Special RootsTech Offer (In-Person and Online)

RootsTech 2024 is the world’s largest in-person and online family history celebration! And we’re offering RootsTech attendees a special discount. Save up to 50% on our software including Personal Historian 3Family Atlas, and RootsMagic 9!

At our booth, take advantage of our special conference pricing. You’ll get RootsMagic for only $20!

Those who can’t attend RootsTech this year can get the same conference special online by visiting www.NotAtRootsTech.com. The offer is only available through Monday, March 4, at 11:59 pm MST.

3 thoughts to “Special RootsTech Offer (In-Person and Online)”

  1. I have RootsMagic 9 and have been using RM since RM 3. sorry I can’t attend in person but do hope everyone there has a great time.

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