2010 Year in Review

Well, 2010 has been yet another busy year for us.  As has become tradition here at RootsMagic, we’d like to review the last 12 months with you, our users.  If you’re not one to dwell on the past, check back tomorrow as we present our 2011 New Years’ Resolutions with a peek at our plans for the coming year.  But until then, fire up the flux capacitor and set time circuits to January 1, 2010!

Genealogy Goes Mainstream

In this time of great uncertainty, more and more people are becoming interested in learning about and preserving their family history.  As one new RootsMagic user pointed out to us, “people are looking for more meaningful hobbies”.

One of the most exciting developments of 2010 was the introduction of not one, but three U.S. television series devoted to family history- Who Do You Think You Are?, Faces of America, and The Generations Project.  And we’ve definitely felt the effects as millions of people have watched these programs and been inspired to trace their own roots.

At RootsMagic, we’re pleased to have contributed in a small way to this proliferation of pedigrees by sponsoring the inaugural season of The Generations Project.  If you missed any of these programs, you can still watch previous episodes online and new seasons of Who Do You Think You Are? and The Generations Project will begin in the next few weeks.

Watch Us Grow

2010 has been a year of tremendous growth for RootsMagic.  We feel very fortunate that in these days of economic uncertainty, not only have we been able to stay in business, but we’ve been able to grow as a company.  Just as we did in 2009, to keep up with this growth, we’ve hired additional sales and support staff.  We’ve also released several free updates to our software which address bugs and add new features suggested by our users.  We’ve also beefed-up our knowledge base with many new helpful articles and walk-throughs.  We recognize that this growth is only possible because of your support and eagerness to tell your friends and family members about us.  Thank you!

We Get Around

In 2010, we traveled more miles, taught more classes, and attended more conferences than we ever have before.  In fact, there were many weekends where we were attending multiple conferences at the same time- all to reach out and connect with you, our users.  Thank you to all the societies, user groups, family history centers, and companies that organized these events.  And thank you to all of you who came to see us!  By far, the most rewarding aspect of these events is the chance to meet our users face-to-face, answer your questions, and receive your suggestions.


We’ve been honored with several awards this year including:

2010 FamilySearch Software Award

In a follow-up to our 2009 FamilySearch awards for Best Dashboard and Easiest to Sync, we were honored with the Trailblazer award in 2010 for our work in staying at the forefront of FamilySearch technology.

GeneAwards 2010
Best Genealogy Product of 2010

For the second year in a row, RootsMagic 4 has received the GeneAward for Best Genealogy Product of the Year.

Thank You!

We know this always sounds clichéd, but none of this would have been possible without you and your support.  2010 has been a big year for us and, rest assured, we’re working hard to make 2011 even better!

7 thoughts to “2010 Year in Review”

  1. I am so glad to hear Rootsmagic is benefitting from the accelerated interest in genealogy through media programming and hope this continues.

    I am also hopeful that programme development will get a much higher focus in 2011 to take an already great genealogy programme into an unassailable position in the genealogy market where it deserves to be.

    This will be reward and thanks enough to the loyal user base and should ensure the further growth in the future.

    Best ones for 2011.

  2. One Wish, that doc’s and photo’s be added to a file within the program so when things are changed they will still be in the program. I received a GEDCOM file from a cousin per. FTM and everything was with the program. This would save a lot of work if and when this could happen
    I love this program and find it much easier to work with than other programs
    Many Thanks

  3. From my purchase of the original Family Origins, many years ago, and through the evolution of Roots Magic, it has always recieved my vote for the Best Genealogy Product EVER. Good Luck for 2011

    Jim Bodily

  4. You have now added Online classes for 2011!!

    Great idea!!!! Can hardly wait! For those of us too far away to attend on-site classes, it is a very nice connection to learn about the many features of RootsMagic.

    Thank You!

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Jim Bodily. I started this program with Family Origins also, then progressed with Roots Magic. I am so pleased with the way you can transfer information from the New. Family Search Program. Best to you in 2011.

    Earlene Tiffany

  6. Robert, right click the toolbar and click customize. You can add a Home button to the toolbar (the help file gives details on how to customize the toolbar).

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