Our Biggest Holiday Offer Ever

RootsMagic Holiday Offer With the holidays coming up, we often get requests from our users about buying copies of RootsMagic for themselves or to give as gifts to their family or friends.  And this year the requests have really come in asking whether the new version 4 will be ready in time for Christmas.  Well, there’s bad news and there’s good news.

Despite working 16 hour days trying to get RM4 out in time for Christmas, it looks like it probably won’t be ready in time.

BUT… here is this year’s 5th Annual Holiday Offer (with a special twist).

In what has become something of a tradition, we are offering gift copies of RootsMagic, Personal Historian, or Family Atlas at our $19.95 upgrade price. There is no limit on the number of discounted copies you can buy during this limited time offer which will expire December 19, 2008. You will receive the full program as well as a registration card for each copy you order.

And here is the special twist… every copy of RootsMagic 3 that you buy through this special offer will come with a free download upgrade to version 4 when it is released.  So you will be giving version 3 now, with a free download of version 4 as soon as it is released.

PLUS!  We are adding an offer we have never made before.  In addition to the $19.95 special price, you can also order our RootsMagic Family History Suite (which includes RootsMagic, Personal Historian, and Family Atlas) for just $49.95 (that’s $90 worth of software).

To take advantage of this offer, just visit:


or order by phone at 1-800-ROOTSMAGIC (1-800-766-8762).

14 thoughts to “Our Biggest Holiday Offer Ever”

  1. Will the upgrade price on V4, CD version, be about $20?

    I always need to get the book and it looks like I will definitely need the book to get around in the new version. (I could print out all these blog posts…) And ya usually have a CD/book bundle!

  2. Yeah! And I bet my last dollar/pound these prices don’t apply to the UK or The Rest of the World. Sad, really.

  3. Which is going to be best value for money – wait for the upgrade or buy a 2nd copy of RM3 at $19.95?

  4. If you were planning on just ordering the download upgrade to v4 when it comes out, you would save on the shipping since the holiday special is only for the CD version (since its main intent is for giving as a gift). Other than that it is probably a wash. It is actually a little easier on us for folks to just wait to order the upgrade, since handling the free upgrade copies is a bit of extra work.

  5. I would like to go for this offer for myself but don’t see any point in having two CD versions of RM3 on the shelf.

    I hate to muddy the water but I would like to take the offer, download PH & FA now then have PH, FA and RM4 hard copies and the RM4 book delivered by mail when RM4 does become available, what are the chances?

    I know others have asked but are there options to order this pack and include a pre order for the RM4 book for a complete package delivery in the New Year?

  6. Type your comment here.
    I was told I would get a copy of version 4 of Roots Magic.
    Instead, I got a copy of version 3.
    I already have version 3.
    What are you going to do about this?

    Howard Jeter

  7. Howard, did you order this holiday special? This isn’t for version 4 (we aren’t even taking orders for v4). It is for people who wanted to give a copy of RootsMagic 3 to someone for Christmas. That offer did say that the person you gave the version 3 to would receive a free download of version 4 when it is released. You are welcome to return the version 3 for a refund.

  8. Vyger, this offer is for those who want to get RM or our other programs as gifts (which is why they are only available on CD).

    When we release v4, users will be able to order PH or FA at the usual bundle discount at that time as well.

  9. I know the focus of your programming effort is on RM 4.0 (Can’t wait by the way). But am wondering, are you still thinking about an upgrade to Personal Historian? And is it on the doc for 2009?

    Happy Holidays!


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