RootsMagic 4 Book Available for Pre-Order

The book Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 4 is on a truck racing towards our warehouse.  This 336 page book written by Bruce Buzbee (that’s me) starts with the basics (creating a database, adding people, etc).  Subsequent chapters go into detail on more advanced aspects of RootsMagic 4.

We are now taking orders for the book which will begin shipping the day the books arrive (probably Wednesday August 26).  As always, the fastest way to order is online.  You can also order by phone starting Monday morning, but be prepared to leave a message and be called back since we could be getting a lot of phone calls those first few days.

The regular list price of the book will be $14.95, but we are going to offer it for the bundle price of $10 (plus s/h) for a limited time.

Click here to order your copy of Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 4

16 thoughts to “RootsMagic 4 Book Available for Pre-Order”

  1. Renee,

    Barring some unforeseen delay in the delivery, we’ll have the books at the Expo.

  2. I thought I pre-ordered the book when I purchased Roots 4. Is this a possibility? My memory may be faulty.

  3. Why do I have to spend $ 29.95 to get information to use Roots Magic. I paid for and received the program but do not know how to use it. Shouldn’t instructions come with the program?

  4. Just downloaded RM4 and ordered the book. One thing I noticed right off the bat as I was “playing” with RM4 is the very large font size in the “Notes” section – it’s MUCH larger than in RM3. I looked in “Help” to see if there was a way to change it but didn’t see anything. Is there anything in the book about that? If not, has anyone figured it out on their own? If the capability isn’t there, I’ll put it on the wish list!

  5. I think the book is a great idea – but at present in the UK the shipping is more expensive than the book! Is it possible to buy it directly in the UK or as an ebook for downloading?
    Thanks for writing it anyway. It will add value to an already great program and I’m sure it will be appreciated.

  6. In your latest newsletter you mention the delay in delivery in the US. I am in the UK, can you advise what the impact on the UK is as I still have not received my copy (pre-ordered on 22 Aug)

  7. Recieved ‘Getting the Most out of’ a couple of days back. It is absolutely first class. Well written and easy to understand, it has shown me all manner of things that I would never have found without it. Having a database that has been around from the 80s and moved from program to program a lot of sources etc are not consistent, those inconsistencies are now easily located and corrected. Many thanks Bruce – keep up the good work.

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