We’re Still Working

Still waiting to hear about sources?  Well, I’m still anxious to write about them.  I just wanted to post a brief note to say that I haven’t forgotten about the blog.  We are buried in programming right now and I haven’t had time to do much of anything else.

Based on a couple of comments we have received, some readers apparently think we have RootsMagic 4 finished and are just holding it back while we tease y’all.  I guarantee if I tried that my wife would release it herself.

So hang in there… we’re working as hard as we can to make RootsMagic 4 the program we envisioned, and the program our great users deserve.

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  1. I assume that means this is not going to be available at general release for Christmas this year, since if it is still being written and has not undergone beta testing. Is it far enough along that it could be ready for beta testing by year end?

  2. Bruce,

    As someone who’s spent most of my life programming, I feel for you! Try not to let the stress get to you… everyone is anxious, of course, but in the long run everyone will be happier if you take the time to get things worked out right than if you rush something out the door that hasn’t been properly finished.

    All the best to you and your team!

  3. Gary, it is currently being beta tested right now and has been for some time now. Right now we’re going through the process of getting feedback from the testers, fixing bugs, and deciding which suggestions to implement now and which to save for a future update.

  4. Bruce & Team – I for one (very impatient person) am very prepared to wait while you create the “program you envisioned”

    I would love someone to tell me though if I enable description fields on events like birth, will these import into RM4 or do you not know the answer to that yet?

    It would give me some work I could be doing now while I wait for the release.

    Thanks and keep up the good work…

  5. …and since the parts being written now have to be tested to make sure they didn’t break anything this makes Christmas a really tight squeeze, consider it still has to be pressed, and packaged.

    Any chance the downloadable version will be available before the CD version is finished?

  6. (User since Family Origins v2…)

    Please accept my comments in a positive spirit, and wanting the best for you and Roots Magic…

    I hope from this point forward you will spend 100% of your energy working on finishing the program:
    1. you have whetted everyone’s appetite enough I think.. your customers are anxiously waiting.. you don’t need to tell us anymore.. just finish and ship!
    2. your competitors don’t need any more info.. they’re probably busy implementing some of the cool features you have told us about, so that they’re not too far behind when you release. But, if you take any longer to release, they may be out with the feature before you are (well, maybe not, but you know what I mean…)
    3. Others have already said this- make sure v4 performs well- reliable and fast. All the great new features are a bust if the program doesn’t work very well.

    Thanks so much for a great program.

    … Now get back to work!! (said with a grin and much appreciation)

  7. Bruce,

    As a programmer of some years myself, I appreciate the time it takes to get things just right before releasing software. I’d sooner wait a little longer and have a great program than one that has some ‘undocumented features’ in it!


  8. Bruce,
    You know we are behind you 100% and a Good product that is bug free is the one that get’s the 5 stars. Just look at that web site and RM’s standing compared to the competition. You take all the time you need, and keep your health and smiles up front.
    Give your wonderful wife a smile and a hug tonight and think of the bright future RM has.

  9. Currently have old Family Tree Maker and want to buy Roots Magic. Based on what I have read it is worth the wait for V4.
    Is it best to go with current version or just wait?

  10. We can wait, but it is hard. Most of us check the Blog 2 or 3 times daily.
    I’m like others thinking about Christmas and RM 4 as a gift.
    We want you to be happy with the results so it will rub off on us.

  11. I’ve just bought RM3, and it’s the first program that I feel has improved on my copy of Generations that ceased sales in about 2000! I’m looking forward to the reporting that you have blogged about, and I’m hoping for either an ‘Everyone’ wall chart or something similar to Generations’ “Enhanced Hourglass” one. Like many other commenters, I’m happy to get RM4 when you are happy to release it.

  12. Bruce and team,
    I am also a user since FO v4 (if I remember correctly). Like everyone else, I am anxious to test drive RM4 – and like most, I also am willing to wait until you are happy with it.
    Thanks very much for the great software!

  13. I had to laugh. Like Jon said (#14) I check the blog often (but more like 10 times a day). I’m at work and I went to click on something and involuntarily / subconciously I clicked on my link for the blog. Looking forward to the sources reveal.

  14. If possible when adding a new child to an existing couple, can you add BAPTISM date and place, to the already existing data sheet Birth, Death, Burial date and Place.

  15. Thanks, Bruce. I appreciate all your hard work. Don’t overstress though. Have a Happy (restful)Thanksgiving and a wonderful, sacred Christmas

    Love RootsMagic!

  16. WOW! I am so excited about v4!! But, like many have already posted – don’t rush it, don’t stress, have a great Thankgiving, and know that so many are supporting you in this new version and all the work that goes into it!

  17. Just caught up with the fact there is going to be a new version soon – it looks excellent.
    The grouping together of people and saving the group looks good – something that stops me updating my website regularly is gathering together the people and editing out some who don’t want their details to appear. Hopefully this will make it easier. If I’ve saved a group presumably I can add extra people to it?

    I hope also we can record civil same sex partnerships – without wishing to re-open that debate – but as its a legal agreement we need to be able to record it.

  18. The newsletter note on the Ciommunity Preview release of rootsMagic Version is almost as good as the real release. Now we can all be beta testers.

    Bruce, take a holiday on Thursday!

  19. I have been using version RM 2.04…will I be able to go right from it to the new version 4 when it arrives?

  20. From the RootsMagic website:

    “All RootsMagic users are invited to participate in our Community Preview program. Simply fill out the following form [see link below]. You will be notified via email in mid-December how to download the RootsMagic 4 Community Preview.”


    Here is another interesting link regarding RootsMagic 4:


  21. OK, so if you are going to screen out certain comments from the blog and as it now seems to be a 2009 release date, please make sure someone is delagated the task of making sure the to-do list interface is beefed up with many more categories and listing options (if not already done) to make for a complete program and genealogy tool.

    I don’t mind waiting for V4, just don’t release something that is not quite there and keep up the good work.

  22. Vyger,

    Very few comments have been “screened out” (spam, etc). At this point we are fixing bugs, optimizing (speeding up) certain features, and trying to make sure we didn’t accidentally leave out any features that were in v3. This blog has been an interesting experience… trying to keep our users up to date on what we’re doing, but opening ourselves up for criticism that we aren’t doing it fast enough. One benefit from this… I’m beginning to develop a pretty thick hide 😉

  23. Bruce

    I was not being critical and the blog has been great.

    Speaking personally when the blog appeared I thought we must be close to release and maybe you had hoped that also. I read it often and I believe most users were expectant of a release well before Christmas which does not seem to be a reality now from the latest news releases.

    I am happy to wait, help, give feedback or just shut up, whatever works best 😉

    I am going to assume “shut up” and let you get on with your good work, I do appreciate the efforts of you and the team, just wish I could help in someway.

  24. To Sue, you will be able to easily upgrade from RootsMagic 2 (or any other version of RootsMagic or Family Origins).

    To Sharon (and other), RootsMagic 4 runs great on a 64-bit operating system. In fact, it is being developed on a system with 64-bit Vista.

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