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RootsMagic Introduces Problem Alerts

As I teach RootsMagic classes or webinars, I’m surprised how often somebody will say “I didn’t know that feature was in there”.  One such “unknown” feature is RootsMagic’s problem list.  The existing problem list (found at Tools > Problem Search > Problem List) scans everyone in your file to try and find any potential data […]

RootsMagic’s New “Who Was There” Report

RootsMagic 5.0.3 introduced the new “Who Was There” report, which can be as simple or as powerful as you want it to be.  At the most basic level it will print a list of people who may have been in a selected place at a selected time.  Just enter the place and date and RootsMagic […]

Coming to Arizona Next Week!

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to get back to work.  And part of that is getting out there and meeting with our users face-to-face.  Since we’re surrounded by snow, ice, and fog, we might as well meet our users someplace warm, right?  So this coming week, we’ll be coming to sunny Arizona! Thursday […]

Year in Review

Well, 2009 has been a busy year for us.  It’s gone by very quickly and we thought it would be fun to review all that has happened in the last 12 months.  If you’re not one to dwell on the past, check back tomorrow as we present our 2010 New Years’ Resolutions with a peek […]

RootsMagic 4 Update Released (

We have just released a new update to RootsMagic 4 (version  This update adds several new features, plus returns several reports (such as the blank forms) which didn’t make it from v3. If you have the RootsMagic News screen come up when you start RootsMagic, it may have already notified you of this update.  […]

Come See Us in California, Arizona, Idaho and Indiana

This month finds us traveling around the country for conferences and presentations.  If you live in one of these areas, please stop by and say “hi”. OCTOBER 16-17 – REDDING CALIFORNIA (CALIFORNIA FAMILY HISTORY EXPO) We will be in Redding, California October 16-17, 2009 as major sponsors of the California Family History Expo.  Visit our […]

RootsMagic 4 Book Available for Pre-Order

The book Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 4 is on a truck racing towards our warehouse.  This 336 page book written by Bruce Buzbee (that’s me) starts with the basics (creating a database, adding people, etc).  Subsequent chapters go into detail on more advanced aspects of RootsMagic 4. We are now taking orders for […]

Join RootsMagic at the Salt Lake Family History Expo

Come join us at the Salt Lake Family History Expo August 28-29, 2009 at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah.  Visit our booth, attend our classes, or take away one of our over $1,000 worth of prizes! Free Exhibit Hall! Visit us at the RootsMagic booth in the Expo’s exhibit hall and experts […]

Competitive Upgrade Discount Ends in 3 Weeks

$19.95 Price Ends August 31st When we released RootsMagic 4, we offered a limited time “competitive upgrade” price to users of other genealogy programs to thank them for their help testing RM4 during our community preview.  That competitive upgrade price will expire on August 31st. So if you are a user of Personal Ancestral File […]

Free RootsMagic Classes, Cool Prizes, and Fun Buttons at BYU Conference

Come see us at the BYU Family History Conference this week (Tuesday July 28th – Friday July 31st).  Visit our booth, attend our classes, or take away one of our $1,000 worth of prizes!  You don’t even have to be registered for the conference to attend the class or be eligible for the prizes. Free […]