The Road to RootsMagic 8 (Part 2): FAQ about the Upgrade


Last week, we gave you a first look at RootsMagic 8. While we’re itching to start showing you more details and features, last week’s article prompted many questions about RootsMagic and the upgrade process. We felt it would be helpful to answer some of the questions for you before showing you more features. So without any further ado, here they are:

I already own RootsMagic 7 (or 6, or 5, or 4, etc.). Will I need to buy RootsMagic 8 when it comes out?

Yes, but at a discounted price. Our policy has always been to make updates free. That is, going from 7.0 to 7.1, to 7.2, to 7.3, etc. We put those out regularly to fix bugs, update API’s, and to even add new features (Our TreeShare for Ancestry was a free new feature in 7.5).

Major upgrades, such as going from 7.0 to 8.0, do require a purchase. However, we always offer a significant discount to those upgrading from previous versions. For example, to upgrade from any prior version of RootsMagic to version 7 has been $19.95 where the full price of the software is $29.95.

Do I have to upgrade to RootsMagic 8?

Not at all. If the new features and functionality in RootsMagic 8 appeal to you, we’d love for you to upgrade. If you decide to stick with your current version of RootsMagic, your software will continue running just as it has. It will simply not have any more updates as our development work has moved on to the next version.

How much will RootsMagic 8 cost?

Version 8 will have a modest price increase from earlier versions. While we haven’t announced the actual pricing for RootsMagic 8, it will be more than version 7. RootsMagic 8 will have a discount for users of previous versions upgrading to it, but this will be modestly higher than the current $19.95 upgrade price for version 7.

So if I buy RootsMagic 7 now, I get RootsMagic 8 for free?

Yes. We have always had an “upgrade protection guarantee.” If you buy our software and a newer version comes out soon afterward, you get the newer version for free. I’ve personally spent a sizable sum of money on software only to have a new version come out the very next day. That company’s response was, “You’re out of luck.” We love our users too much to do that.

If you buy RootsMagic 7 now through our website (either the full version or upgrade), you will receive an email with your key for RootsMagic 7. You’ll also immediately receive a key for RootsMagic 8. Just hold onto that key until you get word that RootsMagic 8 has been officially released. This means that you are essentially getting a free RootsMagic 8 at today’s RootsMagic 7 prices.


I already have RootsMagic 7. Can I still get a free RootsMagic 8?

Yes. Even if you already have RootsMagic 7, you are welcome to purchase another copy of RootsMagic 7 (even at the $19.95 upgrade price), and you will get your key for RootsMagic 8.

Wait- you want me to pay money now for a future RootsMagic that I may not even like? Is this some tricky money grab?

You would indeed be getting an upgrade to Version 8 that you don’t (yet) know much about. (But, really- we think you’ll love it) But this is definitely not a money grab. In fact, we are losing money by giving away RootsMagic 8 upgrades at the lower price. So why are we doing this?

We haven’t raised our software price in the nearly 20 years that RootsMagic has been available. All-around costs have risen in those years, and we need to follow suit. However, we also know that we have many users that live on fixed-incomes. We didn’t want to surprise everyone with the price increase without giving a heads-up and giving our users a chance to make appropriate plans.

Combine this with the upgrade protection guarantee, and the “Buy RootsMagic 7 now, get RootsMagic 8 free” policy is the natural result. It’s only us trying to do right by our users.

I’ve placed my order and received my RootsMagic 8 key. What do I do now?

Just hold on to that key and patiently wait for the official release. You could also sign up to become a tester at


More Previews to Come

Hopefully, we’ve answered some of those burning questions that many of you have had about the upgrade process to version 8.¬† And watch this blog for regular articles describing¬†the fantastic new features in RootsMagic 8!




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Reader Comments

I tried twice to buy the program @ $19.95, however PayPal doesn’t seem to be working.

Reply: Please contact for assistance.
Renee, RootsMagic

Just announce the price.

I suggest 49.99 Full
29.99 Upgrade

with a 20% off sale the first year.

I believe Pat has the right idea – $49.99 Full and $29.99 Upgrade, with the 20% off for 1st year.
The RootsMagic programme is worth every penny!!

I sure hope that al the access voliations that pop up and make you log out and come back in that #7 have will be fixed

Will 8 have a companion book.

I ordered the upgrade (CD) will I get V8 CD

Reply: The Upgrade Protection Guarantee in effect is for a free RM8 key and download only. No CD will be mailed later.
Renee, RootsMagic

I don’t mind to pay arround 20 euros to have the 8th version of roots magic. I think it’s fair.

Okay, so am I reading this correctly… that even though I have updated and upgraded each time the notice is posted, the version 8 will still cost me.
If I already have Roots 7, why do I need to buy a second Roots 7 to get a discount on the Roots 8. Is “8” compatible with my current Roots 7; and when I purchase the “8” upgrade what happens to my current Roots 7. (Will “8” be automatically uploaded)
Thanks…I’m not a computer savvy individual so I need “very simple elementary” explanations.

Reply: You can wait to purchase RootsMagic 8 when it is released. The upgrade and full price for both will also increase. If you want the current upgrade price of $19.95 purchasing RM7 and getting the RM8 key for free with it is a better option. If you already have RM7 installed you do not need to reinstall it again. Just hold onto the RM8 key for when it is released. Then you download and install RM8 when available.
Renee, RootsMagic

I don’t like all the garish colour shown in the screen shot above. Can it be turned off or toned down?

It would be SO MUCH EASIER for me if in the relationship calculator I could see all the names. I was looking at the relationship between me and my 8th great grandfather… and I could not remember how to get there myself easily which is why I went to the relationship calculator to start with.

I am a current owner of RM 7 and am confused how purchasing a new license for RM 7 now is cheaper than waiting and just buying an upgrade to RM 8. There are only two ways that I can guess this might be possible.

(1) The upgrade cost to RM 8 is greater than the cost of a RM 7 license. This case would imply an increase of more than 50% over the current upgrade charges ($19.95 to over 29.95) which seems to be more than a “modest” increase in price previously mentioned.

(2) What we are supposed to buy now is an upgrade from RM 7 to RM 7 at $19.95. This would make sense to me, but after going through all the blogs and comments I cannot find any statement that explicitly states, or even infers this is the suggested path we should take. In fact, some of the comments imply this is purchasing a second license and not a second upgrade.

Can someone fix this confusion?

Reply: You can wait to purchase RootsMagic 8 when it is released. Current pricing is $19.95 for an upgrade (existing users) and $29.95 full price (new users). The upgrade and full price for both will increase when RM8 is released. If you want the current upgrade price of $19.95 purchasing RM7 and getting the RM8 key for free with it is a better option. If you already have RM7 installed you do not need to reinstall it again. Just hold onto the RM8 key for when it is released. Then you download and install RM8 when available.
Renee, RootsMagic

I purchased rootsmagic almost a year ago under this same deal. I have had a rootsmagic key since November 2018 and I am still waiting for the release of rootsmagic 8.

This is starting to feel like a scam!

Instead of selling a 2nd copy of Version 7 and guaranteeing that customers will receive the Version 8 for free, why not take pre-orders for all of the customers who have Version 7 already at a discounted price.
Carla Deville