Coming soon: You could win an iPad from RootsMagic!

It’s been a tremendous last few months here at RootsMagic.  We’ve been busy with the new releases of Personal Historian 2 and RootsMagic 5 and now that we have a chance to breathe, we feel like celebrating with you, our loyal users!  And what better way to celebrate than with a treasure hunt where you could win one of many prizes including an iPad 2?

Excited yet?  Well, you won’t have to wait too much longer.  Watch this blog early next week for all the details!

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I was recently introduced to “Get My Ancestors” by Ohana Software at my local LDS Family History Center. I was thrilled to learn that I could save the data for download into RootsMagic! What a great opportunity to be able to search this LDS data at home as a separate data base in RootsMagic!!!!

Maggie, you can also do this directly from RootsMagic. Open FamilySearch Central (File > FamilySearch Central) and click the “Import” button.

I.m new at
this but of the software
i have used this is the best
and easiest

That’s fun, but will we be able to use RM on it?

I am sorry to say I haven’t purchased RM 5 as yet, but I do love Roots Magic 4 and will continue with it until I can get 5. It is so much fun and so easy to work with. Thankful I have it for all my genealogy.

I teach family history classes at our regional fhc and I love RootsMagic5. I teach PAF, Ancestral Quest and Legacy besides. I really love to teach all the features in RM5. It has made connections and database management much easier. Marsha

I’ve used Roots Magic for many years now. I use it- I love it. The improvements over the years have been wonderful. I believe Bruce and his team (I assume) have worked hard to make improvements to meet the needs of Roots Magic customers. Thank you!

I have been using RootsMagic for a year and have enjoyed getting to know my husband’s relatives by using the family sheets to fill in the missing information. I hope to put a book together soon for my father-in-law and also one for my mother’s 80th birthday.

I have TMG 8.0, Legacy Family Tree 7.5, FTM 2012, and RM5 on my computer. Each have their pluses and minuses. However, overall, RM5 is the best of the best. I use RM5 much more than any of the others.

I have just downloaded RootsMagic at the recommendation of my friends, the Moore’s. I am anxious to get started

I’ve used several genealogy programs and found RootsMagic to be the best. I just upgraded to version 5.

I have been using Roots Magic ever since it came out. I found it so much easier to use than PAF. RM has much more capabilities than PAF. As a grandparent I am excited to have photos, video and recordings of my family. I just think how great it would be to have had that of my great grandparents. RM works so well with RM. It keeps things simple. I hope you find it as functional of a program as I have.

I love Rootsmagic. I have been using it for a few months and love the way I can transfer information back and forth with Family Search. It has saved so much typing and errors.

Roots Magic is an excellent program and it is priced nicely. I am currently using version 4.x and need to upgrade to version 5. I have been using the software from the time the first version of Family Origions from Parsons Technologies shipped.

I want to tell people how satisfied that I am using RootsMagic version 4 with CrossOver on my Mac. I had trouble with Family Tree Maker 2011 for Mac. I would recommend the RM-CrossOver combo to anyone with a Mac.

I have used RootsMagic for several years. I now have over 753 names ready for ordinance work on my wife’s line and over 257 name on my line. I am excited and very pleased RootsMagic. The above could not have been accomplished without RM. My wife is in a state of unbelief at the magnitude of names on her line. Congratulations…Bruce Buzbee for your work. Dale Hansen

I have been using Family Origins and RootsMagic since they were created.
The latest version of RootsMagic is GREAT!
Keep up the excellent work for genealogists to help them process their genealoy research to pass on to the next generations.

I’ve used Roots Magic to make family websites and compared to some of the sites I’ve seen from other program’s it does quite well. I’ve also found that I can edit it with a HTML editor to add things to it.

In the future I plan to make a website that will include links to sites that will be made with the Roots Magic Website Creator.

RootsMagic5 is the best software program on the market. Please keep it that way by not adding “uncessary features” just to keep up with the latest Technology MUSTS! Some of your users do not understand the TECH world, but we can type into a program and add media. Don’t loose sight of the real purpose of Genealogy. To bring families together for the eternities.

I’m excited to learn and use this new program.

I love RootsMagic 5. We volunteer at a local Genealogy Center and I use Roots-To-Go. It is not very busy most days so I can dedicate whole days to research. Wow, I don’t have to come home and try to figure out what I found again. I can plug it right in with sources. This feature is very helpful.

I am just starting to use Rootsmagic
and I am very excited about the ease
of the program. I can see it will
be a great way to check on our ances-tors and be able to find what we need
to change and being able to contribute more info to new,

We have been with Roots Magic from the very beginning of time and love the way it works, very methodical to our brain and keeps everything where we can find it. The continuity at our age is very important! The changes that come are easily implemented and make sense. Thank you for keeping it going.

I love using RM5. I especially like using the feature that does searches in Nfs. That way I can compare my datea with that of Nfs and do it in one step. I have been a PAF user since I was a beta tester of the first version. Can’t even remember the date it was so long ago. It took me some time to switch but I have never been sorry. Keep up the good work

I want an ipad really bad. My daughter got a kindle fire for Christmas and she won’t share. I must teach her a lesson. :o) THat those who patiently wait will be blessed.
PS. I love my Roots Magic 4.0 and Personal Historian. I highly recommend it in my Genealogy Class that I teach. They get very excited about it.

I just recently obtained RM5 and am loving it so far. I still have more to learn what it does. But thoroughly enjoying what I have done in it so far. I was totally excited that I could transfer from PAF without any problems. It is very user friendly.

My daughter introduce me to this wonderful program (RootsMagic). I love it. I bought RM4 just before RM5 came out and was upgraded to it. It help me in teaching family history in my ward.

I am, also, a beginner in using this program. But, have found it easy to use and I am very excited about the Personal Historian2 as my sons are clamoring for my life’s history to be written down. I am finding that my story is really a branch off my wonderfully, sprawling family tree!

I have used Rootsmagic for quite a few years. I have tried many other software products and used trial versions. I love Rootsmagic! It is the easiest, most complete, most comprehensive product on the market that I have seen. I appreciate the great new updates, and the easy instructions and tutorials. Thanks for the great Rootsmagic!

I have been using RM for many years. I can share it with family I also the RM to go love them
very easy to use

I have just purchased Rootsmagic5 & have found it to be easy to use & a great method for storing my family data

I am a long time Family Origins user. I began using other software when I could no longer get updates for FO. I’ve used what others called the “best.” They’ve obviously not used RM5. With RootsMagic 5, I have Finally found a new home for my family data.

I have used RootsMagic over the last two years to develop a history of our ancestors for my extended family.
I finally was able to publish a family history booklet.

I have been working on the family history for many years using PAF, and converted to RootsMagic, which is a great program, very user friendly. I have recommended the program to beginners that are interested in finding and recording their own family genealogy.

I recently got to teach a class we called , “RootsMagic a match made in Heaven”. It was letting people know about your great program and how it works with New FamilySearch. It was really fun and I am now learning more about the new RootsMagic5. Thank you for this wonderful program

just downloaded it today so far I am very impress, I have family tree maker 2010
and legacy 7.5 my heritage as well I like them all but I think that roots Magic will be be better I like the Idea of taking the family Tree on I memory stick as well

Roots Magic

M makes Family History smooth & easy
A accuracy a +,
G gets & keeps me organized
I am eager to work on family History
C catch me in my PJs any day working on
RM doing my Family History.

It all starts at the Roots and like Magic you connect your family

I have used the Roots 4 and after I learned how to use it I really enjoyed it. Hope the Roots 5 will be just as easy and compatible to PAF program also.

I am excited to try RM5. I have been learning RM4 and hope it is as easy to use.
Thank you.

Having been born before the invention of television, I have to work hard for each new bit of technological savvy. However, I have become addicted to computerized and online family history. I bought RootsMagic 4 last year and recently upgraded to 5. I still have much to learn but the more I use it the more I like it. Thanks.

I used FTW since it’s 1st version. I changed to Roots Magic when it’s 1st version because I tried a friends who would not pay the cost of FTW, and fell in love. I absolutely love Roots Magic. I just got the RM 5. and it just keeps getting better.
Thanks RM

After trying several different family tree programs, I find this the easest and best one yet. I really like how easy to use an only the one that lets me download to my thumb drive for easy use and carrying for travel.

I want to thank everyone at RootsMagic for all there hard work! I purchased RootsMagic 4 after attending a genealogy seminar this past September. I was still using PAF at that time. When Bruce explained how easy it was to convert my data I was extatic, so I purchased the software. When I received it, it loaded quickly converted all my old PAF data (just as Bruce said it would) and I was up and running. When the oppurtunity came to purchase RootsMagic 5, I was so excited I bought two. One for me to use as an upgrade and one for my Uncle. (my oldest living relative) Now we can exchange information, pictures and stories with ease. Love is a very strong word, and I Love RootsMagic!! Thanks everyone, great job!!

I have used RootsMagic for a few years now and love it. I used to be in the systems software business and I think the way it is put together makes it the best currently on the market. Those who framed it knew what they were doing.

I’m sure I don’t stand much of a change to win an iPad 2 but I’ll give it a try anyhow.
This 2012 is the second Roots Magic I’ve had. Started with 2011. And I love it. I’ve spent alot of my life in the computer field, especially in systems software and data base design. I was at Stanford, IBM in Poughkeepsie(their Homestead) and Control Data in Minneapolis. And as far as I’m concerned your Roots Magic 2012 is the bast.

Roots magic is great..

Hi Bruce:

My wife and I full fledged RootsMagic users. We have both switched from PAF or other programs that we have used over the last several years. I have tried Origins, Family Tree Maker, Legacy and of course Reunions for my MacBook and and I still prefer RootsMagic; especially the newer features in RootsMagic Ver. 5.


Charles Breeden

Roots magic makes entering data much eaiser than other programs. Clear and accessible.

I love RootsMagic because of all the things that you can do with it. I work in our family history center and anyone that asks I will tell them to get your program because it is so easy to use. I love it that we can interface with so many programs.

I just got Roots Magic 5 after seeing in FHC where I volunteer and at FH Expo. I have been using FTM for years and GenSmarts and love each program but was impressed with the new versitality of Roots magic this time and the fact new users can come to the FHC and use it there for support.I am teaching classes in the fall and will be using Roots Magic as my choice for fmily history program as it is very organized and all of the supportive teamwork I am seeing. Keep this up :)))

I originally stared with Family Origins and when the F O creators brought out Roots Magic and I tried it, I was thrilled. Had a computer crash several weeks ago and just recovered my data. With years of research “out there” somewhere, am on cloud 9 with its recovery. Anxious to get started again.

I go back to Family Origins on floppy disk. The Roots Magic continues to be the best Family History Program. Easy to use and complete.

I have been using RootsMagic for a long time and love it.

I am also new at this and very excited to learn more “Roots Magic”.

I have used Roots Magic for about 6 years. It is so easy to travel through. I let friends know about the free trial, so they can try the program for themselves.

As a seasoned genealogist with over 50 years experience, Roots Magic is the best thing that has come my way. It is user friendly and if I do encounter an issue – a quick e-mail to the support group there cures it in a hurry. (More like walks me through the proper steps since most of the time it is user error) I recommend it to everyone I encounter who comes to me for a class or for help. Keep up the good work – we are grateful for your terrific program.

This program is so easy to search from, and just to use entering the data. The webinars are the greatest.