Genealogy Gems Podcast interview with Lisa Kudrow, sponsored by RootsMagic

RootsMagic is pleased to sponsor the Genealogy Gems Podcast, produced by the talented Lisa Louise Cook. ┬áThis week’s podcast features a telephone interview with actor Lisa Kudrow who is producing and participating in a new family history television series, Who Do You Think You Are? premiering March 5, 2010 at 8:00 pm (7:00 pm Central/Mountain) on NBC in the United States.

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It’s very exciting to see the growing interest and attention which genealogy and family history are now receiving in national media. Who Do You Think You Are? joins The Generations Project (also sponsored by RootsMagic) and Faces of America as current television series that follow individuals as they discover and connect with their personal family histories. ┬áNot only are these programs entertaining for those already tracing their roots, but they introduce and inspire others to explore their own family trees.

To listen to the podcast and interview, click here to visit the Genealogy Gems website.

6 thoughts to “Genealogy Gems Podcast interview with Lisa Kudrow, sponsored by RootsMagic”

  1. Who Do You Think You Are? is a great television format that drives the hobby of genealogy research to new levels. It has run in the UK & Ireland for several years, series 1 was quoted as leading “7% of British adults to research their own family histories after watching Series 1!”.

    A nice product to get associated with and hopefully one that will bring RM more success and development.

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  2. That was a hard one to watch working on Polish genealogy at this time. Very, very hard that someone could be so sick and so many people could follow blindly.

  3. Lisa Kudrow kept looking & found that great treasure. I am 64 yrs young. My parents divorced when I was 7. At 50yrs of age I started Genealogy to look for my fathers parent. I found my grand father Kleeier alive at 102 & had a chance to go visit him, it was wounderfull,So never give up hunting, you may also find a great treasure as Lisa & I did.

  4. This was a wonderful and touching episode of “Who do You think You Are?” with Lisa Kudrow.

    I have missed some of the episodes due to other commitments on Friday nights but want to thank you for having them available on the internet.

    Several of my friends who are not involved in genealogy are looking forward to future broadcasts and are wondering now about their family roots.

    I have helped a women this last month, finding ancestors in five generations and her daughter with whom she will be visiting in a week is looking forward to a new quest in filling in many blanks and extending their ancestral finds in Italy and Czechoslovakia.

    Thank You!

  5. I currently have FamilyTreeMaker 2008 and although it is fine. I have heard great things about Roots Magic and the user friendly quality so I wanted to check it out before I feel good about the Program. I might add we have a numer of newbies and oldsters in the Genealogy Society which I am a member. I am always looking for new helpful things for the members.

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