RootsMagic 7 Now Available for macOS 11 (Big Sur)

RootsMagic Now Available for MacOS 11 Big Sur

We are pleased to announce that RootsMagic 7 is now available for Apple computers running macOS 11 Big Sur. When Big Sur was released last month, it made some changes that broke the wrapper that allowed RootsMagic to run on macOS. While users with previous version of macOS could still use RootsMagic, users who had upgraded to Big Sur found that RootsMagic (and many other software applications) stopped working.

After much work and testing, the wrapper for RootsMagic 7 has been updated to run on Big Sur, as well as prior versions of macOS.

Users who installed a previous version of RootsMagic 7 on their Mac should uninstall RootsMagic before installing the new wrapper. Full instructions are found here.

Those users that are installing RootsMagic 7 on their Mac for the first time may download it here.

RootsMagic 8

In addition to the updated wrapper for RootsMagic 7, we are hard at work finishing up RootsMagic 8.  Version 8 is a fully-native, 64-bit macOS application and runs great on macOS Big Sur. Keep watching for more news about RootsMagic 8.

9 thoughts to “RootsMagic 7 Now Available for macOS 11 (Big Sur)”

  1. I have been waiting a LONG time for a fully-native version of RootsMagic!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!
    I have used Leister’s Reunion for many years while waiting for what you have developed in RootsMagic 8. I have been hesitant to use a version that is not fully-native.
    Have you considered looking into the issues surrounding migrating the information from Reunion to RootsMagic 8? For example, I have all of my LDS Temple information on Reunion….I would hate to have to enter all of that in manually.

  2. Yippee! For Big Sur, I had to go into System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Allow apps download to permit RootsMagic7 to be installed.

  3. That RM7 has updated to Big Sur is great! But don’t forget that Family Historian 3 also needs a wrapper to work on Big Sur and also Catalina! My FH3 is frozen right now waiting for the update so I can continue working on my life story. Please expedite as soon as possible! Thank you for your hard work. We have been RM customers for many years. Ron and Nadine Ramirez

  4. If you see an Apple Security message follow these steps:

    Click on System Preferences
    Select Security and Privacy
    Select General at the top of the screen
    Select the option to open anyway

    If this does not work you may need to click on the small Gold Lock and enter your Mac password. Then go back into the General tab to see if there is another option that you can select.

  5. Hi, thanks for the updated RootsMagic 7 for macOS Big Sur. I have now installed the updated wrapper and it seems to work fine so far. However, I also had Personal Historian 3 on my Mac and it no longer seems to work. Is it the same problem? Is there a fix for it?

    Reply: There are few things that need to happen before the Personal Historian wrapper can be updated to support Big Sur. We are still waiting on outside development tools for the new wrapper. Once they become available we can release an update.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  6. I am using Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro by using Parallels software. Now that Roots 7 is available for Big Sur – would I be able to upgrade to a Mac version & access all my Roots 6 files from my Windows version

    Reply: You will need to save the file to a flash drive from the Windows side of Parallels and move it to the Mac side before they can open it using RootsMagic for Mac.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  7. If you would like anymore testing for 8, please keep my in mind. My data base is fairly large, and it might help!

    Reply: If you are interested in becoming a beta tester you can sign up here –
    The beta test group is expanded as needed through random selection. When selected an email invitation with instructions and a confidentiality agreement will be sent.
    Renee, RootsMagic

  8. Thank you so much! Ironically, I was just installing RootsMagic on my work PC because the better known, overpriced competition doesn’t do what I want it to do.

    PS: Can we beta test on a new Mac with Big Sur?

    Reply: Yes, RM8 will work with Big Sur. Those with M1 chips may experience some issues. Apple is aware of those issues and will be releasing an M1 update.
    Renee, RootsMagic Inc.

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