RootsMagic Has a New Website!


We’ve been wanting (needing?) to update our website for over 4 years, but have never been able to turn the corner on it.

Well, we finally did it.  Mike Booth (VP of Technology for RootsMagic) has put in some serious hours completely redesigning our website to make it easier to find information about RootsMagic, Personal Historian, Family Atlas and our other products.

We will be adding additional content and functionality to the website in the future, so have a visit and let us know what you think.

13 thoughts to “RootsMagic Has a New Website!”

  1. Congratulations to you Bruce and staff!! Looks great! I just LOVE RootsMagic and all that it does with nFS. I promote it to everyone that I can. Could you make PlaceFinder available? It came with RM3 and I really like using it, but want to take RM3 off from my computer since I no longer use it.

  2. There’s just one slight problem. Not everyone uses a 893 pixel wide screen now and your website looks rather white on my monitor (1920 x 1200 px). You start to lose text if it’s magnified +4 text size too. Couldn’t you change the CSS to scale the site to fit any monitor? It’s easy to do – honest!

  3. Sorry I still cant give you any marks for achievements Since I am still restricted automatic entry NEW FAMILY SEARCH, because according to your team I am not an LDS member,altough my money was still valid currency for your coffers.
    Still awaiting your promise that I will eventually get access.
    Good salesmanship is advising prospective customers what NOT to expect when purchasing products.
    Also I would welcome seeing complaints along side your ‘Pat on the Back’ achievments!!!!!
    “That’ll be the day”
    Totally Frustrated

  4. Derek, New FamilySearch is being rolled out by the LDS church (not *our* team). We have absolutely no control over when or how they roll it out. We are simply an affiliate and have added the ability to interface with that system. When it is rolled out completely, anyone with RM 4.x will be able to access it through RM.

  5. Derek (and for others who may feel totally frustrated because as of Nov 2009 you cannot yet access nFS) Please be patient, diligent work is being done to get nFS ready for public access.

  6. I’ve seen a very helpful set of short, verbal tutorials about how to use Roots Magic with newFamily SEarch. I think it was on your website, but I cannot find it. Can you help me?

  7. This has saved my life!!! I have been looking for a better genealogy program for some time. Tried a previous version of RootsMagic but found it too clunky. This version is a real transformation and has some wonderful features – especially for ‘serious’ genealogists (e.g. proof statuses and shared events with roles). I was minutes away from giving up the search for a decent piece of software to do this sort of thing and am overjoyed that I discovered RootsMagic 4 in the nick of time!

  8. I’ve been using RootsMagic for two years now… I love the improvements you’ve made with sourcing and adding NFS interfacing. The NFS website is so time consuming and I have 2000+ names to synch. Without RM4 I’d be doomed. 🙂

  9. Thank you for RootsMagic 4. I watched your tutorials, downloaded the program, purchased your book Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 4, and I am continually smiling at the various things I have learned and applied and enjoyed. I have been helping an older lady in our ward, and it was a little annoyance that each time we printed out a Family Group Sheet we had a different date in the heading. The book very simply taught me how to delete that date: clicked on Reports, Family Group Sheet, Layout, Header/Footer, clicked on Header-Right Section, removed [Date] in the Section Text, and voila, its gone!!! Thank you for the tutorial, the book, and a great program.

  10. I have used Roots Magic for years and LOVE it. RM 4 is unbelivable. Most of all I love being able to call for help when I have a problem and everyone is great to help me.

  11. Thanks for the great improvement in Roots Magic 4 capability. It finally is doing much work with the touch of a button. Your efforts are deeply appreciated and You’ve make a giant leap in the Family History solution. Easily aligning with New Family Search database and reconciling differences.

    Thanks thanks thanks.

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