Join us at the Family History Expo in Mesa, Arizona

Just wanted to get the word out about the Mesa Arizona Family History Expo to be held Friday, November 14 through Saturday, November 15, 2008.  This event is being produced by Family History Expos (formerly My Ancestors Found).  If you’ve ever been to one of their events before, you know what a good value they are.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, Dick Eastman and The Chart Chick both have great things to say about the expos.

At the conference, you can choose from over 100 classes on a wide-variety of subjects taught by presenters from all over the world.  You can even attend classes on RootsMagic, Personal Historian, and Family Atlas taught by the foremost experts on the software in the world (cough, “us”).

But for devoted readers of this blog, perhaps the best part of the expo will be a chance to see and play with RootsMagic 4.  You can attend one of the classes about RM4 or stop by our booth for a live demo.

Because we are sponsors of the expo, we’ve been allowed to extend the pre-registration discount price of $75 through Friday, November 7th at 10 a.m.  You can learn more at

So if you’re in the neighborhood or just want bragging rights on the RootsMagic Message Board, be sure to preregister for the Family History Expo today.  See you there!

7 thoughts to “Join us at the Family History Expo in Mesa, Arizona”

  1. It can’t be long now if you are taking RM4 out for “show and tell”! I’m sure it will be a big sucess!

  2. I hope the Mesa conference is successful, and a lot of interest in RM4 is generated.


  3. Is it my imagination or has the pace of the reveals for RM4 slowed to a crawl rather that speeding up towards a release date?

    I suppose it might also be prudent to make the assumption that RM4 release might actually be announced at the Expo.

    Things are very quiet on the blog, either no one is postingor the moderator s busy elsewhere.

    Anyone out there?…..

  4. John,

    Yeah, the pace for reveals has slowed a bit. This isn’t for a lack of trying though. Bruce has been working on drafts of articles for the remaining features but you know how it goes with juggling so many balls at once. The next posting should be soon. And it is quiet simply because people haven’t posted many comments recently (except for spam comments advertising prescription drugs).

  5. Still no braggarts who attended the expo and are able to disclose any thoughts or experiences on RM 4.0?!

  6. I’m new to blogging, but not to RM.

    My computer fried, and I want to get a 64 bit with Vista. Has anyone out there tried 3.0 with that combination? And had wonderful success transferring data??

    Any other words of wisdom would be nice.

  7. Dwayne, I can tell you from personal experience that RootsMagic works fine under 64-bit Windows XP or 64-bit Windows Vista.

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