RootsMagic 4 Update Released (

We have just released a minor update to RootsMagic 4 (version  Note: We updated the list below to include a few issues we fixed in the,,,,,, and updates.

We’ve been busy adapting a lot of internal code preparing RootsMagic 4 for translation into other languages, but we decided to go ahead and release this update with some bug fixes in the meantime.  We realize it has been longer than usual between updates, but we had major parts of the program torn out during the language reconstruction.   But with that out of the way we will be getting back to a more normal update release schedule.

If you have the RootsMagic News screen come up when you start RootsMagic, it may have already notified you of this update.  If not, you can do “Help > Check for Updates” from the RootsMagic menu to download and install this update.

You can also download the update from

Here are the new, fixed, and updated items in this update:


  • Added “Online map” button to Edit Place Details form
  • Added “LDS facts” button to edit screen when LDS features are enabled
  • Calendar tool allows you to type in the year now
  • Better handling of shared events in group sheets
  • Individual Summary now includes shared events
  • Source list report includes shared events in citation list now
  • Direct Legacy import reads New FamilySearch links
  • Numerous spelling and corrections to source templates
  • AutoMatch feature added to New FamilySearch support
  • WebSearch doesn’t require user to re-login to sites when popup windows occur
  • Doesn’t add ‘Note: ‘ to place detail notes when importing from GEDCOM
  • Doesn’t hang when importing some GEDCOM filess created by FTM 2005 with illegal tags
  • Place details are now included in group sheet websites
  • People sharing an event are now included in narrative index if they are printed in report
  • Mapping events for a person (Tools > Mapping) now uses the place detail if it has lat/long entered
  • Father/Mother label on family view now reflects the settings chosen by user for the family
  • Merge screen now shows record number for the two individuals
  • “Primary photo” and “Include in scrapbook” checkboxes no longer appear on non-image media items
  • Outline, Henry, and D’Aboville reports now print marriage info before the spouse paragraph
  • Married children in Ancestor+Children narrative report don’t have their paragraphs abbreviated anymore
  • Deleting last item in a media album doesn’t cause crash anymore
  • Suffix and Prefix now print in relationship chart if there is room
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements for new FamilySearch features
  • Merging preserves the FamilySearch ID
  • Phantom vertical line in various screens on XP doesn’t appear anymore (
  • Groups list doesn’t display people by their alternate names anymore (
  • Family List (Search > Family list) doesn’t display people by their alternate names anymore (
  • Fixed a few New FamilySearch issues (
  • Fixed a problem with not being able to connect to New FamilySearch if the computer’s clock is off (
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows 2000 (
  • GEDCOM now supports sentence templates that are over 256 characters (
  • GEDCOM now preserves custom sentences for events (
  • GEDCOM now preserves custom source templates (
  • Fixed living flag @ in sentence templates (
  • Place list report can now include place details (
  • Editing a shared event data or notes doesn’t hide shared event indicator anymore (
  • Surnames now print uppercase in pedigree charts when that option is turned on (
  • Fixed a couple of small issues with direct PAF import (
  • Deleted relationships don’t show in the NFS Share Data screen anymore (
  • Fixed some alignment issues with relationships in the NFS Share data screen (
  • GEDCOM imports LDS confirmation and initiatory events now (
  • Changed wording on select people screen buttons from “Mark people” to “Mark group” (
  • search in WebSearch uses surname, birth, and death year properly now (
  • Printing calendar with birthday and anniversary unchecked prints blank calendar instead of blank page (
  • Search criteria for general and family source use source conditions and not text conditions now (
  • Family Origins import now properly imports captions and descriptions for media items (
  • Pedigree charts now use selected date format (
  • “Start with what surname” in duplicate report and merging now works properly (
  • Duplicate merge doesn’t crash when cancelling anymore (
  • Added Gila Valley Arizona temple to temple list (
  • Fixed shortcuts (hotkeys) which were broken in the update (
  • “Fix broken media links” works now (
  • Fixed font issues in PDF (smearing and mangled characters) (
  • Fixed black text boxes when user has Windows “themes” turned off (or is using “Windows Classic” theme (
  • Fixed some issues with Family Origins import (
  • Fixed some issues with RootsMagic 1, 2, and 3 import (
  • Fixed some issues with FTM import (
  • Headers and footers don’t disappear on some pages of pedigree charts and some other reports (

33 thoughts to “RootsMagic 4 Update Released (”

  1. What you’ve done with the shared facts and printing Individual Summaries and Family Group Sheets is wonderful! Great work!!! I am so pleased. I can’t say enough good about this program. I think I’ve convinced two more friends to purchase RM4. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for the additional possibilities and fixed errors. Can’t wait for the Dutch version though. Still, RootsMagic 4 is an awesome program!

  3. Downloaded the latest RM4 update yesterday. Pleased to report the NewFamilySearch automatch feature works brilliantly. Left it running overnight and this morning discovered matches it would have taken me ages to get to manually. Have just emailed a relative in New Zealand I didn’t have a clue about. What a wonderful enhancement. Well done Bruce!

  4. I’m currently at the La Jara, Colorado FHC and reading this news. I’ll be heading home soon to install these updates. I’ve just been using Roots Magic for about a month, but I love it.

    Thanks for all you are doing to help us out.

  5. I have downloaded the update but have a problem — when I click on the lil’ magnifying glass to see who submitted (the Contributor) the information on new FamilySearch as I am syncing, it no longer gives me that information. I have to go out, and go into nFS to look up this information.

  6. Thank you very much!
    I just installed the new release…
    Your efforts to solve the problems is very appreciated.

    I enjoy to use RootsMagic!
    T. Dal Zotto

  7. Here I am two days later, and my Contributor information is working now. We updated our ten computers at the FHC with RM4 yesterday. And today I did the Automatch here at home. I REALLY like this program.

  8. Speaking for all of us who are researching in the 1700s, thanks for adding the ability to type the year into the calendar tool!

  9. Today’s announcement of an upgrade was the first notice I received. I have been working on many GEDCOM imports and now having the Record Number appear in the merge window is a BIG help to me! Thanks!

  10. I am just loading Roots Magic 4 minto my computer. I am looking forward to using it. We will have classes starting this next week to help us use it properly. I am grateful.

  11. Hello from Australia
    I have recently joined RootsMagic and look forward to being helped along the way.
    Kind regards

  12. Started out many years ago with Parsons
    Technology (Family Origins), which I understand Bruce designed. Went through all 9 updates and amassed a genealogy program of about 8,500 names and 2850 families. Am now using Roots Magic 4.0 and updates. It is an excellent program.
    George Shippey

  13. I have previously used familyorigins 10.0 as well as PAF and find using rootsmagic for the last couple months great and user friendly with an easy learning curve from previous data bases.

  14. I am still very new to Roots Magic. I downloaded the free version, and then bought the program a few days later. I like what I’ve seen so far. I am looking foreward to getting the Manual so I can do my best to use it!

  15. I just got home with my Roots Magic. My Neighbor told me how great it is. I have been trying to decide what program to use. I have been a PAF user since it came out. I am looking forward to becoming more familuar with this program. So far so great.

  16. I don’t understand the last update that changes “Mark People” to “Mark Group”. In these windows we are selecting (unselecting) individuals that may become part of a group. We are still marking people. There is an option to selecta group if one is defined, but there is no way to make a group out of the people selected, much less mark them as a group.

    Groups are already an established feature in RM4, but there is no way to create a group by marking a bunch of people. Confused by this change!

  17. Thanks for the update keep up the GREAT work. This is a fantastic tool with your integration with FamilySearch.

    I highly recommend Roots Magic.

  18. Bill, we changed “Mark people” to “Mark group” because many people have complained that they can’t select a group of people at once. They see “Mark people” and think it is just another way to mark a person and never bother to click on it.

  19. Have been using RootsMagic since the original Family Origins came out and love it. My dau gave me the latest version for Christmas. It just keeps getting better!!!

  20. I have used RootsMagic for some time. I admit it was a change from Family Origins on some things, but I love it now. The changes were for the better and good of the user.

    Thanks for such good service.
    George Lee Gibbs, Sr.

  21. I have used RootsMagic for some time. I admit it was a change from Family Origins on some things, but I love it now. The changes were for the good of the user.

    Thanks for such good service.
    George Lee Gibbs, Sr.

  22. Roots Magic is a great geneology program. I was using PAF then went to Ancestral Quest. I then found out about Roots Magic and will not use anything else.

  23. Thanks for your dedication to your genealogy software with the constant updates…

    Your software is terrific…

  24. I don’t know what the Website if for. Sigh, I am still sooo new.
    Anyhow, I just downloaded the update to my own RootsMagic and am so impressed with how easy it was. All I had to do was click and wait. ‘Wait’ was the difficult part.
    In reading comments I still have a lot to learn! I’ve been learning about what I should allow in my notes and have a lot of correcting to do before I connect to NFS.
    I see where reading comments will help me discover what some tools will do. Thanks everyone, B

  25. Everyday I continue to be amazed at how powerful and feature rich this program really is !!!

  26. I have had ROOT Magic for quite a long time now and have never experienced any problems with it. I really like it and the new download looks great.

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