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As I mentioned last time, I have one more new Personal Historian “feature” to share with you.  While not technically a feature, it is an exciting change.  With the release of version 2 we will be replacing the usual demo version of Personal Historian with a new free Essentials version.

Personal Historian Essentials will share many of the same features with the full Personal Historian software including clean and friendly screens, the ability to add an unlimited number of stories, categories, writing tools, LifeCapsules, and the ability to publish a complete personal history.  The full version of Personal Historian will be available for purchase and include features not available in Personal Historian Essentials.

So what comes next?

Later this week we will begin taking orders for Personal Historian 2 and release it as a download, followed a few weeks later by the CD version (it takes a few weeks to get CDs duplicated and packaged).  When we begin taking orders you will be able to pre-order the CD and get the download early if you want to do that as well.

And if you want to watch a live demo of the new Personal Historian 2, don’t forget to join us for our free webinar “What’s New in Personal Historian 2” this Wednesday (Sept 28th) at 6pm MDT.  To sign up for the free webinar, visit:

6 thoughts to “Personal Historian Essentials”

  1. Congratulations to Bruce Buzbee and Roots Magic for introducing Personal Historian VERSION 2! I bought Personal Historian several years ago and have been waiting for the upgrade! Thanks for the free download, PH Essentials. Already I see that help is here!!

  2. I have downloaded the Personal Historian Essentials in order to see if it will help me to do a family history. I have been at an impass about how to do that.
    I have used RootsMagic since its conversion from Family Origins and while I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert, I still enjoy putting in more info as I find it. Thank You for a great program.

  3. I’m exciting to get started with this new software. I did have the first version but lost all I had done.

  4. I’m just getting back to FamHist research after using RootsMagic since Family Origins. Am greatly impressed by the scope and ease of use of Personal Historian Version 2, which will at last get me started on writing it all up. Thank you.

  5. Comments from Gay Finkelman and her congrats to Bruce Buzbee introducing Roots Magic. She may have attended the same seminar as I did but the room was so full, many were turned away including myself. I wish that I could have been there as I have heard from a number of other people that Roots Magic is a great Personal and family Historian Program. Thank you for the free download. I am anxious to get started!!!

  6. I had the first only for a short time, when I was informed about Persoanl Historian 2. I thought, “How could they better excellence.” They did. What a great was to share our story with family members and our children. Who ever thought of this was right on. Must have been inspired.

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