New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

2012 Resolutions

Welcome to 2012!  With 2011 in the rear-view mirror, let’s look ahead to 2012 and some of our goals and resolutions for the coming year.

New Platforms

New Platforms

The technology world is changing, and we are working hard to keep up with those changes.  For the past several years, we’ve been laying the groundwork to bring RootsMagic (and our other products) to new platforms and even new devices.  Like you, we know how important it is to have your information where and when you want it.  So we’ve been busy in our secret underground laboratories working on some very exciting new tools.  Be sure to watch this blog and our newsletter for official future announcements.

New Products

Glowing Box

In addition to new platforms and new devices, our secret underground laboratories are hard at work developing new ideas and products to support our mission to create “software to unite families”.  Again, the best way to learn about these new products and when they are released is by watching this blog and our newsletter for official announcements.

New Webinars

RootsMagic Webinars

Thousands of you have told us how much you love our free webinars, and we’re thrilled to continue bringing them to you.  Watch for new webinars on the great new features in RootsMagic 5 and Personal Historian 2.  A number of you have told us you would like to see some shorter webinars on just a single feature, so we will be offering some mini-webinars to do just that.  And don’t forget, whether you attend live or watch an archived recording, our webinars are always free.  They’re our gift to you, our users, to help you get the most out of our software.

New Genealogists


We are pleased to announce that we will be the sponsor of the Genealogy Youth Kamp at this years NGS Conference in Cincinnati.  Youth Kamp is designed to assist children between the ages of 8 and 16 with gaining an appreciation of and connection to their ancestry.  To aid in this, parents, grandparents, or other adults are encouraged to attend and participate in Youth Kamp along with the children. There will be a special program for the adults who attend.

New Updates

And last but certainly not least, watch for regular updates to all of your software with improvements, fixes, and new features.  Updates can be found by clicking Help > Check for Updates on the main menu of most of our software.

Thank You!

Of course, these resolutions are not a comprehensive list of our plans and goals for 2012. There are many other projects which are in development which we’ll talk about when the time is right.  Keep watching this blog or our e-mail newsletter for announcements.

In the meantime, thank you again for your support. We try very hard to listen to your problems, questions, and suggestions. If there is something that you’d like to see us do, please contact us and let us know.  Happy New Year and may you have a prosperous 2012 (both genealogically and otherwise)!

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Reader Comments

It sounds like it is going to be an exciting year for RM. I have both an iPhone and an iPad. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to the new platform(s).

My fingers are crossed – hoping that an Android app is developing in your secret underground lab.

Be still my heart!! Might these new platforms include my iPad, and my iMac? I am holding on to my Windows laptop because I love RootsMagic. Thank you. And, I love the idea of shorter webinars, what a great idea! Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for all that you do! I recently got my dad to buy the program of Rootsmagic and I he is planning on getting on the webinars! I look forward to your new platforms, I hope that means an ipod program! Very exciting! Thanks!!! Sarah

Thanks for these good resolutions. I wish you would also consider the Android environment, not only iPhones and iPads, when enabling mobile technology for your applications.

Also, I would like to start working on my own “life capsules” (a feature that you have promised to implement)as I’m working on two histories with my “Personal Historian 2″ and this would make things easier!

Congratulations for getting the nomination of “Best Genealogy Product of 2011″ to Rootmagic 5, see

Two thumbs up for RM5 and wishing you and all your secret lab mice a mighty fine 2012.

I sure hope one of the new platforms is Android. I have an Andorid phone and an Android tablet!

I would really like having a RootsMagic app for my android phone and for my Kindle Fire if that is possible.
I’m also looking forward to a mac version for my daughter.

Single feature webinars are a great idea. Since the beginning of RootsMagic-4 I have been teaching lessons based on single feature items. The staff in our FHC consists mostly of older people and they learn much faster when they are dealing with one or two items at a time. Our training is based on a 4 step process: #1 Present lesson in audio/visual with step by step written material. #2 Class members involved with lab work & tutors. #3 Lab work without tutors. #4 Teach lessons to other small groups of individuals. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK. Bill Schurman

I thoroughly enjoy subjects related to the family trees and genealogy in general. It is always fascinating to explore our ancestry and what they did in their times. We are all victims of our own history and we can never judge the history of our forebears. God bless them all!

Keep up the good work!

What an incredible tool version 5 is in working with New Family Search. Thank you!

I’m running it under Win 8 Developer Preview on my 17″ MacBook Pro. AutoMatch is a genius app! (And yes, I’d love to see RootsMagic native on Macs too. I’ll beta test the heck out of it!)

Thank you for your Resolutions – I’m sure they will be appreciated by the younger generation. I’m a bit too old in the tooth to use anything else, but your software suits me fine. I’ve tried many programmes over the last 40/50 years, but RM is the best yet – keep up the good work, especially for us ‘Brits’!

I will continue to work at my comfortable PC, in my quiet den, while enjoying the bird feeder just outside my window. My surroundings may sound old-fashioned; but I love the world which Roots Magic has opened to me. It is hard to imagine this program getting any better. Everyone to whom I have recommended RM is totally satisfied, too. May you realize your 2012 goals!

Today to get the new year started I ordered and installed RootsMagic5 on a new Toshiba laptop I got several months ago. I’ve used the program going back to Family Origins. I’m looking forward to moving my data to the new computer and having lots of genealogy fun in 2012.

So glad to see your New Year’s Resolutions! During the holidays I was discussing with my son that I sure hoped RootsMagic would be moving to the newer platform(s) real soon. Thanks!

Your software is excellent and and although very comprehensive and complex at times it is also quite intuitive. However, I appreciate your on-going training through Webinars as I am approaching 70 years and I appreciate the fact that I am not utilizing as many of the facilities as I might do!
I believe single subject (bite sized) sessions will be invaluable to my generation . . . and probably others too :-)
Thank you for Roots Magic 5 and Personal Historian . . . two excellent products.

Like many others I’m thrilled to hear about the new platforms and look forward to the iPhone app!

I am sooo looking forward to taking Roots Magic ‘on the road’ with my Droid Phone!

Thanks, Bruce!

Thanks for your presence, friendliness, wisdom, and expertise at RootsTech 2012 in SLC last week. We will be studying the Syllabus.

Charlie & Lynnette Shipp

I would love to see a Mac version of your product along with an ipad and iphone version. Thank you

I’m with Lona – my pc laptop died, so I had to get VMware for my iMac. I’m afraid with the next major OSX release, my iMac will be obsoleted, as well.
2012 is my year to get into the iPad world – so I’d be ecstatic to see a Mac version and an iPad3 version.

I really love my RM, thanks for all you do.

We DEFINITELY need an version for iPad. The only thing out there either has terrible reviews or requires a membership with

It is crazy that iPads are everywhere doing everything and yet they are limited when it comes to doing genealogy.