Help us Improve RootsMagic and You Could get $50 at Amazon

RootsMagic Survey

Let your voice be heard! We want to hear from you on how we can improve RootsMagic to better serve your family history wants and needs. To this end, we have setup a survey available HERE.

And to show our appreciation for your time, we are giving away five $50 gift certificates to randomly-selected survey respondents.

The survey will be available until Tuesday, July 15, 2014. But don’t wait, take the survey today!

15 thoughts to “Help us Improve RootsMagic and You Could get $50 at Amazon”

  1. I had used PAF for several yrs. it took some time to get use to Roots magic, but now I love it because it has so many new features, like emailing my family, my data, I use Roots Magic every day and gain a stronger appreciation for those that help me organize my research, thanks Ruby

  2. Just took the survey and realized that there is still a lot that I don’t know about RM6 support. Each new version of RM has brought unbelievable improvements to the software, but PLEASE don’t make future versions that require us to re-input or change the data we already have in our present database. It is hard for me to imagine how you can improve majorly on your present product. I’ve used PAF, FamilyTreeMaker, and Master Genealogist before and in conjunction with RM, but now use RM6 exclusively and recommend to every new and aspiring genealogist I meet.

    Reply: Sandy, we have the same goal as you – to never cause damage to our customer’s data when we release an update or upgrade to RootsMagic. We beta test all enhancements or fixes before they are released to ensure this never happens.

  3. I hated Family Search because it was not user friendly at all. Then my friend introduced me to Roots Magic and I love that I can use Roots to interact with family search without actually going to family search.
    Thanks, Esther

  4. My favorite tool of your software is how portable it is to take anywhere. I work in a FHC that has days where no one comes during my 4 hour shift. I enjoy having everything on my USB drive so I am able to work anywhere anytime. Thank YOU Very much for this very useful tool

  5. I use Roots Magic every day. It allows me to track my family history in a way that I can share with non member family doing genealogy. Once I have proven my research I enter it into familysearch and ancestry. Each program has different missions and users so it is important I use them independently.Although I am far froma power user I learn something everyday.

  6. A huge thank you to the programmers of RootsMagic! This program never fails to please. I find that the updates are always timely and just what is needed. The programmers keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Whenever I meet someone interested in genealogy, I heartily recommend your program. It has kept me organized, and it is easy to pick up where ever I leave off. Thank you for all your amazing efforts!

  7. I moved to RM 4, I think, after a very frustrating experience with several other (sometimes much more expensive) programs. I am now up to the current RM6. This is an incredibly user-friendly program and fits my personal needs. Unfortunately, I am stuck with a genealogy file with dismal source documentation. I am now having to go back and edit the source citations, but the source templates in RM are so user-friendly that, as long as I have Elizabeth Mills’ book next to me, it is not as painful as it could be otherwise. I especially like the ability to carry my genealogy file with me on RM-to-go on a flash drive. When I send my family tree data to my relatives, your surprisingly complete free version allows them to see what I have. I have especially enjoyed being able to create CDs for family members. I am planning to work toward my NGS certification after I retire in 2 years, and I plan to get to know a lot more about RM.

  8. In the suffixs place I put in (xxx) the name of the person who they married, along with other information such as — Jr. etc. This way in views and printouts you can see who they married right away.
    Persons might have the same name, but the person they narried shows up quickly.

    I would also like to see RR having its own FAN Chart.

  9. I started using Rootsmagic a few months ago when it was apparent PAF was no longer going to be updated and I needed to make a decision on a software genealogy program.
    After downloading RootsMagic and using it regular, I must say I am really happy with its capabilities.
    Right now, I only have the free version, but I am anxious to see what the updated version will be able to do for me when I update!

  10. I have been using Family Origins, I believe, since you first introduced it and in my opinion there is nothing better. I have recommended it to many others.

  11. I have been using Roots Magic for a number of years, attend our regular monthly class (which also uses Roots Magic) and still do not know all that I can do with it. Have only just found out how to put pictures to each person.
    Thanks for making it so easy.

  12. My son checked out several programs a few years ago and decided RM was the best, so he bought it and gave me a copy as a Christmas gift. It does sooo much – and like most users, I’m still finding new things it does.

  13. Since my first computer in 1984, I think I’ve been through every family-tree-program known to man — from free to most popular to most expensive. RootsMagic was recommended by a friend several years ago, and I’m so grateful. It’s a powerful program with a commonsense approach and incredible user support. The webinars and user groups alone make it worthwhile.
    At the moment I don’t want to publish, I just want a user-friendly, almost-every-contingency-thought-of program. That’s RootsMagic.

  14. I did not like RootsMagic to begin with but have fallen in love with it. Keep up the good work.

  15. I started out using Family Tree Maker many years ago and I got very frustrated with the constant updates. I switched to Generations by Sierra and absolutely loved that program. Then Family Tree Maker bought them out and discontinued it, so I was in the market again. I found RootsMagic and have been extremely happy with it. It does everything I need. Thank you for a great product!

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