RootsMagic is Only Software Certified to Share with FamilySearch Family Tree

The Only Software Certified to Share with FamilySearch Family Tree

We are pleased to announce that an update to RootsMagic 6 is now available which has been “Share Certified” by FamilySearch for use with their new “Family Tree” system.  This means that RootsMagic is the only software certified to share data with FamilySearch Family Tree!

What is FamilySearch Family Tree?

FamilySearch Family Tree is a new way to organize and record your genealogy online. It is free, is available to everyone, and provides an easy way to discover your place in history with free tools to help you preserve and share your family’s story for generations to come.

In Family Tree you can:

  • See what the system already contains about your ancestors.
  • Work with others to fill in missing information and correct errors.
  • Add sources and explanations to show that information is accurate.
  • Find and merge records that are about the same person.

How is FamilySearch Family Tree different than

RootsMagic, the genealogy software named “Easiest to Sync” with, now brings the same power and features that you love to FamilySearch Family Tree- with more to come!

Family Tree has most of the features that are available on It has some new features including the ability to edit and delete most any information about a person, a detailed history of changes made to people, and the ability to add sources to back up your conclusions. While has primarily been available to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Family Tree is available to everyone.

How do I get started?

To get started:

  1. Download the latest version of RootsMagic 6 or the free RootsMagic 6 Essentials.
  2. Watch our brief video tutorials to help you get up-and-running quickly.
  3. Check out our list of Frequently-Asked Questions for tips and explanations about the update.

More to Come!

In the coming days, we’ll be blogging more about RootsMagic and how you can use it to share and collaborate others through FamilySearch Family Tree.  We’ll also be adding new features and enhancements to our Family Tree support.  In the meantime, enjoy the update!

18 thoughts to “RootsMagic is Only Software Certified to Share with FamilySearch Family Tree”

  1. These are great features you have added to Roots Magic. Thank you for keeping up with the LDS Church’s program and allowing us to easily access data from their huge database now provided on Family Search Family tree. Keep up the good work. I love Roots Magic. You guys are wonderful!

  2. Thank you for getting the sync for FamilyTree! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Yeah!!

  3. Congratulations on being the best Genealogical program. Keep up the great work and especially your Webinars. They are a great way to learn and be able to go back, if something is mission. God Bless

  4. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I thought that the “free” version didn’t include Family Search Central. Doesn’t people have to purchase the full package before Family Tree can be accessed?

  5. I am excited to hear about this because most of my records are in
    Roots Software. I began using the
    Roots 4 and upgraded to 5 which I have now. I like the Family Search Family Tree program, so will try using it with Roots Magic Essentials.

  6. Which features are enabled at this time and which ones previously available in newfamilysearch are not available?
    we still love the program!

  7. Having just started, what a super program. I have used My Heritage also .After a few hiccups I got into the swing of things and “woolah” all is going well, compliments to you guys.

  8. Alan Haynes,

    The only feature missing in the Family Tree sync that was in NFS sync is the Helper Mode. RootsMagic Family Tree sync does not contain a Helper Mode because FamilySearch did not add it to their Family Tree API for us to do so. If you need the Helper Mode we recommend that you contact FamilySearch and let them know you want that feature available in the Family Tree API so Third Party Affiliates can provide that service. Once FamilySearch adds the Helper Mode to the Family Tree API then RootsMagic will make it available to our users.

    Renee (RootsMagic)

  9. I wish that RootsMagic was the only certified software to interface with FamilySearch/FamilyTree….but it’s not. I live in Logan Utah and attended a free Family Search Libray class to learn more about FamilyTree. The instructor, while not striving to be an advertisement for Ancestral Quest software, did show how it could interact with FamilyTree. AQ also showed which event date/place on new.FamilySearch would be kept and which would be removed once the transition to FamilySearch/FamilyTree was complete.

    I really like RootsMagic…but it seems it ain’t the only or the first.

  10. If I understand the program it is only possible to merge and correct materials to the onlige tree and cannot directly bring any new material directly in to your computer based RootsMagic program. Is that correct? It seems like one would like to be able to do so.

  11. Bronwyn,

    Actually, RootsMagic *is* still the only software certified to share with FamilySearch Family Tree.

    Here is the official FamilySearch page showing certified products:

    You will see that only RootsMagic is certified to share with Family Tree (there is a check mark next to it). There are 2 other products (BrowseHero and FamilyHero) that are certified to access (or read) from Family Tree.

    The other program you mentioned is still only working with NFS (New FamilySearch). Changes currently being made in New FamilySearch are currently being copied over to Family Tree, but that is causing problems and those automatic changes will be cut off in the not too distant future. When that link is broken, only Family Tree certified applications will be actually modifying the Family Tree directly (and right now that is only RootsMagic).

  12. Excellent job RootsMagic team!! I’m actually liking genealogy as a hobby now that I’ve found a program that doesn’t challenges my ‘newbie’ senses.

  13. Have been waiting for this for awhile
    The mini Webinars I have viewed and reviewed them when I “think” I am having a problem…love it love it love it
    You guys are the absolute best
    Thanks friends

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