The Road to RootsMagic 8 (Part 1): Easier than Ever

RootsMagic users have been patiently (and sometimes impatiently) awaiting news of our latest version- RootsMagic 8. While we aren’t quite ready for an official release, we want to start pulling back the curtain and share some of version 8’s exciting new features.

First of all, we know that this release has been a long-time coming. But we haven’t been sitting around, resting on our laurels. We’ve been rethinking, redesigning, and rebuilding the interface to address the most common questions and problems our users have shared with us. Our focus has been on these main ideas:


  • Make the software easier-to-use. Fewer screens, fewer clicks, and less hunting around to find what you’re looking for and to do what you want to do.
  • Take advantage of more modern computers, operating systems, and devices. Technology has changed a lot in the 30 years that we’ve been making software. RootsMagic 8 supports better graphics, touch-screens, faster processors, and high-resolution displays. This ensures that RootsMagic will be useful and relevant for years to come.

And of course, there is “one more thing” that should make our fans of “fruit” happy:


And yes- your RootsMagic 8 license covers both the Windows and Mac versions!

How Do I Get RootsMagic 8?

While RootsMagic 8 is not yet available for purchase, every copy of RootsMagic 7 now comes with a free registration key for RootsMagic 8. Just a heads up- there will be a modest price increase for version 8. But you can buy RootsMagic 7 now (even if you already have it) and get your RootsMagic 8 at today’s lower prices!


Can I Be a Tester for RootsMagic 8?

Currently, Version 8 is being tested by a dedicated group of testers. As it becomes more stable, we gradually expand this group until we feel it is ready for official release. If you love trying out new things and are patient enough to work with us through the process of finding and fixing quirks and problems, we’d love to have you as a tester. To sign up, just fill out the form at Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us right away as we add testers over time.


More Previews to Come

Watch this blog for regular articles describing more amazing new features in RootsMagic 8. Thanks to you, our users, for your support and feedback. We are very excited for this release and can’t wait to show you more!

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Reader Comments

Really looking forward to the new version. Looks like the interface should be very interesting and easy to work with.

Hopefully, we won’t have to manipulate current RM7 data to make it flow to the proper place in RM8. I am especially concerned with GEDCOM tags that I have created. Will RM8 recognize them and import properly?

Reply: Development will make sure the import is as smooth as possible. It will be like the migration from version 3 to 4, and 5-7. You are still going from RootsMagic to RootsMagic.
Renee, RootsMagic

macOS Catalina is set to be released on September 23rd, and with that our Rootsmagic 7 software turns into a pumpkin because Catalina does NOT support any 32bit apps. Sure hope you, at least update the wrapper by then. Though I’d much rather see the native RM8 released instead. You’ve had a year to prepare for that date. :-(

Reply: CrossOver is working on the 64-bit wrapper for RootsMagic 7. RootsMagic development will make sure RootsMagic 8 meets Apple’s requirements.
Renee, RootsMagic

I know first hand how much hard work goes into your endeavor. What most people don’t understand is that if you take a great deal of time on the front end of the development, the results should be outstanding. Your team should be commended for all their hard work. I have been a RootsMagic user for a lot of years. Switched from FTM many years ago. Got tired of their wimpy updates. At least with RM, when an update is released I know it has substance and has been well thought out.

It’s not clear if there is an upgrade from RM7 to RM8 – the paragraph above suggests that current users would do better to buy a new version 7 to get the free upgrade. Can you clear this up for me? Thanks Tom S

Reply: Once RM8 is released the cost for the program will be more, that includes the upgrade price for current users. You can save money now by repurchasing RM7 and getting a free RM8 key with it. The option is to buy two (RM7 & RM8) for the current price of one now, or wait and pay more for RM8 by itself.
Renee, RootsMagic.

Looking good, can’t wait to see more.

Glad to see the first post on RM 8. From the couple of screen pics showing, looks great. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

This looks fantastic, I am so excited. Thanks in anticipation for all your hard work guys.

what does this mean: “But you can buy RootsMagic 7 now (even if you already have it) and get your RootsMagic 8 at today’s lower prices!”
Does this mean I need to buy an upgrade to version 7 even though I have version 7 so I get version 8 at today’s upgrade price instead of new upgrade price for for version 8?

Is there any idea what the cost of RootsMagic 8 will be to purchase outright?

If I purchase a copy of RootsMagic 7 and give it to someone as a Christmas Gift, will I be able to upgrade to RootsMagic 8 via my existing RootsMagic 7, or will the uograde only be available with any new purchase of RootsMagic 7.

“make it so”
I can only add

‘and be quick about it!”

Hooray!! – Really looking forward to the new release. I am now purchasing another copy of version 7 (as you suggest), although I already have v.7.6.1 on my computer.
God work and well done!

It is normal to charge a small sum to upgrade from one version of a software to another. In this case, you ask us to re-buy the software we already have????

Why not simply offer the upgrade at a reduced price?

Seeking means to search my Rootsmagic 7500+ members family tree by burial sites shared~
10 generations in MA & ME means frequent on-site cemetery searches & too often have missed paternal or maternal family members buried there, too!

I have two copies of RM7 for Windows, and one copy of RM7 for Mac. Will I get the reduced price?

Reply: Select the upgrade option for previous users for $19.95.
Renee, RootsMagic.

Will Rootsmagic 8 finally have a German language file?

Bruce says to get the RM8 registration key, purchase the upgrade to RM7. I already have RM 7.61. When I try to upgrade to Rm7 to get Rm8, I select Download 7.61. Will 7.61 download again and cause problems with my database currently on 7.61. How do I pay for the upgrade and get the key for RM8. thank you.

Geraldine Andrews and others,
RootsMagic 7 is the only version released right now and we are able to sell. With that purchase we are including a free RootsMagic 8 key for when it is released. You can only download is version 7.6.1 right now. Since you already have 7.6.1 installed you will need to wait for when RootsMagic 8 is released to download and install it. Purchasing RM7 now simply gives you RM8 at today’s price.
Renee, Rootsmagic

A huge improvement. More modern and cleaner look. Really hope there is a choice for larger data entry screen fonts, otherwise it will be a non starter for me! Look forward to next update

Have loved RM for years. My frustration comes when I need to access the “date calculator” while working in the “Edit Person” screen.
I’m sure I haven’t learned everything I need but will continue to work on it – especially trying to customize sentences.

Happy to learn about some of the RM8 features. Once think I would like is Windows shut-down, power-down tolerance. I am now so used to this feature that I often forget that RM’s SQL cannot tolerate a lid closed lid. I made the mistake this morning and I have spent the rest of the day trying to reconstruct an important find! Thanks.

Looks good, but will I be able to run it on Linux using WINE like I do with Rootsmagic 7?

Reply: Based on user surveys, our first priorities are Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms. Linux is always a future possibility if the demand is there.
Renee, RootsMagic

Will there be improved synchronization with Findmypast, Myheritage, and FamilySearch like such as the link that now exists with tree share for ancestry and web hints for Ancestry?

I am thankful to my 92 year old mother who recently passed through the veil and chose Roots Magic many many years ago – my recent experience with the software tells me she made a very wise decision.

Do you have any idea what the saving will be if I were to buy another RM7 as opposed to RM8? Or do you have an estimate of what the price of RM8 will be when it is released? This will determine what I do so I’d appreciate your advice.

1st I love working with RM for many years now, and I am looking forward to the update.

2nd I am also working with RM in a FHC in Rotterdam, how will the update work for our centers?
Thank you for all the hard work your team has put and are still putting in this developement.

Alie Vermeer
FHC Rotterdam, Netherlands

Reply: On our website FHC’s can request a free download of our software for their Family History Center computers.
Renee, RootsMagic

Really am looking forward to the upgrade! I think having an open blog as we begin this transition will be wonderful for everyone!

Have been a happy user since Family Origins. As I get even older, my eyesight is failing. I hope you are building in a way to make the screen larger or the fonts larger, or both so those of us who are in this predicament can still do genealogy with RM.

The new interface will take some getting used to, as with any change. It looks like it incorporates some aspects of some genealogy websites’ family trees.
My top desire is for the program to have a go-back button for when we amateurs make an error and accidentally delete something. I don’t see this button on the new interface.

TI just finished the story of my family (415 pages) It could have been shorter if I could have used your version of a book. But I had difficulty trying to use your template for my story. I added photographs, old documents from the 1880s, Croatian and family recipes. Yes, my book does not follow the norm. There is wasted space between generations. Also, I would love to have the choice of mot having the preparers information (Me) at the end of each family tree. I have 14 family trees in my family. They all played a large part in my family history. I started with the year 600 to explain to the younger cousins about the history of how Croatia was formed, and maps, etc. I tried calling your customer service, but got no help[ from them. They even said that they have had problems as well. What I am trying to say is that we need to have a choice on eliminating unwanted space that I cannot change. I know this is confusing, but maybe one of your “experts” can call me so that I can explain it better. You have my telephone number so I do not have to show it in public. I am taking my book to have it printed, discussing a few matters with Office Depot on what I want done and the cost of my project. Here is one example. After the finish of the first generation, your system triple spaces the information for the second generation. Why not make it double spaced? Why not allow us to have no spaces (instead of the double spacing now. Maybe I just missed something in researching your instructions. I am just confused by your set-up for a family story. I do love roots magic. I started with Family Tree not what I wanted) so I went to Legacy. Way to complicated for the average bear. So I came to Roots Magic and am totally in love with it, with the exception of a few things. Hopefully I will get a response. Thank you for listening to me and do not worry, I will always recommend Roots Magic to anyone, like I did when I helped Joyce start up our genealogy club. Sincerely, Robbie Jerkovich. You know me as Robert.

Reply: For tech support email support@rootsmagic or open one here – You can also visit our website and chat with a support agent.
Renee, RootsMagic

Does RM come with a Physical Manual I can mark in and underline in/on or am I relegated to digital version? I prefer the physical hands on Manual. Waiting on an answer before I commit to pay for BN0013: RootsMagic/GenSmarts/Personal Hist (CD)


Reply: Supplies have run out on hard copies of “Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 7″ books, so there are none currently available.
Renee, RootsMagic

On your next post you should clarify the questions in Comments 5 and 9. It appears that you want present users of RM 7 to buy another copy so they can get RM 8 at a reduced price. We have no idea what price you are looking at for RM 8>

I use RM7 as an interface to monitor changes to the people in the FamilySearch Family Tree as I currently have 57105 persons matched.
Will RootsMagic 8 recognize the matching status for FamilySearch? (for example: RM7 states that “FamilySearch has new information for 18907 of your people (Reset Count)”. Will this figure carry over to RM8?

Just for the record I would like to state my personal preference for fully background coloured boxes rather than the split one shown on the demo image. With some being fully coloured due to reduced size and others being split coloured it just looks incomplete to me. Just my preference and opinion.

Wiil RootsMagic 8 be able to handle an infinite number of individuals? ! currently have more than 200,000 individuals.

I have been with you since about version 3 of Family Origins and have enjoyed working with what you have produce since.

Loving RM7 on Linux Mint 19 and no problems. I’m no expert, but using CrossOver to install RM would be a better option instead of Wine as it works perfectly and updates are easy. Also, just wanted to add that this such an easy genealogy program. I use it to integrate with Ancestry and Family Search with no issues. Therefore, Linux users can enjoy RM too. Thank you, RM team, for keeping things moving and up to date!

As my colleague said, on your next post you should clarify the questions in Comments 5 and 9. It appears that you want present users of RM 7 to buy another copy so they can get RM 8 at a reduced price. We have no idea what price you are looking at for RM 8.

I’m excited for the new RM 8 – but I don’t understand from your post here how to get it at a reduced price. I am using the most current version of RM 7.

Can’t wait!


I am a RootsMagic7 owner. How do I uprade to RootsMagic8 and at what cost?

Will it still run under WINE on linux?

I know others have mentioned it but how much of a price increase are we looking at for RM 8? I already own a copy of RM 7 and as I am using it on a Chromebook (through Crossover to WIN) since my Windows laptop and the chromebook was the best device for me, even if I did have to find alternate methods to use RM. =( So, if I knew a price, or around how much it would be, it would help me out. As, I don’t want to purchase something I already have just to get RM 8, when I have to use alternate methods to use the program.

I like the fact that it will be touch screen friendly now, hopefully that does happen/is a feature I’d be able to use within CrossOver. Part of me wants to get a copy of it again so I’d have RM 8 but more of me wants to wait until it’s actually released so I know for sure RM will continue to operate as it should on my Chromebook/Crossover.

Gosh darn it, I just bought RM7 2 months ago. You’re telling me I’ll have to buy again? Outch. Oh well, I’ll have to see what are the new functions to see if a second investment will be really worth it.

Reply: Contact to check if your recent purchase is eligible.
Renee, RootsMagic

I would like to be a Tester please

Reply: To sign up to become a tester fill out the form at
Renee, RootsMagic

This is basically a repeat of questions 5 and 9 that were not answered. I too have 7.6.1 and need to know if it is necessary to purchase 7 all over again–and then download 7.6.1 all over again? And, what will the price of Version 8 be? Thanks so much!

Reply: If you already have 7.6.1 installed then you do not need to install again with a second purchase of RM7. The pricing on RM8 has not been announced. There will be a price increase that includes the upgrade pricing for current users. Purchasing RM7 now includes a free RM8 key. Waiting for RM8 to be released the price for the upgrade for the single program will cost more.
Renee, RootsMagic

Already have the RM8 key by buying another RM7. I’m hoping there are some significant web publishing enhancements in RM8.

Some RM8 news at last, but phrasing implies months to years away if just beginning beta testing. At least probably not another decade.

Focus seems to be on a better user interface rather than new features which is the best choice!

I have purchased every version of RootsMagic. In fact I bought 7 copies of Version 7, unknowingly and 2 of the Guide Books. I think people like me should be able to get first dibs of each new version and free or at least at a big discount. My Social Security doesn’t go very far and yet I manage to spend at least 6 hours a day doing Family History. I am in love with my Ancestors. And I feel their presence and support daily. Thank you for helping me.

You have a new competitor in ( It’s an online resource with some of the same features found in RootsMagic. I’m old fashioned, been using PC-based software since PAF was created in the late ’80s. I’ve been using RootsMagic since Version 3 and I love it! But younger generations mostly use handheld devices and tend to avoid purchasing downloadable software. Is there any chance RootsMagic will some day migrate to a similar web-based product? If so, I SINCERELY HOPE you will retain your current course of providing a life-time purchase of your latest product. Monthly or annual subscription fees are for the birds!

The “Buy 7 at today’s lower price, get 8 FREE!” is far from clear. If I own version 7, do I have to purchase a new license at $29.95 to get version 8, OR can I purchase the upgrade at $19.95 and still get version 8? Please clarify.

Reply: As a RM user you can make purchases at the upgrade price.
Renee, RootsMagic

It seems that RM8 is a major upgrade from RM7. As such it appears that it should be considered to be a new product. When RM8 is installed, will it replace RM7 automatically? Does the user have the option of having both RM7 and RM8 installed on a PC at the same time? This would not seem likely if they use the same program files.

Reply: RootsMagic 8 will need to be downloaded and installed separately. You can have more than one version of the software on the same computer. When installing make sure to select the option to not remove older versions. You will need separate databases for RM7 and RM8. Once the database is opened in RM8 you will not be able to open the database in RM7. Make sure to create a RM7 backup before you convert it to RM8.
Renee, RootsMagic

I own and use RM7 on my MacBook. Please confirm to get RM8 Key when released if right now I do Option 1: pay $29.95 for new license for RM7 as Download Only OR Option 2: pay $19.95 upgrade and Download Only OR Option 3: do something else? Thank you for help Renee.

Reply: As a RM user you can make purchases at the upgrade price.
Renee, RootsMagic

Currently for RM7: “New License $29.95″
0. Buy a NEW license (NOT upgrade) now for RM7, get RM8 (when released) with it?
1. The UPGRADE price to RM8 (after release, with increased price) will be more than $29.95??
2. A NEW license (after release) for RM8 will be MORE than the NEW UPGRADE price (for current RM7 users)??

Reply: Pricing details have not be announced.
Renee, RootsMagic

Looking forward to the new version – I have been using RM since V4 and currently on V7 – hoping it may be possible in the new version to include images stored against facts when producing reports.

I am certain you don’t mean this to come across this way, but your “buy RM7 upgrade now even if you already have it and get the RM8 key free” sounds pretty close to a scam. I know you don’t operate that way, but you really should rethink the way you handle this one. Consumers are very wary these days.

Will RM7 still be supported after RM 8 is released? I have an older computer running Windows 7 Pro and have no intention of getting a new computer at present. I despise win8 and 10!

Reply: Older versions are no longer updated when a new version is released. Changes by third parties could break features. You can still use tech support with an older version.
Renee, RootsMagic

I renewed my RM7 but did not get a registration code for RM8.

Reply: I put in a request for to contact you.
Renee, RootsMagic

I’m leaning toward waiting for RM8 and then purchase that one. As I’m on a Mac, will I still have to deal with Crossover and WINE?

Reply: No, this will be a native Mac version.
Renee, RootsMagic

Really looking forward to RM8. Have been a user back in the days of Parsons technology days. Maybe for my Christmas stocking? I am a pro genealogist, specality is Norwegian roots and I peomote RM to people visiting the Center as well as any classes I teach. If only the program could make the research as easy as it allows me to enter the data!

I’M totally with #2 Jack. I have many answers I send big issue.

I purchased RM 7 when it first became available. Will I get RM 8 for free?

Reply: The second blog article in this series will answer you questions.
The Road to RootsMagic 8 (Part 2): FAQ about the Upgrade
Renee, RootsMagic

Will RM8 work with the older versions of Windows? I am running RM7 on Vista with no problems. Should I stay with 7 or will 8 work? Thanks!

I am disappointed with the lay out of the wall charts, relatives seem to be all over the place. The charts that I have attempted to do have been so hard and time consuming as the people have to be moved to be within the page borders. A few more options would be nice to have.

Will v8 work on an Apple computer ?

MAYBE THIS WILL ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS: although I doubt many will read through 58 comments to find this. Many say that it isn’t clear about purchasing or upgrading RM7 now. When I purchased each of my last 4 upgrades, I either received a disk or was able to download the software and install it.

Sometimes I purchased an upgrade as part of a larger package. For example, I already had the latest version of RM7 but I purchased a package deal that included the printed manual “Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 7″, the printed manual “Personal Historian 2: The Companion Guide”, and the latest Personal Historian software.

I DID NOT NEED the latest RM7 software again. However, by purchasing it I received a key that allows me to download and install RM8 when it is finally released. It’s not about the software. It’s all about the key that unlocks the software.

Whether you purchase the latest version for download or request a CD, either way you get an email that includes the key as well as the name you used. You’ll need this name and key to unlock the software when Version 8 is released.

All you have to do is wait. There’s no need to install anything you already installed.

NEXT QUESTION: What if you purchase a copy for someone else. I did this once. The software went to the person I purchased it for but the email with the key came to me as did the name under which I purchased the software.

Again, I say, you need to save this email in a safe place because you’ll need the name you used plus the key to unlock Version 8. The person to whom you gifted version 7 will not be able to download, install, and unlock RM8 without that name and key.

That leaves you with 2 choices: 1) You could install the RM7 on the person’s computer and simply not tell them the key, or you could 2) email them the name and key and ask them to not use it more than once. That would allow you to use it when Version 8 is released. They keep the older Version 7, you get the new Version 8. RootsMagic, Inc. copyrights are not violated because you never installed more copies than they allow.

The RM team allows you to do it anyway you want to get the newest version and it is both legal and ethical so long as you abide by their requests, pay for each purchase (or purchases), and honor their copyright restrictions. They’re really flexible. Just remember how much work they put into producing each new version and make sure you pay them what they require.

Reply: If you gift RM to someone else they can register it under their own name and email. It will transfer ownership of the key.
Renee, RootsMagic

I was using RM 4 on my iMac until my Parallels died. Rather than buy a new Parallels, I uninstalled, waiting for RM8.

Can I just buy the upgrade for $19.95 and receive the RM8 key when released? Or do I have to buy the full price version at $19.95?

Reply: As a RM4 user you can purchase RM7 at the upgrade price and receive the free RM8 key. RM7 will run on your Mac without Parallels installed, so you don’t need to wait for RM8 to be released to begin using RootsMagic again.
Renee, RootsMagic

I have used RM7 for two years and my primary concern is that only one active window can be open at a time. Often as I am looking at a downloaded image, in RM7, of a document I want to simultaneously translate its text into a source note, in RM7, to capture details not necessary for a database but for personal use and I can’t.
My second comment is the image viewer should operate like that in Family History in scrolling, zooming, and quality adjustment.
Thank you for an opportunity to share my observations.
L. Van Looveren

I have used rootmagic since version 3 and always have a «little Problem« In Canada and also others countries i suppose, we allow same sex mariage (without personnal opinions) and was not able to enter such.
Will there be options to register same sex mariage in Roosmagic 8 ??????

Reply: RootsMagic has supported same-sex relationships since version 4. Just add a spouse and change the sex if needed.
Renee, RootsMagic

I have Roots Magic 7. How do I order another Roots Magic 7 to get the version 8 free?

Reply: Visit our RootsMagic store at:
Renee, RootsMagic

One thing that I hope for – that I don’t get now. When I merge or delete a name the RIN number becomes available but it does not get filled in with a new name like PAF did. So when someone asks me how many names I have in my program I can only tell them I don’t know. So there are numbers out there that are just floating around. Can’t you do something about this???

Reply: Go to File>Properties to see the number of people in the database.
Renee, RootsMagic

I’ve tried RM7 as it had a direct import from TMG. I’ve since returned to TMG as it is still superior to RM7, FH, Legacy & FTM even after TMG support ceased 5 years ago. The ability to include witnesses in the same sentences with principals and vice versa is something I use extensively. There is also the matter with some functions only working for the sentence being output and not the other principal. I’m waiting for RM8 to give it another try. Is the direct import feature from TMG still a feature in RM8?

After paying “out the nose” for new FTM programs, I find the 19.95 price I read on one of the comments to be refreshingly inexpensive. Thank you for keeping the prices so low. This will make a great Christmas present for my daughter and I can upgrade to 8 and still not have paid the amount for one FTM program.

I despise updates that are only for the sake of change, without any real solid changes for the better. Will I still be able to use RM7 after RM8 comes out?

Reply: Yes, older versions will continue to work to a point. If third parties break features no updates will be released to fix them. So that is always a consideration.
Renee, RootsMagic

Will RootsMagic 8 have any improvements in creating Wall Charts?