RootsMagic 4 – Status Report

I realized I hadn’t blogged in awhile, so I decided to give a quick status report on where we are with RootsMagic 4.  As I mentioned previously I won’t be trying to predict the future, but we are definitely getting closer.

Right now we’re having fun with our “community preview” which 2000 of our users signed up for.  This has been a great experience (for us anyways).  We were able to track down some performance issues we were unaware of when users started throwing databases with up to 2 million names at it.  We’ve gotten those addressed and are busy squishing bugs as we get ready for a public beta release, hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

The community preview has been very encouraging because of all the positive response and feedback we’ve received.  And the issues people have uncovered have been fixable (although some of those performance issues gave us some serious heartburn).

So keep an eye on the blog (or better yet tell your reader to keep an eye on it) for the announcement of the public beta.

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  1. Thanks for the update, I watch the Blog everyday in case I miss anything but I knew you guys were busy.

    I had put my name down for the community preview but heard nothing but not to worry as long as it is going well and the bugs continue to get squished..

  2. A public beta? That sounds great. Have been following the posts. Am a disillusioned FTM V. 5 user who initially tried the beta for FTM 2008 and couldn’t believe how big and unwieldy it was. I’ve tried a trial version of RootsMagic and like its report capabilities. The blog has been most informative.

  3. I am really looking forward to RootsMagic 4. I have tried several others over the years but I have always come back to RootsMagic so now I am sticking with it. I watch the blogs everyday waiting for the release date and I also, think the blog is informative.

  4. I’ve been lucky enough to be beta testing the program. Bruce and company have been outdoing themselves squashing bugs and making improvements. I have a few minor quibbles that may or may disappear; but I can safely say that I will purchase RM4 the second it is available. Not to be a tease, but for those who are waiting, I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

  5. I am a Family Origins user…yes, still! Anyway, I was searching for help with a tech issue and discovered this blog in my wanderings today. Thank heavens you think the release for 4 is only a couple of weeks away, b/c I am definately upgrading my program!

  6. I have been playing around with RM 4 since the “community” preview began. I have had no major issues and love the program. Most of those were fixed before I could even report anything. I would love to check out the New Family Search capability, alas, it isn’t available where I live.

  7. I have looked at the documentation for this and it looks great. I have been using V3 for a few years now and its the best software for my needs.

    Will probably buy v4 as the next logical upgrade to v3, plus I have yet to find another program that can match it.

    Is there any update on the public beta?

  8. I am very anxiously waiting to get to play around with the public beta. Any news yet on when it’ll be rolling out to the public?

    I’m really excited, please make it public soon Bruce, we all know how hard you’re working on this =)

  9. Is there any possibility that in RootsMagic 4 there could be an option to create tables for analyzing data within research notes? My other request would be the ability to create a research log similar to the ones created by the freeware program Bygones?

  10. I’ve been using the community beta since the first one and I feel very guilty that I have found nothing to report. I’ve just a few thousand names in the database, not the nearly-unbelievable two million, but I haven’t made it break yet. Please accept my apologies.
    It also looks great!

  11. Hi Bruce

    Could you consider giving a revised delivery date for RM4 public beta availability? – really looking forward to it!


  12. I considered it an honor to be a part of the community preview and beta testing. There are still a couple of ideas that I would like to see and I will send an email about them. The improvement from rm3 to rm4 is incredible especially in the look of the various screens. When doing the merges highlighting information is a good idea the only drawback is that once merged it would be nice if the merged person’s whole record stays on screen so that you can check and see what is there rather that having to go back to a record. Including children and facts listed.

  13. Just began using Roots Magic (4) for the first time. Have always used PAF, now V5. Still working between them. Glad Roots Magic will import PAF files.
    Wish the person boxes contained a little more info.
    W. M.

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