Goodbye, Hello, FamilySearch Family Tree!

We have some bad news, some good news, and some great news.

Bad News, Good News

The bad news is that FamilySearch will be shutting-off the ability to make changes to their (old) website on Sunday, June 30, 2013.  This means that previous releases of RootsMagic (4, 5, and pre-6.1) will no longer be able to write data to after this date.

The good news is that the latest update to RootsMagic (6.1) already works with’s replacement- FamilySearch Family Tree!  In fact, RootsMagic is the first software certified to share data with FamilySearch Family Tree.

The first software certified to share with FamilySearch Family Tree

How will this affect me?

If you use RootsMagic 4, 5, or 6.0 to work with, beginning Sunday, June 30, 2013 any attempt to make changes to data on will give an error message.  This is not due to any bug or breakage in RootsMagic. It is simply because FamilySearch is shutting off that capability as they replace with FamilySearch Family Tree.  Note: This does not affect any other features in RootsMagic 4 or 5. Only features are affected.

What should I do?

If you are using RootsMagic 6.1 or RootsMagic Essentials 6.1, you don’t have to do anything. RootsMagic 6.1 does not work with It works directly with FamilySearch Family Tree, the replacement for

If you are using RootsMagic 6.0, simply download the free update to RootsMagic 6.1 by choosing Help > Check for Updates from the main menu of RootsMagic or download the update from our website.

If you are using RootsMagic 4 or 5 and you want to continue interfacing with FamilySearch, you’ll need to upgrade to RootsMagic 6 or download the free RootsMagic Essentials 6.

What is FamilySearch Family Tree?

FamilySearch Family Tree is a new way to organize and record your genealogy online. It is free, is available to everyone, and provides an easy way to discover your place in history with free tools to help you preserve and share your family’s story for generations to come.

With RootsMagic, you can search FamilySearch Family Tree for matches for people in your file. Once you have found a match, you can copy any data that FamilySearch has about that person into your own file. You can also copy any data that you have into the FamilySearch system. You have full control over what data is copied in each direction.

RootsMagic is the first software certified to share data with FamilySearch Family Tree and won the awards for “Easiest to Sync”, “Best Dashboard”, and “Trailblazer” from FamilySearch.

Wait- what’s the “great news”?

Hmm- we better save that for another day. We don’t want to overwhelm you all at once. Stay tuned for an exciting new announcement in the very near future!

25 thoughts to “Goodbye, Hello, FamilySearch Family Tree!”

  1. I have connected many of my relatives with the Family Search and have learn many things that I did not previously know.

  2. Roots Magic has been “magic” for me and I look forward to even greater possibilities. Thank You!

  3. Have some concerns with Family Tree, it appears to me (and I hope I am wrong)to be like Wickapedia everyone can change records and that will be about all they will be worth. I did a bit of looking a couple of weeks ago and found someone had changed my work and given me a GG Grandmother that died as a child?? and was going forward with work for her. I know this is not your problem and I am happy to see Roots keeping ahead of the changes, keep up the good work.

  4. I’m still a novice with Family History, but one thing I know for sure: RootsMagic Rocks! It’s easy to use, does everything I want/need it to, and a bunch more that always causes me to think, “oh that’s neat” (ex: different chart lists).

    RootsMagic was personally recommended to me by a very knowledgeable (and high-ranking member of the LDS genealogical community. I’m so very glad I went and asked him how I should start!

  5. I hope RootsMagic will now be able to transfer Notes and Sources between RootsMagic and FamilyTree. I get sick of having to type all the information in twice.

  6. I lover Roots Magic and refer it all the time to people I help with their family history. However, I have MAC users that I wish could use it too. I hope that’s the new exciting announcement you have! A MAC based version of Roots Magic.

  7. Been volunteering with roots magic for a long time, Love the work they do, and hope they stay around so that some body can finish this tree after I go. Have been a Family Historian devotee for many years, but, Roots seem to have got the jump on them

  8. Been volunteering with Family Search for a long time, Love the work they do, and hope they stay around so that some body can finish this tree after I go. Have been a Family Historian devotee for many years, but, Roots seem to have got the jump on them

  9. I’ve used many Family Tree softwares in my 50 years of genealogy – but I must say that I’m most impressed with Roots Magic. It has served me well over the last five years, and only wish I’d known of it sooner!
    Roots Magic is a MUST for all genealogists.

  10. Love Rootsmagic, I have great success in getting more data from Family Tree. It is GTREAT to share data freely between programs.

  11. Could your GREAT news be that you now support either MAC OS or Linux? That would be awesome.

  12. Thanks for keeping up to date. As Mr Bosley commented, I too have concerns for Family Tree. Someone came in and changed something (didn’t show what the changes were, just that they were changed–with no reason given) and that replaced my contact name so that anyone researching that tree would never know to contact me, the direct-line descendant–the person who made the change is not even a relative and if anyone contacted him, he would not have the information I have.

    Also submitter names from new FamilySearch are not going to be migrated over to Family Tree–that’s a GREAT LOSS!

  13. One main purpose to Family Tree is to allow ‘we is better than me’. Family Tree lets anyone make changes, and anyone can revert it back if it’s wrong. It also expects reason statements for everything you do and strongly encourages sources to validate your conclusions. For most changes you’ll see a history that lets you know not just the latest change but all changes since the data was moved from nFS.

    Open details and check history for those who have concerns. Also use discussions to collaborate. If you think someone is abusing the system contact FamilySearch support about it, and above all – don’t be one that just ‘wings it’ when making changes. 🙂

  14. i am absolutly loving the update for roots magic, its a vast improvement on the last version which i wasn’t so keen on. however i would like the ability to be able to web clip, like the family tree maker program, and also to import information directly from the igi not just from other peoples entries, as they can get quite confused and innaccurate.
    but all in all, a brilliant program for a small price (or free lite version) that seems very solid and reliable.


  16. I am just getting into the Family Tree and hopoe to find it user friendly. I have worked a long time on Roots Magic and newfamilysearch. Thanks so much for all you do to make our search easier. WD.

  17. I started to use rootsmagic, and I`m exited about it. I hope to keep going using rootsmagic a lot forever.

  18. I am very new to Roots Magic.I have been doing genealogy for over 30 years. I have worked in the nFS and Family Tree every since it was established. When the announcement came that they were stopping PAF I was horrified. Not wanting change. However after a friend and I discussed the situation we decided to use Roots Magic. I am so glad we did. I am so excited about it. It seems to be user friendly. Happy about that. Transferring from Roots Magic to the Family Tree is wonderful. I still have a LOT to learn. I will master this program so that I can help others in working with the Tree. Thank you for supporting the Family Tree. Can’t wait to learn more about your program.

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