RootsMagic 4 Receives FamilySearch Software Awards

Leading Genealogy Software Receives Awards for “Best Dashboard” and “Easiest to Sync”

PROVO, Utah. — March 10, 2009 — RootsMagic, Inc. today received two 2009 FamilySearch Software Awards at a banquet held in conjunction with the 2009 FamilySearch Developers Conference at Brigham Young University. The purpose of the awards is to publicly and formally celebrate the software achievements of those developers and companies that are making important contributions to the Family History and Genealogy Industry.

Both awards were for features in RootsMagic 4, the latest version of the award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing your family history easy and enjoyable. On hand to accept the awards were Bruce Buzbee, president and Michael Booth, vice-president.

Easiest to Sync

In the Desktop Syncing or Tree-Cleaning category, RootsMagic 4 received an award for “Easiest to Sync”. RootsMagic 4 has the ability to link people in your desktop genealogy file with matching people on the New FamilySearch website. Once linked, RootsMagic 4 makes it easy to share data between your personal file and New FamilySearch. With a few clicks, you copy facts and events between the two systems and dispute incorrect information. You may also add, link, combine, and dispute fathers, mothers, spouses, and children, all on the same screen.

“We’re very gratified to receive the ‘Easiest to Sync’ award because that has been our focus from the very beginning,” said Buzbee. “We know how overwhelming it can be for people working with the New FamilySearch system. Our goal has been to take what could be very complex and difficult chores and make them into simple, friendly tasks. This award validates our goal.”

Best Dashboard

RootsMagic 4 received a second award in the Desktop Productivity category—“Best Dashboard” for its “FamilySearch Central” screen. FamilySearch Central is a feature in the RootsMagic desktop genealogy software which brings together all of its powerful FamilySearch tools into one convenient screen.

“FamilySearch Central puts it all at your fingertips,” said Booth. “No need to hunt around through endless screens to find what you’re looking for. It shows you the status of your work, what’s new on FamilySearch, and what tasks you still need to do. And it’s all in plain English. This is something my mom can use and understand.”

Free and Available Now

RootsMagic 4 is currently in public beta and is available for free at “We’re so excited about this new release, we wanted to give everyone a risk-free option to try it for themselves,” said Buzbee. Each person who wishes to participate will be given a registration key which will allow them to download and experience the software for the duration of the public beta period.

Users of other genealogy software products will find it easy to experiment with RootsMagic 4 using their own data. RootsMagic can directly import data from PAF, Family Tree Maker (through 2006), Family Origins, and Legacy Family Tree. It can also read and write data using the popular GEDCOM format.

For those interested in using RootsMagic 4 with the New FamilySearch system, a series of video tutorials is available at

About RootsMagic, Inc.

For over 20 years, RootsMagic, Inc. has been creating computer software with a special purpose- to unite families. One of our earliest products- the popular “Family Origins” software, introduced thousands of people to the joy and excitement of family history.

That tradition continues today with “RootsMagic”, our award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing your family history fun and easy. “Personal Historian” will help you easily write and preserve your life stories. “Family Reunion Organizer” takes the headaches out of planning those important get-togethers. And “Family Atlas” creates beautiful and educational geographic maps of your family history.

For more information, visit

Source: RootsMagic, Inc.

11 thoughts to “RootsMagic 4 Receives FamilySearch Software Awards”

  1. I think the awards are Great! I feel like you deserve much more than that.
    The dashboard between RootsMagic 4 and the Internet search is Great! In a matter of seconds,the automatic search brings up a list of possible links. With the NEW Family Search not ready for the public yet, the searchable locations include the most active.
    I have already had very good results.
    Well Done!

  2. Congratulations Bruce.
    Since the early days of Family Origins, it been a joy to use your products. It’s easy for those of us who use your programs every day to see why you continue to receive these well deserved rewards for all your hard work.
    God Bless You & Yours.
    Love, Lou

  3. Type your comment here.
    I used family tree maker for many years but the 2008 was terrible. I decided to try RootsMagic and am very happy that I changed.
    Good Work!

  4. Who’s a clever boy then? (Oh all right, team-of-boys-and-girls!) With maybe RM3 and definitely RM4 I have a program that finally beats Generations. The main screen design is brilliant. It’s great to search and find fast both inside the app and linking to the Internet, and the merge and find-errors tools are so useful! Get ready for more prize-giving distractions.

  5. What a boon–to have access to RM4 now and to learn its special features ahead of the release of new FamilySearch. The two awards mentioned above are for features that are so helpful for someone who is not fully trained in the use of the computer itself: 1) the ability to link what you know with what has already been posted; and, 2) having all the tools on one screen.
    Many thanks and congratulations on these awards.

  6. Have used RM3 for 1 year and found it to be fastest to load and has all the bells and chims most could ask for. I now have tried RM4 and they have out done themselves. Bravo… for a program well done.

  7. I have been waiting a while for this to finally come out… Last week I gave up and reinstalled RootsMagic Version 2 into my old computer…. After inputting 22 generations in one family tree and 12 in another, I now need to know how I can transfer this into the new Laptop and the new RootsMagic version 4??? I think I want the new personal historian to go with it as well… Also need to know how to utilize the new software on the old desktop (4 years old) with XP and the new Laptop Compaq that I got in February….. Ideas, please?

  8. I’m guessing that your have heard this request before, but since I haven’t seen it yet…

    How about an database option added to the dropdown for “number to display after name” that would offer the new.familysearch PID? Is that in the works?

    BTW, my best praise for the effort put into rm4. I finally found the one program to do it all. thanks.

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