Competitive Upgrade Discount Ends in 3 Weeks

$19.95 Price Ends August 31st

When we released RootsMagic 4, we offered a limited time “competitive upgrade” price to users of other genealogy programs to thank them for their help testing RM4 during our community preview.  That competitive upgrade price will expire on August 31st.

So if you are a user of Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, or The Master Genealogist, (or an other genealogy program for that matter) you can still buy RootsMagic for the upgrade price of $19.95 (that’s $10 off the regular price).  Or if you have a friend you have been trying to switch over to RootsMagic, there’s no better time than now.

To receive the competitive upgrade discount, visit:

RootsMagic Book Coming Soon

As a side note, the long awaited book for RootsMagic 4 is at the printer.  Keep watching this blog, or make sure you are subscribed to the RootsMagic News email newsletter to be notified as soon as it is available (sorry, we can’t take orders for it until it is ready to ship).

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Reader Comments

Is this MAC compatible? I have a friend who is having no luck finding a MAC genealogy program.

Not directly. It will run on a Mac under Parallels or Fusion or other emulators.

I am trying the emulator, Crossover for my Mac. I have found it to work very well. I believe that the cost is about $60.00 which is much less than the program, REUNION for the Mac which does not sync with LDS new family search.

Can I view family Tree Maker files with this program?


Yes, you can import FTM files (up through version 16) directly. You can’t import FTM2008/2009 files directly (you have to save them from FTM as a GEDCOM and import that.

Can Family Tree Maker 2010 be transferred to RootsMagic 4?

Patrick, RM4 can’t directly import FTM 2010 files. You can create a GEDCOM file from FTM 2010 and RM4 can import that.