Free RootsMagic Classes, Cool Prizes, and Fun Buttons at BYU Conference

BYU Family History Conference 2009

Come see us at the BYU Family History Conference this week (Tuesday July 28th – Friday July 31st).  Visit our booth, attend our classes, or take away one of our $1,000 worth of prizes!  You don’t even have to be registered for the conference to attend the class or be eligible for the prizes.

Free RootsMagic Classes!

Come learn about the new features in RootsMagic 4 ( including our award-winning integration with New FamilySearch) in 3 free classes.  That’s right, these classes are FREE and don’t require registration for the conference.  So whether you are attending the conference, or have to work, these evening classes are open to everyone.

Each class starts at 5:15pm in room 2295 of the Harman Continuing Education building.  Classes will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at that time.

Fun Prizes!

And to help show off some of the great features in RootsMagic 4, we’re going to give away these great prizes in each of our classes.

  1. Two 4GB flash drives pre-installed with RootsMagic 4.  That’s right, RootsMagic 4 will run directly off a flash drive.  And with the included RootsMagic To-Go program you can easily transfer your data back and forth between your desktop computer and your flash drive as well.
  2. Two copies of Evidence Explained (a $50 value each) to highlight the updated SourceWizard in RootsMagic 4.  It will automatically write your sources in Evidence Explained, Evidence!, Cite Your Sources, or other formats, as well as let you create your own custom formats.  And it’s easy to use!
  3. Two $25 gift certificates from Generation MapsGeneration Maps makes it easy to print those large wall charts you’ve created in RootsMagic 4.
  4. Plus a bunch of stuff just for fun: RootsMagic tote bags, badge holders, genealogy ties, and more!

And we’re giving away all these prizes during each class!

RM-NFS-ButtonFree Buttons!

And if you’re one of those users who has already experienced how easy RootsMagic 4 makes working with New FamilySearch, show your appreciation at the conference by sporting one of our free “I Love RootsMagic and FamilySearch” buttons.  Just stop by our booth and pick one up for yourself and a friend.

18 thoughts to “Free RootsMagic Classes, Cool Prizes, and Fun Buttons at BYU Conference”

  1. Would love to participate in these classes. Any chance of having them filmed so we could have them on TV?

  2. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. Why doesn’t some of the seminars come to Michigan? Perferably to the lower central part of Michigan.

    Thank you.


  3. We have a great interest here in central Virginia! We’d love a visit and could gather a number of interested people.

  4. We are on the east coast and have problems getting to these conferences. Wish you could get one in the Washington D.C. or Richmond, VA. area
    Thank You

  5. I would like to THANK Bruce Busbee for coming to our COG/CIG meeting in Denver. I also enjoyed the classes that were taught by Bruce at the Family History Expo in Colorado.
    I was a FTM user and after listening to Bruce and getting a better understanding of RootsMagic, I have converted to RM.
    Thank you once again for all of the information that was given.

  6. You came to Pocatello, I believe on July 11th. Sadly I was not able to attend because of a family re-union that weekend. I would like to know when and if you are coming back to South East Idaho. Thank You. Norman E. Rademacher

  7. Type your comment here. Would it be possible to have someone come to the Cocoa Florida Stake to teach us about Rootsmagic4 at our Family History Conference the first Saturday in November of 2009?

  8. Bruce,

    Is there a way to get advance email notices of the Free Roots Magic 4 classes. My wife, friends, & I would have loved to come earlier this week, but we didn’t see the notice until today (Aug 1st) when opening up our Roots program.


  9. Are there going to be classes offered in Mesa, Arizona? I just got mine so haven’t experienced anything yet but I’m willing. I’ve only used it at our stake house one time…Happy Day

  10. I enjoy working with RootsMagic because it is easy to add, correct, and delete when necessary. I also like the idea of creating reports because it is easier to read and spot empty spaces, errors, and data that was entered in the wrong place-delete.
    I also use GenSmart to give me ideas about where to look for new or additional records. However, when I combined my tree with my husbands, GenSmart does not recognize it so now I don’t get suggestions for the combined tree. Can you tell me what I need to do to make this work?
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    And best of luck with the conference.

  11. Arlene, are you running GenSmarts directly or from inside RM? If you run it inside RM you can just highlight the person (whether in your tree or your husband’s) and do Tools > GenSmarts suggestions. Standalone it should be able to provides suggestions for everyone in your database, even if they are in another tree.

  12. Since the conference has past are you going to have the RootsMagic lessons available on line or with software upgrade? Also I would like to know how to import the newfamilysearch on my answers to my Roots Magic. I tried and it quit because too much info. How can I get just a few generations snet to rRootsmagic? Thankyou This is all new since I just purchased RootsMagic. I am a consultant at the Modesto North Stake Family History Center.

  13. I live in New Zealand so cannot attend any live classes, is it possible to get them on line please?

  14. I wish that the classes could be put on cd. And after, taking the course we could have a website to ask any questions. I am sure that we would all be willing to buy the cd’s.

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