RootsMagic App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “When can I get RootsMagic on my phone or tablet?”  The answer is, “Today!”  We’re pleased to announce the official release of RootsMagic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; a free companion app to our RootsMagic desktop genealogy software.

Your family tree at your fingertips!

Your Family Tree at Your Fingertips

Now you can easily take and show off your family history with you wherever you go.  RootsMagic lets you carry your genealogy on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!  It’s fast, easy, and free!

We’re very excited to bring RootsMagic right to your iPhone and iPad.  Not only is this one of the most-requested features from our users, but it is the perfect next step in our mission to simplify family history.  The app provides many useful features including:

  • Access your actual RootsMagic files via iTunes or Dropbox – RootsMagic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch uses your actual RootsMagic files- no conversion needed. You can copy as many files as you want right on your device via iTunes or Dropbox. Users of other genealogy software such as PAF, Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, and others can convert their files into viewable RootsMagic files using our free desktop software.
  • Easily search and explore your family tree – Familiar Pedigree, Family, Descendant, and Individual Views help you quickly explore your family tree. You can also search for specific people by name or record number.
  • View pictures, notes, and sources – All of your RootsMagic data is available inside the app. Touch any name to see more information about that person as well as family members. All of a person’s information is there including notes, sources, and pictures.
  • Lists – Browse lists of your information and view more information about sources, to-do items, research logs, media, addresses, repositories, correspondences, and places.
  • Tools and Calculators – useful tools to assist you in your research including a perpetual calendar, date calculator, relationship calculator, and soundex calculator.

Watch a Live Demonstration

Don’t miss a chance to see a live demonstration of the app and how easy it is to copy your data to your device!  We’ve scheduled a special online webinar for Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 4:00 PM MST.  To register, click here.  Be sure to arrive early as only the first 1000 attendees will be able to participate!

New Features and Platforms to Come

We see this as our first step into the mobile world and we’re interested in seeing how people use this app and evolving it to meet their needs.

Android Coming Soon

And before we get swamped with e-mails accusing us of neglecting owners of Android devices, rest assured that a version of the app for Android devices will be available in the near future.

Available Now

Download on the App Store

RootsMagic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is free and now available in the Apple App Store. It does require the RootsMagic desktop family tree software or the free RootsMagic Essentials software to create, edit, or add to your genealogy files. More information is available at

33 thoughts to “RootsMagic App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch”

  1. This is really great. Now I have somewhere to send my Windows-using friends who want a desktop app that works with their iPad. I don’t think there was a really integrated Windows/iPad genealogy app until now (there are several for Mac).

    Next step – RootsMagic for Mac. When will that be ready? And will it fully support importing Reunion files?

  2. This is wonderful!!! Any way it could become available for other tablets, like Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook?

  3. Hi guys, this downloaded and installed fine, and the upload of the whole database was fast…like two minutes for 41,000 people.

    The one problem I had was reading the directions – had to use a magnifying glass on the iPhone. I couldn’t expand the text. The second issue is with the attached documents – same problem, I can’t expand them to see them. Is that the intent? Will you improve this in the future?

  4. Oh Happy Day! This is indeed great news. I was one of those asking for an iPad app, starting at least 1 1/2 years ago. Many many thanks!

  5. Excellent! I use an Android.. and wonder, which is easier a Droid or iPhone for this App? I dislike touchscreen only. Wish I could find a Ph with both TS & a keyboard. I currently have the ancestry application. Runs very slow.

  6. Hooray for acknowledging the mobile market! I’ll be one of the first to use this…when it comes out for Android. Funny how 75% market share *still* puts us in the minority…

  7. As promised! This is great news. I’m hoping to see the Mac application of Roots Magic soon, and to use this iPad version with it. That will be the final step for me to persuade me to abandon Legacy, which I run in virtualization.

  8. This is a wonderful addition. Can’t wait for it to be available on my Android! Also, gives me a better reason to buy a tablet:)

  9. Was happy to see rootsmagic has an app for ipad only thing is that you can not edit your file using the ipad. Please work on this. Your app looks so nice.

  10. The Kindle uses the Android operating system so it will not work with the RootsMagic App for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. We are currently working on the Android version of the app.

  11. The app for iPad is certainly welcome.
    When will we be able to edit on the iPad and link to Family Search?

  12. Looking forward to Android app. Don’t forget to allow for rotation and those of us w/ docking keyboards.

  13. Thanks for adding this. This is a great capability and makes Rootsmagic even better.

  14. I am looking forward for Rootsmagic to have a Mac version. That would be wonderful.

  15. This is great. Now that you have done this, I hope to soon see a version for the Mac.

  16. I am new to RootsMagic and am taking a class through the local university to be able to use it to its full capability. I am excited that I can load it on my iPhone. I would love to have it on my Nook, as well. Is that in the works?

  17. The Android version of the RootsMagic App is under current development. New Nooks like the Nook Color run Android so, in theory, our Android version should work on it

  18. Thanks so much for this great APP. I know you are excited and will soon help the poor Androiders, too…LOL
    Renee just showed me how to use Media Library and Tools,Fix Broken Media (inside RM6) to make all my thumbnails show…..thanks again

  19. I’d like to join the others and ask when your projected date for the Android version will be available.

    Soon, I hope! I’m really looking forward to it.


  20. I’m another Roots Magic fan anxious to have it on my Kindle FireHD. One small request don’t let Google Play have it before we can. I have tried repeatedly
    to get GP set up to work between my desktop and Kindle and so far just can’t make it work.

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