RootsMagic 7 Now Available for macOS 10.15 (Catalina)


We are pleased to announce that RootsMagic 7 is now available for Apple computers running macOS 10.15 Catalina. When Catalina was released last October, it required all applications to be 64-bit applications. This, unfortunately, broke the wrapper that allowed RootsMagic to run on macOS. While users with previous version of macOS could still use RootsMagic, users who had upgraded to Catalina found that RootsMagic (and many other software applications) stopped working.

After much work and testing, the wrapper for RootsMagic 7 has been updated to 64-bit that allows it to run on Catalina, as well as prior versions of macOS.

Users who installed a previous version of RootsMagic 7 on their Mac should uninstall RootsMagic before installing the new wrapper. Full instructions are found here.

Those users that are installing RootsMagic 7 on their Mac for the first time may download it here.

RootsMagic 8

In addition to the updated wrapper for RootsMagic 7, we are hard at work finishing up RootsMagic 8.  Version 8 is a fully-native, 64-bit macOS application and runs great on macOS Catalina. Keep watching for more news about RootsMagic 8.

18 thoughts to “RootsMagic 7 Now Available for macOS 10.15 (Catalina)”

  1. I was unable to drag the RootsMagic icon to the trash. But by selecting Applications in Finder, I was able to right click the RootsMagic icon and use “Move to Trash.”
    Problem may have something to do with not installing RootsMagic from Apple Store.

  2. Thank for the great video on how to Un-Install, but when you go to re-install on your Download page it states that macOS 10.15 Catalina is not yet available. Now I’m stuck with No RootsMagic7 as this download that is available won’t work on my Catalina macOS. Please update your download page as the Blog states that this is Now available.
    Thanks Julie

    Reply: Thank you for reporting this. The update is correct on the download page. Development just hasn’t had the time to remove that message. It will be taken care of as soon as possible.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  3. Thank you, thank you for the new wrapper. I was sloppy and didn’t read the warning and have been without RootsMagic – a true frustration due to my own error.
    Thanks for taking such good care of your customers.

  4. This update is very timely. I was getting ready to throw in the towel and finally upgrade to Catalina, which I have put off doing for several months because I didn’t want to loose access to RootsMagic. I am so relieved that I can now do that and still have access to RootsMagic. The tutorial appears to be so clear. I am getting ready to uninstall and re-install now. I am confident that it well go well. Thank you SO MUCH!

  5. I am hoping to use this as I do have OS 10.15.3 Mac. I hope this will work as I have to do and print out 10 genealogy books for my family who has paid for these books. I hope this is a better one then Family Tree Maker. That one would not pull over all my stuff from So we’ll give this one a try. Thanks for helping me. Gail Timm

  6. Gents, I would like to say thank you for the hard work done. The new wine based version works as nice as before. At least as far as I can tell. But I anyway await for the native version which will be a massive step forward.
    Kind regards
    Stefan from Switzerland

  7. Thanks for succinct instructions to uninstall & reinstall test wrapper. My Mac, RootsMagic7 & I live harmoniously again. Excited about RM8’s future release.

  8. My Mac does not support Catalina. I’m still using HighSierra (10.13.6). Do I need to install this latest version? Or do I just wait for RootsMagic 8? thank you.

    Reply: There is no need for you to install the latest wrapper if things are working fine for you right now.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  9. With the new 64 bit wrapper, will we now have full use of the whole program? With the old wrapper we could not access several parts of the program on a Mac, Roots-to-go, the publishing and several other benefits. Glad it has come this far but still anxiously await the full native Mac version. Bless you all for all you work to bring us a native Mac version!

    Reply: The only change is the wrapper, no additional features are available in the current Mac version of RootsMagic.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  10. Hi I am wondering what kind of improvements will be made with publishing “(MyrootsMagic) Publishing online”, will there be more flexibility in the way you can publish your website. Currently I feel that there is not a lot you can do to change the way your MyrootsMagic webwite “looks and feels” I would like the ability to customize it more.. It does not appear you can do this in RM7 or maybe I am missing something

  11. Thank you for the update.
    I’m looking forward to RM8. Will file structure change with RM8? Just worried about having to convert my RM7 data.

    Reply: The file conversion will be very similar to the RM3 to RM4 conversion. The option is under File>Import>RootsMagic (version 1-3) currently. It’s a very easy process.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  12. I have followed your instructions and have RM7 in Catalina.It opens and displays the file .
    However when I want to add anything
    a window from Wine Gecko installer opens which says Wine could not find a Gecko package which is needed for applications embedding HTML to work correctly. Wine can automatically download and install it for you – and gives me a link.
    I am cautious about doing this without you confirming this is the correct thing to do.

    Reply: If you receive a “Wine Gecko Installer” message while using RootsMagic 7, click on Install. Wine Gecko needs to be installed on the Mac if not already there.
    Renee, RootsMagic

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