Personal Historian 2 Synopsis

Yeah, I know synopsis is a fancy word for this article, but we’ve been blogging all month about all the great new features coming in Personal Historian 2 and we didn’t want to make folks have to dig through all of those articles. ┬áSo here is a list of those articles that you can just click to get to.

5 thoughts to “Personal Historian 2 Synopsis”

  1. This sounds useful for most people. I am not sure that it would be for me, though. I already write well and have written some good articles about my experiences and those of some relatives.

  2. Can’t wait to try all the new improvements to what was already a very helpful product! This is exciting!

  3. I have the Personal History Old copy and had trouble getting it to work. I was so glad to hear and see that they had another Personal History 2. Thank you

  4. I already use PH1 and love it! I am really excited abut PH2 and all the new features. Thank you so much for making my writing easier. I expect to publish a family history book by the end of 2012. Keep up the great work Bruce and company!!

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