The RootsMagic “Insider”

I decided that since everyone else has an “insider”, it was time to have our own. Every effort has been made to conceal my identity as I share secrets from deep within the company.

Did you know that RootsMagic 4 is rumored to be coming out sometime? Just read our message boards if you don’t believe me. But others have questioned whether we are spending all our time on cruises instead of working on version 4 (shameless plug… here is info on our next cruise).

Well now you have an insider on your side. I’m going to tell you everything you would want to know about RootsMagic 4, and even give a few of you a chance to win a free copy when it is released.

So here’s the inside scoop… RootsMagic 4 *is* coming. I know you wanted that sentence to have “on <date>” at the end of it, but insiders need job security too.

I will tell you that RootsMagic 4 is our biggest upgrade ever (yes, that means we haven’t been spending all our time on that one RootsMagic cruise).

As your faithful insider, I will show you all the new features coming in RootsMagic 4. And by “show you” I mean with real screen shots and descriptions. But as a big tease, I’m going to start with the itsy bitsy new features and work up to the big (really cool) ones. So keep coming back, or better yet subscribe with one of those pretty buttons over on the right side of the home page.

And if you’re new to subscribing to blogs, here’s a great video that makes it easy to understand. Click that big arrow in the middle of the video to start it.

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  1. Bruce,
    Congratulations on the new blog. In my mind, I can see you grinning while you’re typing the copy for us. I’m sure your RootsMagic users (including Patty and I) with also be faithful blog readers. I clicked on that RSS feed button the first thing this morning! Looking forward to version 4!

  2. I hope the next edition of RootsMagic will include support for Slavic and other international characters. The most basic function of a genealogy program should be accurately recording names and places, and that requires being able to use the needed characters.

  3. *OF COURSE* I’m looking forward to being teased about the new and coming features of RootsMagic 4.X !!!

  4. This looks like a good idea. I’ll add the URL to my Bookmarks. I am looking forward to V. 4 but am still learning V. 3. I expect the time I spend doing that will not be wasted as the move to 3 from 2 was easy and seemed pretty natural. A lot easier than my move from Roots 3 (the old DOS program) to RootsMagic!

  5. Bruce,
    This is a Great way to communicate, and I look forward to many enjoyable bits and pieces of information. It may even replace the Forum as my favorite place to come.
    Having been with you since version 1 of FO I am sure we will see many new and exciting things from you.
    Happy Blogging, Herb…

  6. A great idea and I must say this is the first blog I have even been interested in.

    Can’t wait for version #4.

    Thanks for the best genealogy program out there – and I’m speaking from Brother’s Keeper forward!

  7. Bruce, all,

    This blog is a forum I had hoped would eventually appear. I have submitted queries and suggestions for future versions ever since RM was Family Origins. I have been entering genealogical data ever since Neil Wagstaff came out with the DOS version of Family Ties. In my opinion, Bruce Buzbee has done a stunning job of not only creating the best genealogical software on this planet, he has listened to those who have made suggestions. He not only listened but he incorporated them. I have converted many folks who were using other programs to RM.
    I have many databases I work on; some exceed 3 meg text pages and function as smoothly as though they consisted of a mere dozen families.
    If there were no RootsMagic, what a dismal genealogical world we would face. I have been looking forward to Version 4.0 for two years and have made several suggestions. My fervent desire is that one of them, color-coding, will be carried over to a GEDCOM-common tag. Aside from that, anything else that Bruce comes up with will be a benefit to all users. As for my testimony, anyone who does not use RM is living in the past and is paying too much for annual updates.


  8. WOW! Looking forward to version 4! Like the other smart user Herb, I have been using since FO 1.
    Haven’t ever needed to look at other software since I knew that Bruce would meet all my (and others) needs shortly.

  9. AT last, word the 4.o will be coming soon to your machine. I belong to 2 Surname Societies and await the coming of 4.0. trust all the wishes sent in are answered.

  10. In regard to comment #6, who is Kevin Benson, and why would anyone tease him about RM4?

  11. I’ve been ill off and on for several years and my family history research work declined dramatically. The announcement of RM4 has gotten me excited about getting back at my genealogy work! And the neat video about the feeds has gotten me started for the first time with this concept. Thanks for the recharge.

  12. Hi Bruce, Thanks for the blog.
    I’m looking forward to getting some sneak peaks at FM 4.

  13. I can’t wait for version 4! I really like my RootsMagic program, particularly the Source wizard. I will keep checking the blog to see what sneak peaks you offer :o)

  14. I tried to sign up for a reader at Google. Everything seemed to be going okay until the reader opened. the page that opened was written in Danish. WHAT did I do wrong?

  15. Your new blogspot is great and I look forward to getting the blogs. I just wanted to say that I attend the Southern California Jamboree and listened to two of Michaels lectures about Personal Historian and Family ATlas. They were both great and very worthwhile. I learned lots and am anxious to get started on them. Thanks so much.

  16. WOW, as an old Family Origins and now RootsMagic user, I’m looking forward to the new version with ALL your nifty new items! The blog is a great idea for RootsMagic users to express views about the program.

  17. Bruce,

    Happy to see the blog. I attended your presentation at the Southern CA Jamboree a few days ago and really like what you showed us about RootsMagic Ver. 4. I can’t wait!

  18. I just watched the new “Roots Magic “Insider” video and am a bit confused.
    Is there a “paper” such as a word document or something “readable” with Adobe Reader version 9?
    On the right side of the main URL “”is the new orange icon and four choices – Google, Yahoo, AOL and Newsgator. Will Adobe ever show up here?
    I have many “Favorites”, most of which are broken down into folders such as GENEALOGY, HEALTH CARE & FOODS, MONEY, WEATHER, etc.
    In the GENEALOGY folder I have Roots Magic and “ACDC” already notifies me of surnames in which I have an interest via “My notifications©” Am I confusing this as being equal to what the “orange icon” and it’s four choices are all about?
    Finally, should this message actually have been posted to the RM Help Board?

  19. Hi this was so easy to set up thanks,i love the idea of it all coming to me insteadof me looking for it.

  20. Bruce, great to see you’ve started a blog! And I appreciate your providing the website links from your commenters. I already found two links of interest – one family web site and one blog! The video is great for those of us still trying to understand all of this new stuff.
    Cheers, Jay

  21. Bruce,

    Welcome to the Inside! Your disguise is genius! Pose as the president and brain of the company! I wish I had thought of that.

    Who are Herb and Laura? And what about Naomi? (at the Electric Company!)


    Tim Sullivan.
    Would you believe I’m Tim Sullivan? No?
    Well how about Paul Allen and several other important people from the early days of Would you believe that?
    How about the assistant janitor at the family history center in Wigglesworth, England?

    The Ancestry Insider

  22. Type your comment here.When do we get the first peek?

    How often will you be posting?

    Looking forward to the news

  23. Bruce,
    Have used your software since you introduced us to Family Origins. I was okay waiting for Version 4 until I started reading your new blog. Now my patience is gone. I need V4 YESTERDAY! So far everything sounds so good! Can’t wait to start using all the new features. Once again I’m sure you’ll go above & beyond to keep all your users informed & using the best Genealogy software on the market EVER!
    Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  24. I too have been a user of Roots Magic since the Family Origin days. I recently bought Legacy 7.0 and find it extremely user Un-friendly. I will continue to stay with Roots Magic. Thank you for a great product.

  25. RootsMagic 4 HOWABOUT

    Having an Occupation file similar to the place file? Also a standard print to show all persons with the same occupation etc?

    As with places this will then enable the user (me) to ensure a standard description is used for each occupation

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