquiries wondering how our software works with the new operating system. ¬†We’ve been using and testing our software with the beta version of Windows 7 for several months now and the release version of Windows 7 for the last few weeks.

We’re pleased to report that RootsMagic 4, Personal Historian, and Family Atlas all work great on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

RootsMagic 4 on Windows 7

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I have just moved to Windows 7 and did a complete install no problems.

This is GREAT news. I am getting ready to load up Windows 7. Bye, Bye TMG Gold. I love that product and will miss it, but I am tired of waiting on them to have their product fully functional on 64bit operating systems. Good Work Roots Magic !

I have migrated from WinXp to Windows 7 (UPG) and have had no problems (Roots Magic Version

I am using Windows 7 and RootsMagic works fine…thank you.

I tested RootsMagic 4 along with 8 other genealogy packages recently. I have RootsMagic full marks for Windows 7 compatibility. Incidentally RootsMagic came out at the top of the list in my rating system.

We need to have a programer put a button on the “Ready for Temple Ordinances” window for moving names to “Done”. I have 1800 names in the Ready file that are obviously “Done”, but for some reason the computer doesnt recognize the fact even when they are linked to new.familysearch.

The move to seven(7)was smooth. Many thanks to the RootsMagic team. The RootsMagic product continues to perform without problem.

I will still use the programme.

I have been using Windows 7 64-bit Release Candidate for months with Rootsmagic 4 for months now. I have had no problems at all with that combination.

Also moved to Windows 7 with no install problems. Well thought out.

Retired truck-driver struggling to do genealogy here for last 5 years. You sure make me look good. Like i know what i’m doin.Your program makes it easy. Many Thanks.


Just changed my genealogy program from Family Tree Maker to RootsMagic4. Big improvement.

I like roots Magic 4 I just wish that I could import family tree 2010.

It can import FTM 2010 files, just via GEDCOM rather than through direct import. After import, check the resulting LST file for any incompatabilities.

Hurray, I was hoping to find this announcement for 64 bit. I have purchased a 64 bit system this week. Thanks!!