RootsMagic 4 Public Beta Coming Next Week

It’s finally here…

After what seems like an eternity (for both us and the users), we will be releasing RootsMagic 4 to public beta early next week. ย This will be your opportunity to play with RootsMagic 4 and to try out all these features we’ve been talking about for the last several months.

So watch the blog for the official announcement Monday or Tuesday.

20 thoughts to “RootsMagic 4 Public Beta Coming Next Week”

  1. Will I be able to get all my data from version 3 trial into this beta, and ultimately to the final version 4 when I buy it?

  2. Gary (and anyone else),
    Yes, you should be able to get all your v3 data into the public beta. But, as we were warned with the pre-beta version, do not use it for your “live” data – only to test out this public beta. (In case there are still program changes)

  3. Gasp! I can breathe at last – I was beginning to think you had lost out to some Credit Crunch financial nightmare or, worse still, some unsolvable buggy programming code. Silly me! I still have faith.

  4. I have been testing the beta product and I think you will be giving the other Genealogy Software Companies something to worry about. It is very user friendly, I use FTM and Legacy, but I feel RM4 is a big improvement over RM3. Plus, as a user of flash drives, the “On-the-Go” portable function is something which can be used by everyone, and will enable us to take the software and our database with us when we visit those research facilities.

  5. I went to the genealogy show in London this Friday (27/02/09) and was surprised to see that they were selling Roots Magic 4 (yes 4) as a finished product.
    Is this a finished product yet as a lot of people bought it?

  6. Is there a limit on number of pictures in the gallery? Can you have multiple galleries?
    Putting version 3 and version 4 on screen at the same time looks good, but how about 2 version 4 databases?

  7. I hope the On-The-Go functionality works with and similar services, now that’d be excellent ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 2009 is here and we need to buy some programs and 4.0 is still in beta so need to act. So does that mean we buy the 3.0 now and when the 4.0 is ready for the market, what about our purchse of 3.0, get 4.0 with out further cost?? Do not want to trust putting our large file on a beta and have something happen to it.

  9. I cannot believe I have to wait another day!! Since I went through the compiled blogs and saw the big picture again…Your competition should indeed be concerned! ‘Rootmagic to go’ will be incredible…already have a client excited about it, too!! Maybe tomorrow!!!

  10. Just waiting for it to get here all finished, I am supposed to get the new one when it comes out, I bought it at the Mesa Expo for this reason. I haven’t used the Beta form yet because I have had way to much going on, I like the old version but that won’t do all I need to do with

  11. I am interested in trying the public beta. Just wondering if it came out and where to download? Thanks.

  12. Can’t wait … Monday or Tuesday of which week was that…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. A long wait, but it seems well worth while. I’m particularly pleased that Place Notes are no longer destroyed by transfers between RootsMagic and Legacy.
    RootsMagic To Go is a brilliant idea, and I’m really looking forward to lighter loads when I travel!

  14. Where do I get an explanation on the various icons? Also is there a way to go back to the root person easily?
    Everything so far looks great.

  15. Sorry — I actually used the greater than and less than symbols in my post above, but they seemed to be ignored!

    Press the Ctrl and Home keys together to return to the root person.

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