RootsMagic becomes Only Software Certified to Collaborate and Share with FamilySearch Family Tree

The ONLY software certified to share and collaborate with FamilySearch Family Tree

The great news is here!  We are pleased to announce that an update to RootsMagic 6 is now available which has been “Share+ Certified” (note the “plus”) by FamilySearch for use with their new “Family Tree” system.  This means that RootsMagic is the only software certified to collaborate and share data with FamilySearch Family Tree!

Last March, RootsMagic became the first software certified to share data with FamilySearch Family Tree.  Today’s update brings in many collaborative features for FamilySearch that can only be found in RootsMagic.  These include enhanced discussions, viewing and copying sources between RootsMagic and Family Tree, as well as viewing a change history for a person and reversing incorrect changes.  There are also many enhancements and improvements to existing FamilySearch features.

What is FamilySearch Family Tree?

FamilySearch Family Tree is a new way to organize and record your genealogy online. It is free, is available to everyone, and provides an easy way to discover your place in history with free tools to help you preserve and share your family’s story for generations to come.

In Family Tree you can:

  • See what the system already contains about your ancestors.
  • Work with others to fill in missing information and correct errors.
  • Add sources and explanations to show that information is accurate.
  • Find and merge records that are about the same person.

How is FamilySearch Family Tree different than

RootsMagic, the genealogy software named “Easiest to Sync” with, now brings the same power and features that you love to FamilySearch Family Tree- with more to come!

Family Tree has most of the features that are available on It has some new features including the ability to edit and delete most any information about a person, a detailed history of changes made to people, and the ability to add sources to back up your conclusions. While has primarily been available to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Family Tree is available to everyone.


FamilySearch has announced that they will be shutting-off the ability to make changes to their (old) website on Sunday, June 30, 2013.  This means that previous releases of RootsMagic (4, 5, and pre-6.1) will no longer be able to write data to after this date.  Users of these older versions of RootsMagic should upgrade or update their software to take advantage of the latest FamilySearch support and features.

How do I get started?

To get started:

  1. Download the latest version of RootsMagic 6 or the free RootsMagic 6 Essentials.
  2. Watch our brief video tutorials to help you get up-and-running quickly.
  3. Check out our list of Frequently-Asked Questions for tips and explanations about the update.

More to Come!

In the coming days, we’ll be blogging more about RootsMagic and how you can use it to share and collaborate others through FamilySearch Family Tree.  We’ll also be adding new features and enhancements to our Family Tree support.  In the meantime, enjoy the update!

9 thoughts to “RootsMagic becomes Only Software Certified to Collaborate and Share with FamilySearch Family Tree”

  1. This is long-awaited and most welcome. I have previously put in a few thousand names, so I don’t know that I plan to back through that work to add the sources from RM to FT, but I have already tried it out today on some of the data, and it works great! So all additions from here on out will have the sources added into FT. Not to nitpick, but now if only we add our notes to family tree with that same simple click.

    Well done!!!

    Dear David,

    As soon as FamilySearch adds that capability in the FT API we will support it in RootsMagic.


    RootsMagic, Inc.

  2. These are all wonderful announcements but many of us would like a clarification on the June 30th cut off date for changes in Do you mean it will be closed off to all users or just 3rd party products. We are hearing from FS sources that the turn off of changes is only in relation to 3rd party products and not the users in general.

    Dear Robert,

    Our communication from FamilySearch on the June 30th cut off date is in reference to the NFS API write capability. We cannot speak officially to the website itself.

    Seeing that FamilySearch was slow to turn off combining in the NFS API when they had already done so on their website, we can’t see them doing it backwards now with shutting down writing to it. Our opinion is they mean both the website and the API to NFS will loose the ability to write to it on June 30th.


    RootsMagic, Inc.

  3. I am very happy having choosen to make my genealogics with RootsMagic. I like the good overview, the simple but efficient functions and I am very delighted that it will communicate with Family Tree similar then it did with New FamilySearch. Thankyou for this effort to implement theese functions before New FamilySearch is frozen.

  4. Looking forward to the “how to” on using Roots Magic and Family Search Family tree together

  5. I’ve used PAF since the 1980s and continued using it after there were no more upgrades. I purchased Roots Magic and several other products but kept coming back to PAF until Family Tree began offering real sourcing capability including photos and stories. Now that PAF is so outdated and officially gone, Roots Magic is my favorite. With RM’s latest upgrades, there are no competitors that can compare. I know. I’ve owned most of them. Roots Magic is tops, bar none! Thanks for such a great product.

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